Dealing With Wrong
Uh-oh!   Something   is   wrong!      What   disturbing,   attention-getting,   sometimes   foreboding   of   ill,
sometimes  fearsome  words  these  are!    We  would  rather hear: “God’s in His heaven, all’s right with the
world”.  But only the blind would accept the latter part of that statement.  When we see life’s blunders, we
know  that  something  is  wrong.   If a piece of machinery will not work with the rest of the machine, we
know that something is wrong.  If floor length or width does not match the foundation of a new house, we
know that something is wrong.  Either someone mis-measured or the plan has an error in it.
     When we see in one county or one community more that a dozen different religious groups with differing
doctrines   and  practices,  yet  all  professing  to  be  following  the  same  Plan,  we  must  conclude  that
something is wrong, since the Plan calls for unity among its true followers (John 17:20-23;  Ephesians
4:1-16; I Corinthians 1:10; Romans 16:17).  We cannot say that the Plan is faulty, because God gave the
Plan.  We must conclude that the fault is in those who ignore the Plan, alter the Plan, add to the Plan, or
misunderstand  and mis-apply the Plan.  Is that possible?  Yes, the Plan itself says that some will depart
from  it  (I  Timothy  4:1-7),  some  will wrest it to their own destruction (II Peter 3:16), and some will be led
astray by false teachers (Acts 20:29,30).  The consequences of these blunders are most serious.
     When something is wrong, do you solve the problem by ignoring it?  Jesus calls for repentance (Luke
24:46,47),  and  His  word  gives  correction  (II  Timothy  3:16,17).    Do  we  believe  Him  enough  to  do  His
bidding, or will we be counted in unbelief as He taught in Matthew 7:21 and Hebrews 3:18,19?  Friend and
neighbor, something is wrong in the religious world.  Are you doing anything to correct it? Please read II
Timothy 2:1-7, 14-26;  3:1-17; 4:1-8.
Gilbert Alexander
Beulah Church of  Christ
(256) 232-1050