Apathy or Zeal
Apathy is a bane on society and upon the Lord’s church.  In society it produces mediocrity, poor work
habits,  inferior  products,  lack  of  self-improvement,  and unconcern for the betterment of one’s community.  
In  the  Lord’s church it stifles growth, weakens resolve, ignores opportunity, and makes people vulnerable
to  all  kinds  of  sin and religious error.  Where apathy reigns, Bible study and service to God go lacking.  
People hold true service to God in contempt and are inclined to say, “Oh, what a weariness!” when faced
with opportunities to sing and pray and study God’s word (Malachi 1:13).  They are like the sluggard who
will not raise his hand to his mouth to feed himself (Proverbs 26:15).  
Zeal is the antipode of apathy.  It accomplishes much (Isaiah 9:7).  It characterizes God’s people (Titus
2:14).  It provokes others to good (II Corinthians 9:2).  It cleanses defilements in the service of God (John
2:13-17).  It rejoices at invitations to draw near to God in worship (Psalm 122:1).  It actively looks about,
seeking  good  to  do  to  others:  encouragement  to  give  to  the  fainthearted,  instruction  to  the  unlearned,
proper  direction  to  the  misguided,  help  to  the  unfortunate  (I  Thessalonians  5:14-22;  Romans  12:9-21).  
Zeal, properly guided, kindles the fire of desire to know God’s truth, to be like Jesus, to be ready unto
every good work (Titus 3:1,2,14).
     The church of the Lord at Beulah invites you to come and hear the word of the Lord February 13-
18.  Bill Hall is the planned speaker.  We ask you to come, not for Beulah’s sake, but for your sake,
for you need to hear the word of God.  The meeting place is fifteen miles northwest of Athens on
Persimmon  Tree  Road  (did  you  say,  “Oh,  what  a  weariness”?),  a  pleasant  drive  with  a  vitally
important objective.  Services Monday through Friday will be at 7:00 P.M.  Will apathy or zeal direct
your decision concerning this sincere invitation?
 Gilbert Alexander
 Beulah Church of Christ
 (256) 232-1050