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Eastside Address
Eastside church of Christ
110 French Way
Athens, AL 35611
Our Bible Class Program

We are really excited about our Bible classes for all ages each Sunday at 9AM and each Wednesday at 7PM (except the first Wednesday of each month). The elders have structured our classes, so that each student studies the Bible through every three years. Godís Word is our textbook. II Timothy 2:15 says," Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." God plainly teaches us that we should study or be diligent to know His Word. Our goals are simple, to study Godís Word and to teach our children to come to love and admire God for what He has done for us. We strive to teach both the goodness and severity of God (Romans 11:22). 

We would love for you to come and join us in our Study of Godís Word.

Current Classes:

  • All school age classes are studying "The first half of the Early Church (Acts Part 1)"
  • The foundation class is studying the book of Acts (Acts Part 2).
  • The auditorium class is studying the Epistles of Paul. (2 Corinthians)
  • The ladies class is studying the History and Geography of the Bible (Starting with the Kings).
  • College/Young Adults are studying Denominational Error
  • We also have a mixed adult class, which studies various Scriptural topics. Currently they are studing the second half of the book of Acts.
  • Benefits: 

  • We study God's Word in order from Genesis to Revelations learning how God revealed His plan for salvation which started before creation and ended with the preaching of Gospel by the Apostles.
  • Our young people will study the entire unfolding of God's plan three times during their school age years.
  • All school age classes are studying the same material. Therefore, as the children change age groups their study will always continue where they left off in the younger class.
  • Each time we pass through the material we study in a little more depth.
  • We also have a foundation class for the adults, where the study is one quarter ahead of the younger peopleís classes.
  • Teachers can attend the foundation class to study the material a quarter before they teach.
  • Anyone at any age can study through Godís unfolding plan (Genesis - Revelations) every three years.
  • We also have other classes for the adults, which offers in-depth study of the Bible.




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