Chapter Content of the Bible

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	1       creation
	2       adam & eve in the garden
	3       first sin
	4       cain kills abel
	5       generations
	6       preparations for the flood
	7       flood
	8       waters recede
	9       meat for food / capital punish / rainbow
	10      generations
	11      tower of babel
	12      abraham's journey and promises
	13      abraham and lot searate
	14      lot rescued
	15      covenant with abraham
	16      ishmael born
	17      circumcision
	18      3 visitors
	19      sodom and gomorrah
	20      abraham and abimalech
	21      isaac born
	22      isaac sacrificed
	23      sarah dies / burial bought
	24      wife for isaac
	25      keturah / abraham dies
	26      isaac and abimalech
	27      jacob deceives isaac / promise to isaac
	28      jacob's ladder / promise to jacob
	29      jacob's wives
	30      jacob's sons born
	31      laban catches jacob
	32      jacob wrestles with angel / israel
	33      jacob meets esau
	34      dinah seduced
	35      isaac dies / rachael dies
	36      generations of esau
	37      joseph sold
	38      judah and tamar
	39      joseph seduced
	40      butler and baker's dreams
	41      pharaoh's dreams
	42      1st visit by brothers
	43      2nd visit by brothers
	44      cup in benjamin's sack
	45      joseph reveals himself
	46      jacob and family move to egypt
	47      jacob meets pharaoh
	48      jacob blesses ephraim and manassah
	49      jacob blesses sons
	50      joseph dies
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Exodus 1 bondage / population control 2 moses young man, slay egyptian, midian, zip,gid 3 1st two excuses 4 2nd two excuses 5 bricks 6 covenant renewed 7 rod to serpent / water to blood 8 frogs, lice, flies 9 murrain, boils, hail 10 locusts, darkness 11 warning of deaths / spoiling of egyptians 12 passover, unleavened, deaths, exodus 13 firstborn / God leads people 14 cross jordan 15 song of moses / water bitter at marah 16 manna and quail 17 water @ rephidim / amalakites battle 18 jethro and family meet moses 19 arrive at mt sinai 20 10 commandments 21 laws of violence 22 laws of property 23 laws of feasts 24 israel affirms covenant 25-30 instructions for tabernacle 31 aholiab and bezaleel craftsmen 32 sin of golden calf 33 moses intercedes 34 covenant renewed 35-40 tabernacle built
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Leviticus 1 burnt offerings 2 meal offerings 3 peace offerings 4 sin offerings 5 trespass offerings 6 trespass offerings 7 priest's role in offering trespass offerings 8 1-7 days of consecration 9 8th day / aaron begins officiating 10 passover 11 clean and unclean animals 12 purification of women 13 uncleaness of leprousy (things) 14 uncleaness of leprousy (people) 15 uncleaness due to bodily excretions and secretions 16 day of atonement 17 slaughter in central location 18 laws @ incest, homo, beastiality 19 various laws 20 laws @ molech worship / sexual sins 21 laws for priests 22 laws for priests 23 laws for feasts 24 lamp laws / showbread rules / blasphemy 25 sabatical and jubilee year 26 blessings and cursings 27 laws about vows
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Numbers 1 first census 2 tribal camps 3 levitical camps 4 levitical duties 5 law of jealousy 6 nazarite vow 7 princely offerings 8 clean levites 9 passover 10 leave sinai 11 arrive at kibroth hataavah 12 aaron and miriam rebel 13 12 spies 14 israel refuse to go in 15 meal and drink with offering 16 korah, dathan, and abirim 17 aaron's rod buds 18 duties of priests 19 purification of water 20 miriam dies / moses sin / pass by edom / aaron dies 21 fiery serpents / defeat sihon and og 22 balaam 23 balaam 24 balaam 25 fornication with midianites 26 2nd census 27 zelophehad's daughters 28 feasts and offerings 29 feasts and offerings 30 vows 31 revenge on midian 32 reuben, gad, 1/2 manassah get east 33 trip review 34 borders and divisions 35 cities of levites 36 marriage of heiresses
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Deuteronomy 1 judges appointed / spies at kadesh barnea 2 wandering / pass by edom, moab, amon / defeat sihon 3 defeat og / transjordanic tribes / moses pleads to go in 4 keep law / no idols / cities of refuge 5 10 commandments 6 teach children 7 drive out peoples / blessings for obedience 8 tested and humbled in desert / when settled...don't forget 9 not your righteousness...their wickedness / israel's rebellions 10 2nd set of tablets / love were once aliens 11 discipline of God / blessings and cursings / teach children 12 remove high places / worship @ God's dwelling / no idols 13 death to idolators 14 clean and unclean animals / tithing 15 lendor, lendee, selling, and giving / endentured brothers 16 passover, weeks, tabernacles, judges 17 capital punishment / commands for kings 18 provisions for levites / do not imitate nations / prophets 19 cities of refuge / judges and witnesses 20 instructions for battles 21 unsolved bloodshed / marriage to aliens / firstborn / rebellious sons 22 lost animals / sexual conduct 23 prohibited persons in congregation / A holy camp / vows 24 divorce, kidnapping, loans and wages / leave gleanble fields 25 40 stripes / just measures 26 firstfruits 27 memorials and alters / mt ebal and gerizim 28 blessings and cursings 29 your shoes are not worn / what happened to the land? 30 if you will repent, God will relent 31 read law every 7 years / joshua prepared 32 song to remember / moses sees land 33 blessings of moses 34 moses' death
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Chapter Content of Joshua 1 Joshua takes over leadership of Israel. 2 Two spies in Jericho. 3 Crossing of Jordan. 4 Setting up of monuments in the river and at Gilgal. 5 Circumcision of men; Passover; manna stops. 6 Jericho taken. 7 Story of Achan. 8 Story of Ai being taken. 9 Story of the Gibeonites. 10 Defeat of kings of the south. 11 Defeat of kings of the north. 12 List of kings defeated. 13 Land remaining to be conquered; land of transjordanic tribe 14 Inheritance of Caleb. 15 Inheritance of Judah. 16 Inheritance of Ephraim. 17 Inheritance of Manasseh. 18 Rest of land surveyed; Benjamin's inheritance. 19 Inheritances of Simeon, Zebulun, Issachar, Asher, Naphtali, and Dan 20 Cities of refuge. 21 Cities of the Levites. 22 Transjordanic tribes return home. 23 Joshua encourages the people to follow the law of God. 24 Joshua leads the people to renew their covenant with God.
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Chapter Content of Judges 1 Summary of tribal conquests and failures. 2 Condemnation of tribes' failure; general description of the period of the judges. 3 Stories of Othniel, Ehud, and Shamgar. 4 Story of Deborah; defeat of Canaanites under Jabin. 5 Song of Deborah. 6 God's call of Gideon; God gives Gideon signs. 7 Defeat of Midian. 8 Gideon pursues the Midianites and defeats them. 9 Story of Abimelech. 10 Tola, Jair, oppression of Ammonites. 11 Story of Jephthah. 12 Jephthah punishes Ephraim; Ibzan, Elon, Abdon. 13 Birth of Samuel. 14 Samson and his riddle. 15 Samson burns Philistine grain; slays 1,000 Philistines. 16 Betrayal and death of Samson. 17 Micah sets up his idol and secures the Levite for his priest. 18 The Danites steal Micah's idol and his priest. 19 The Levites' concubine abused and slain. 20 Battles between Israel and Benjamin; Benjamin almost destroyed. 21 Wives secured for the Benjamites.
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Ruth 1 naomi and family move to moab / they die / naomi and ruth return 2 ruth gleans in fields of boaz 3 ruth proposes to boaz 4 boaz marries ruth
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Content of 1 Samuel 1 Birth and early years of Samuel. 2 Song of Hannah; wickedness of Eli's sons; God sends prophet 3 God speaks to Samuel. 4 Israel battles Philistines; ark taken. 5 Ark in the house of Dagon 6 Ark returned to Israel. 7 Ark placed in house of Abinadab; Samuel draws the people back to God; God smites Philistines. 8 People ask for a king. 9 We meet Saul. 10 Saul is anointed king by Samuel and publicly at Mizpah. 11 Saul delivers men of Jabesh(c)gilead from Ammonites. 12 Samuel resigns as leader of Israel. 13 Jonathan smites garrison of Philistines in Geba; precipitates battle with Philistines. 14 Saul's rash vow; Israel given victory over Philistines. 15 Saul and the Amalekites. 16 David anointed king. 17 David kills Goliath. 18 David arouses Saul's jealousy; marries Michal. 19 David flees Saul's wrath with Michal's he 20 David meets with Jonathan. 21 David flees to Nob; flees to Achish. 22 Men gather to David at Adullam; Doeg smites priests of Nob. 23 Men of Keilah and Ziph betray David. 24 David spares Saul in cave. 25 Death of Samuel; David, Nabal, Abigail. 26 David spares Saul again in his camp. 27 David flees to Achish. 28 Saul visits witch of Endor. 29 Philistines muster for battle; refuse to allow David to come. 30 David and the raid of the Amalekites on Ziklag. 31 Battle of Israel with Philistines; Saul and sons killed.
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Chapter Content of 2 Samuel 1 David receives word of Saul's death. 2 Battle between David's men and men of Ishbosheth. 3 Abner gives kingdom to David; he is slain by Joab. 4 Ishbosheth slain. 5 David takes Jerusalem. 6 Ark of covenant brought into city. 7 David wants to build God a house; God makes him a promise. 8 Summary of David's battles. 9 David shows kindness to Mephibosheth. 10 David's messengers to Hanun humiliated. 11 David and Bathsheba. 12 Nathan's story; death of child. 13 Amnon assaults Tamar. Absalom slays Amnon; flees to Geshur. 14 Joab conspires to bring Absalom back. 15 Rebellion of Absalom. David flees Jerusalem; orders for Hushai. 16 Ziba meets David with supplies; Shimei curses David; Ahithophel advises Absalom to take David's concubines. 17 Ahithophel's advice to pursue David defeated by Hushai; David hurries to cross the Jordan. 18 Battle between David's forces and Absalom's. 19 Joab upbraids David; he returns to Jerusalem. 20 lion of Sheba. 21 Famine; death of Gibeonites avenged upon family of Saul. 22 Song of David. 23 Last words of David; his mighty men. 24 David sins in numbering the people; builds an altar at threshing floor of Araunah.
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1 Kings 1 david annoints solomon 2 david's death / solomon ties up loose ends 3 solomon's wisdom / 1/2 baby 4 solomon sets up his kingdom 5 solomon prepares to build temple 6 solomon builds temple 7 solomon builds other things 8 solomon dedicates temple / solomon's prayer 9 God's answer to solomon's prayer / solomon pays hiram 10 queen of sheba visits solomon 11 solomon's apostasy and death 12 divided kingdom / rehoboam and jeroboam 13 man of God 14 jeroboam's son abijah dies / jeroboam dies 15 abijah, asa, nadab, baasha 16 baasha, elah, zimri, omri, ahab 17 elijah - drought, widow's oil 18 elijah - mt carmel 19 elijah - flees from jezebel 20 ahab defeats assyrian x 2 21 naboth's vineyard 22 ahab's death
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Chapter Content of 2 Kings 1 Ahaziah and Elijah. 2 Elijah taken up. 3 Jehoram and Jehoshaphat fight king of Moab. 4 Widow's oil; Shunammite woman. 5 Naaman the leper. 6 Axe lost; Syrian army led blind by Elisha to Samaria; Syrians besiege Samaria. 7 Four lepers find the Syrians have fled; Elisha's prophecy of how cheap the food will be comes true. 8 Shunammite woman's land restored; Hazael anointed 9 Jehu anointed; slays Jehoram, Ahaziah, and Jezebel. 10 Jehu has 70 sons of Ahab slain; kills 42 relatives of Ahaziah; slays Baal worshipers. 11 Athaliah's reign and death. 12 Reign of Joash of Judah 13 Reign of Jehoahaz, Joash of Israel; death of Elisha. 14 Reigns of Amaziah; Jeroboam II. 15 Reign of Uzziah of Judah; Zechariah, Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah, Pekah, Hoshea, of Israel; reign of Jotham of Judah 16 Reign of Ahaz of Judah. 17 Reign of Hoshea; fall of Israel and Samaria. 18 Reign of Hezekiah; reforms; invasion of Sennacherib; speech of Rabshakeh. 19 Hezekiah presents the matter to the Lord; further word from Sennacherib; the Lord speaks through Isaiah; smites 185,000 men of the Assyrian army. 20 Hezekiah's illness; emissaries from Merodach-baladan. 21 Reigns of Manasseh and Amon. 22 Reign of Josiah; begins repair of temple; book of the law found; message from Huldah the prophetess. 23 Reforms of Josiah; desecration of temple at Bethel; death of Josiah; reign of Jehoahaz; beginning of reign of Jehoiakim. 24 Reign of Jehoiakim; reign of Jehoiachin; first and second invasions. 25 Reign of Zekekiah; fall of Jerusalem and of Judah.
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1 Chronicles 1 Descendants of Noah, Japheth, Ham, Shem, Abraham, 2 Isaac, Esau, and Israel; descendants of Esau. 3 Descendants of Israel and Judah. 4 Sons of David; descendants of David. 5 Descendants of Judah and of Simeon. 6 Children of Reuben, Gad, 1/2 tribe of Manasseh. 7 Children of Levi. 8 Children of Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim, and Asher. 9 Children of Benjamin. People who returned from Babylon. 10 Death of Saul and his sons. 11 David made king over all Israel; takes Jerusalem; mighty men of David. 12 David's adherents. 13 David attempts to bring the ark into Jerusalem; Uzzah smitten. 14 David has children in Jerusalem; David defeats Philistines in valley of Rephaim. 15 David brings ark into Jerusalem. 16 Ark set in a tent David pitched for it; song of David (Psa. 105:1-15); Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun mentioned. 17 Equivalent to 2 Sam. 7. 18 David's victories; similar to 2 Sam. 8. 19-20 War against Ammonites; parallel to 2 Sam. 10-12. 21 David numbers people. 22 David's preparations of materials for temple; charge to Solomon. 23 Made Solomon king; prescribes duties of Levites. 24 David sets courses of priests and Levites. 25 Levites in charge of music. 26 Door keepers' courses; keepers of treasures; civil officials. 27 Captains of host, of tribes; overseers and counsellors. 28 David's address to leaders about the temple; gave pattern to Solomon. 29 Offerings for temple; David's prayer; sacrifices offered; Solomon crowned 2nd time; death of David.
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Chapter Content of 2 Chronicles 1 Solomon's prayer for wisdom; his chariots and wealth. 2 Solomon prepares to build the temple; contacts Hiram. 3 Description of the temple and the cherubim. 4 The altar, the ten candlesticks; work of Huram. 5 Ark brought into the temple; glory of the Lord fills it. 6 Solomon's address to the people; his prayer. 7 Glory of the Lord fills the house again; sacrifices offered; Jehovah answers Solomon's prayer. 8 The building of Solomon; Pharaoh's daughter; his trade. 9 The Queen of Sheba; the wealth and splendor of Solomon. 10 Kingdom divides; Hadoram slain. 11 Rehoboam's rule; movement of Levites and righteous Israelites south. 12 Invasion of Shishak; close of Rehoboam's reign. 13 Reign of Abijah. 14 Asa begins his reign; invasion of Zerah the Ethiopian. 15 Asa reforms; he renews the covenant. 16 Asa and Baasha; Asa abandons God. 17 Jehoshaphat's reform; his strength. 18 Jehoshaphat fights with Ahab for Ramoth-gilead. 19 Jehoshaphat reproved for his alliance with Ahab; sets judges to judge righteously in the land. 20 Jehovah delivers Jehoshaphat and Judah from the invasion of Moab, Ammon, and Mt. Seit. 21 Reign of Jehoram. 22 Reign of Ahaziah; his death; beginning of Athaliah's reign. 23 Joash set upon the throne; Athaliah slain. 24 First of Joash's reign; death of Jehoiada; Joash turns away from God. 25 Reign of Amaziah. 26 Reign of Uzziah. 27 Reign of Jotham. 28 Reign of Ahaz. 29 Hezekiah begins his reign; Levites cleanse the temple; Hezekiah resumes the temple service. 30 The great Passover of Hezekiah's day. 31 Idols destroyed; offerings and tithes brought. 32 Invasion of Sennacherib; sickness of Hezekiah. 33 Reigns of Manasseh and Amon. 34 Josiah begins his reign; purges idolatry; message from Huldah; makes a covenant with the Lord. 35 Josiah and Judah hold a great Passover; death of Josiah. 36 Reigns of Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, Zedekiah; fall of Judah and Jerusalem
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Chapter Content of Ezra 1 Cyrus's decree; vessels brought out to be returned. 2 List of those that returned. 3 Altar is set on its base; foundation of temple is laid. 4 Adversaries succeed in stopping work. 5 Haggai and Zechariah stir the people to resume work; inquiry made again. 6 Decree of Darius; temple finished. 7 Ezra's return. 8 List of those who went with him; journey from Babylon to Jerualem. 9 Problem of mixed marriages; Ezra's prayer. 10 Problem dealt with.
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Chapter Content of Nehemiah 1 Nehemiah's sorrow; his prayer of confession. 2 King authorizes Nehemiah to rebuild walls; Nehemiah comes to Jerusalem. 3 Assignment of various families to the work on the walls. 4 Threats of the enemies; precautions of the builders. 5 Usury dealt with; Nehemiah's conduct. 6 Sanballat's open letter to Nehemiah; Nehemiah and Shemaiah; wall finished. 7 Gates closed at night; list of those who returned from Babylon. 8 Ezra reads the law; feast of tabernacles. 9 Public confession of sins. 10 Those who were sealed to keep the covenant; they promised to contribute 1/3 shekel, firstfruits, tithes. 11 List of those to dwell in Jerusalem. 12 Priests and Levites with Zerubbabel; dedication of the wall. 13 Foreigners excluded; Tobiah expelled; Nehemiah gets offerings resumed; breaking of sabbath; intermarriage.
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ESTER 1 King Ahasuerus puts away the Queen Vashti 2 Ester is chosen to be the new Queen / Morticia saves the king's life 3 Haman is exalted in his heart / He determines to destroy the Jews 4 Morticia ask Ester for help / Ester prepare to go before the king 5 Haman dines with the king and queen / he builds the gallows to hang Mortici 6 Haman is humiliated / call to the banquet 7 2nd Banquet / Haman hung on his own gallow 8 Counter decree is made on behalf of the Jews. 9 a. On the 13th and 14th day of Adar, the Jews take vengeance on their enemies. b. On the 14th and 15th day of Adar, the feast of Purim was celebrated. 10 Glory of King Ahasuerus and Mortici
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Chapter content for Isaiah 1-12: Predictions against Judah and Israel. 1 Whole nation sick; call to repentance; God will purge city. 2 Mountain of Lord's house to be exalted; idolatry & arrogance of Judah. 3 Rulers condemned; wanton women condemned. 4 God will purge Zion of its dross with spirit of justice and spirit of burning. 5 Song of vineyard; woes upon evil. 6 Isaiah's commission. 7 Sign to house of David: virgin birth; end to Rezin and Pekah. 8 Assyria to invade and make a complete end of Israel. 9 Light in gloom; a Son is born; 3 expressions of God's wrath: "anger of the Lord not turned away." 10 Assyria the instrument of God's wrath; remnant to return. 11 Shoot of stock of Jesse; blessings of Zion; remnant to return. 12 Song of thanksgiving in day of Messiah. 13-23: Judgments against the nations. 13 Fall of Babylon. 14 Song of triumph over Babylon. 15 16 Burden of Moab. 17 Burden of Damascus. 18 Burden of Ethiopia. 19 Burden of Egypt. 20 Captivity of Egypt & Ethiopia signified by Isaiah's walking naked and barefoot. 21 Burden of Babylon, Edom, and Arabia. 22 Judah invaded but impenitent; Shebna to be replaced by Eliakim. 23 Burden of Tyre. 24-27: Defeat of the nations that oppose God & establishment of the Messianic kingdom. 24 Judgment of Jehovah upon the nations. 25 Song of praise for the Lord's favor. 26 Song of trust in the Lord's protection. 27 Deliverance & ingathering of Israel. 28-35: Warnings and promises respecting the future in a series of woes, attended by conditional promises of national restitution and ultimate spiritual promise of restoration in Christ. 28 Ephraim condemned; will be taught by people of strange lips; rulers of Jerusalem condemned. 29 Ariel (Jerualem) to be besieged; people have become blind; people honor God with their lips. 30 Folly of seeking help from Egypt; a wicked people who say to the seers, "See not"; Jehovah will restore, and the Assyrian will be overthrown. 31 Woe to those that go to Egypt for help; Jehovah the one who can help against the Assyrian. 32 A king shall rule in righteousness; warning to the women of Jerusalem; affliction until the Lord comes to deliver. 33 Woe to Assyria; Jerusalem shall dwell securely because Jehovah dwells in her. 34 Jehovah's wrath against the nations, especially Edom. 35 Zion a wilderness that shall be restored; the way of holiness. 36-39: Hezekiah and the Assyrian Threat. 36 Speech of Rabshakeh. 37 Further insults from Sennacherib; God's answer; He slays 185,000 men in the Assyrian army. 38 Hezekiah's illness; song of thanksgiving. 39 Visitors from Merodach(c)baladan. 40-66: Visions regarding the future captivity and deliverance of Israel from physical captivity, but especially from spiritual captivity through the special Servant of Jehovah. 40-48: Deliverance from captivity through a future servant named Cyrus. In this section, we meet three of God's servants: His blind and deaf servant Israel whom He loves deeply, His ideal Servant in whom He delights, and Cyrus. a. Comfort to Jerusalem for her chastisement; b. preparation for the coming of the Lord's glory; c. word of the Lord abides; d. tell the good news: the Lord is coming, and He will gather His captives and bring them back; e. God is incomparable; f. they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; g. they shall mount up with wings like eagles.
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Chapter Contents of Hosea (chs. 1-3) Israel's adultery. 1 Hosea's marriage to Gomer and their children. 2 Unfaithfulness of Israel; God will cut her off from her lovers and will betroth her to Himself in faithfulness. 3 Hosea's second marriage to Gomer. (chs. 4-13) Prophetic speeches: The ungodliness of Israel and its inevitable punishment; sorrow of God. 4 Sins of immorality, ignorance, idolatry and ritual fornication. 5 Condemnation of priests and king; Epraim and Judah stumble together in sin; Ephraim's efforts to get help from the king of Assyria doomed. 6 Ephraim's penitence not sincere; God desires goodness, not sacrifice; whoredom found in Ephraim. 7 Ephraim so steeped in sin, he is beyond help; behaves like a silly bird: does not know what to do to help escape his fate. 8 Israel's idolatry has sealed her doom; Ephraim has hired her lovers; multiplied altars for sinning. 9 Ephraim has no cause to rejoice; they are headed for captivity; though Ephraim was pleasant to God, He will cast them away because they did not listen. 10 Israel does not fear God or the king; to be carried away by the king of Assyria for the sins of Bethel (Aven); Ephraim and Judah to be put to the plow. 11 God's great love for Ephraim; Ephraim bent on backsliding; how can God give Ephraim up? 12 Ephraim and Jacob have ignored all God's care and His blessings; therefore his blood shall be upon him. 13 Ephraim was blessed of God, but they turned to idols; what will your king do now to save you? Samaria shall bear her guilt. (ch. 14) Israel's conversion and pardon. 14 Return to God, O Israel; don't turn to Assyria any more, and don't seek your idols; God will bless, and Ephraim will say, "What have I to do any more with idols?"
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Chapter Contents of Joel 1 The terrible locust swarm 2 Repent or a far worse invasion will come; future blessings from God. 3 Nations to be judged in the valley of Jehoshaphat; Judah to be delivered.
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Chapter Contents of Amos I. Judgments against the nations (ch. 1-2) 1 Judgments against Damascus, Gaza, Tyre, Edom, and Ammon. 2 Judgments against Moab, Judah and Israel. II. Basis for God's judgment of Israel (chs. 3-6). 3 Series of rhetorical questions; Israel to be almost completely destroyed; transgressions of Behtel. 4 Condemnation of women of Israel; Israel has disregarded God's chastisements; "prepare to meet thy God." 5 Lamentation over Israel; entreaty to seek the Lord; list of sins; God not interested in ritualistic worship but in justice 6 Woe to those that are at ease in Zion; Israel to be devastated. III. Judgment is inevitable and unavoidable (chs. 7-9). 7 Visions of the locusts, the fire, and the plumbline; Amos's controversy with Amaziah the priest of Bethel. 8 Vision of summer fruit; wickedness of Israel guarantees her destruction; famine of hearing the word of the Lord. 9 Vision of the Lord standing beside the altar; when Israel is destroyed, God will not lose a kernel of His grain; restoration of the tabernacle of David.
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Chapter Contents of Obadiah 1 God calls the nations together against Edom. 2-4 Edom shall be brought down in spite of her pride. 5-9 Edom will be completely searched out and taken away. 10-14 Edom will be taken away because of the violence done to Jacob, and because of his rejoicing at the calamity of his brother. 15-16 Day of the Lord is near upon all the nations. 17-21 In Mount Zion, there will be those that escape, and they shall consume Esau like stubble. And God's people will possess the lands of the heathen nations around them.
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Chapter Contents of Jonah 1 Jonah runs away from God Jonah refuses to go to Nineveh, takes a ship to Tarshish, swallowed by great fish. 2 Jonah runs toward God Jonah prays to the Lord from the belly of the fish, and God hears him and delivers. 3 Jonah runs with God Jonah goes to Nineveh and preaches God's warning of judgment; the city repents. 4 Jonah runs ahead of God Jonah gets very angry that God spared Nineveh; God teaches him another lesson.
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MARK 1. a. Preaching of John the Baptist b. Jesus is baptized c. Jesus is tempted by Satan d. Jesus cast out the demon e. Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law f. Jesus cleanses the leper 2 a. Jesus heals the paralytic b. Matthew is called c. Parable of the new cloth and the new wineskin d. Work on the Sabbath 3 a. Jesus heals on the Sabbath b. Pharisees plot against Jesus c. The 12 apostles are named d. Jesus is accused of being the head of the demons 4 a. Parable of the seed on the different types of ground b. Storm on the Sea 5. a. The demons are cast into the swine b. The womans is healed of the issue of blood c. Jarius' daughter is raised from the dead 6. a. Jesus is rejected at Nazareth b. Jesus send out the twelve c. John is beheaded d. The twelve returns e. Jesus feed the 5,000 f. Jesus walks on water 7 a. God vs. Traditions of men b. Demon cast out of the Greek woman's daughter c. Deaf and dumb man healed 8 a. Jesus feeds the 4,000 b. Pharisees seek for a sign c. Peter Confesses Christ d. Give everything to God 9. a. Transfiguration b. Demon possessed boy c. Jesus foretells of His death d. Danger of causing one to stumble 10 a. Marriage and Divorce b. Jesus said, "Let the children come to me. c. Rich young ruler d. Camel/needle e. Reward for leaving all to follow Christ f. Jesus foretells of His crucifixion g. Foretold how James and John would die h. Blind Bartimaeus made to see 11. a. Triumphal Entry of Christ b. Fig tree is cursed c. Temple Cleanse d. Fig tree used to teach faith e. Forgive any trespass before you pray f. Jesus answers the questions of His authority with another question 12. a. Vineyard Owner loses his son b. Render to Caesar what is Caesar's c. Questions about the resurrection d. Greatest commandment. e. Jesus is the son of David f. Jesus condemns the leaders 13. Fall of Jerusale 14 a. Leaders plot to kill Jesus. b. Women anoints Jesus with the oil. c. Judas plots against Jesus. d. Passover celebrated e. Lord's Supper instituted f. Jesus foretells of Peters denial. g. Prayer in the Garden of Gethseman h. Judas betrays Jesus. i. Jesus is on trial before the Sanhedrin. j. Peter denies Jesus 15 a. Jesus on trial before Pilate b. Jesus is beaten c. Jesus is crucified d. Jesus is buried 16 a. Jesus is resurrected b. He spends forty days c. Jesus ascended
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Chapter Content of John 1. a. Pologue b. Jesus meets the first five apostles 2 a. Wedding at Cana(water to wine) b. Travels to Capernaum c. Cleansing of the Temple 3 a. Nicodemus b. Jesus preaches in Judea c. John's final testimony about Jesus 4 a. Woman at the well b. Healing of the noble mans son 5 a. Healing of the lame man at the Pool of Bethesda b. Jesus debates with the Pharisees: Father has given Him all things 6. Feeding of the 5,000 7. a. Jesus brethern taunt Him b. The different views about who Jesus is c. He debates with the Jews again: Why do you seek to kill Me? 8 a. Woman taken in adultery b. Jesus debates with the Jews: His Father verses their fathers 9. Healing of the blind man on the sabbath 10 a. Jesus' parables of the sheepfold b. He is the good shepherd c. Feast of Dedication d. Jews take up stones to kill Jesus: He chalenges them to believe His word. 11 a. Rasing of Lazarus b. Council of the Pharisees 12 a. Jesus' feet anointed by Mary b. Plot to kill Lazarus c. Triumphal entry d. Certain Greeks seek Jesus: Jews refuse to see the glory of Jesus unlike Isaiah 13 a. Last Supper b. Jesus washes the disciple's feet c. Judas goes out d. Jesus predicts Peter's denial 14. a. Jesus comforts the apostles: They know the way and have seen the Father b. Promise of the Comforter 15. a. The vine and the branches b. Jesus commands them to love as He has loved c. The difference between them and the world 16. a. The work of the comforter b. Expedient for Jesus to leave c. He assures them they can overcome the world 17. Jesus pray in the garden 18. a. Jesus arrested in the Garden b. Peter defends Him c. Jesus led to Annas and Caiaphas d. Then led to Pilot 19. Jesus is crucified and buried 20. a. Resurrection b. Mary Magdalene tells Peter and John c. Jesus appears to Mary d. Jesus appears to all the apostles except Thomas e. Jesus appears a week later to all of them 21 a. Jesus with His disciples at the Sea of Galilea b. His conversation with Peter
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Chapter Content of Acts 1 a. Jesus ascends into Heaven b. Mathias to chosen to replace Judah 2 a. Pentecost b. Peter's first sermon 3 a. Peter heals the lame man b. Peter's second sermon 4. Peter and John is arrested 5. a. Ananias and Saphira deceptive attitude b. Apostle's are arrested 6. a. Men are appointed to look after the neglected widows b. Stephen is arrested 7 a. Stephen's sermon b. Stephen is stoned 8 a. Phillip in Samaria b. Ethiopian Eunuch is baptized 9 a. Saul is converted b. Peter/Aeneas/Dorcas 10. Conversion of the House of Cornelius 11 a. Peter defends the Gentile conversion b. Barnabas/Paul goes to Antioch 12 a. Death of James b. Peter freed from prison c. Prophecy of Herod being eaten of worms 13. Barnabas/Paul begin the first journey a. Salamis - John joins the b. Paphos -Elymas is struck blind 14. Continue journey to Iconium 15. Question of Circumcision at Jerusalem 16. a. 2nd Journey b. Paul and Silas visit churches 17. Paul at Athens 18. a. Aquila and Priscilla b. 3rd Journey 19. a. Paul at Ephesus b. Holy Ghost not received 20. a. Macedonia and Greece b. Farewell to Ephesus elders 21. a. Paul back in Jerusalem b. Jewish Riot 22. Paul's defense 23. Plot against Paul 24. Paul before Felix 25. a. Paul before Festus b. Appeal to Caesar 26. Paul before Agrippa 27. a. Paul sails to Rome b. Shipwreck 28. a. Paul in Rome b. Greets Christians
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Chapter Contents of Romans 1 Not ashamed of the gospel. Salutation of Paul to the Romans. Ready to preach the gospel to the Romans also. Not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. Wrath of God revealed against all unrighteousness. God gave the Gentiles up in the lusts of their hearts. God gave the Gentiles up to vile passions. God gave the Gentiles up to a reprobate mind. 2 Jews sinners also. Not the hearers of the law are justified, but the doers of it. Jews condemn themselves when they condemn the Gentiles, because they are guilty of the same things. 3 All are sinners; none is justified by the law. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Justification is not through the law but through faith in Jesus Christ. 4 What was Abraham's experience? Abraham was not justified by works but by faith. Not justified by circumcision but by faith. Promise not given through the law but by faith. Abraham's faith in the promise of God. 5 The blessedness of the justified. Our hope rests on the love of God. In Christ we more than make up for what we lost in Adam. 6 Significance of conversion. Conversion commits us not to sin. Let not sin reign in your mortal body. From slaves of sin to slaves of God. 7 Free from the law. Freed by death from the law. Law is not sin, but furnishes an occasion for sin. Christ delivers us from the body of death. 8 There is now no condemnation in Christ. Life through the Spirit. Those led by the Spirit are the heirs of God. Whole creation waits for redemption. Spirit intercedes. More than conquerors through Christ. God's choice of the Gentiles and rejection of the Jews does not contradict His promise that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ (chs. 9-11). God's plan not thwarted or diverted. Jews possessed many advantages They are not all Israel that are called Israel God has the right to choose to save whom He will, whether Jew or Gentile(14-29) Gentiles who believe are saved, while Jews who seek to establish their own righteousness are lost (30-33) 10 God announced before His purpose to save those who believe, whether Jew or Gentile. Righteousness that saves is the righteousness of faith. The Jews had every opportunity to know this. 11 God has not abandoned His true people, whether Jew or Gentile. God did not cast off His people whom He foreknew. Through the Jews' fall the Gentiles have salvation Olive branches. In this way all Israel shall be saved. Doxology Obedience is the sacrifice God wants (chs. 12(c)15). 12 Christian behavior Present your bodies a living sacrifice. Many members, one body. Assorted principles of Christian behavior 13 Responsibilities to others. Duty to civil government. Responsibility to one's neighbor. Walk becomingly. 14 Treatment of a weak brother in matters of indifference. Do not judge another in matters of indifference. Do not cause a weak brother to stumble because of such matters. 15 Duty toward the weak brother; personal plans. Duty toward the weak brother. Preaching where others have not been. Plans to come to Rome and on to Spain. Salutations (ch. 16). 16 Various salutations. Commendation of Phoebe. Salutations to Roman saints. Mark divisive people. Greetings from Paul's co-workers. Doxology
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Chapter Content of 1 Corinthians 1 Exhortation to unity Divisions among them. Foolishness of God vs. wisdom of men. God has chosen the weak things. 2 The wisdom of God revealed through the Spirit. Paul preached Christ crucified. The wisdom revealed through the Spirit. 3 Apostles and preachers are mere laborers. Paul and Apollos are merely co-workers. One man builds on another man's foundation. Let no one destroy the temple of God. Let no one glory in men. 4 Do not think of men above that which is written. Stewards are judged by their Master, not by others. Contrast between the apostles and the Corinthians. Imitate Paul; remember his ways. 5 Fornication in the Corinthian church. Purge out the leaven of wickedness. Not wicked of the world, but of the church. 6 Litigation against brethren. Going to law against a brother. Fornication not a natural use of the body like eating. 7 Concerning marriage. Let each man have his own wife, and each woman her own husband. Let everyone remain as they were when converted. Concerning the marriage of virgin daughters. 8 Eat not meats sacrificed to idols if it causes a weak brother to stumble. 9 Liberty versus consideration for others. 10 Condemnation of idolatry. Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. One who worships idols has communion with demons. Let a thing be expedient as well as lawful. 11 Irregularities in worship. The covering. Abuses in the Lord's Supper. 12 All gifts given by the Spirit. All spiritual gifts given by the same Spirit. These gifts need to be used harmoniously. 13 Importance of love in having harmony. 14 Let the spiritual gifts be used for edifying. Contrast between prophesying and speaking in tongues. Tongues are for a sign to the unbelieving. Those who speak in the assembly are to do so in order. 15 Our hope, the risen Christ. Paul reminds the Corinthians of the gospel which he preached. Effects and consequences of the doctrine that there is no resurrection of the dead. Christ's resurrection the pledge of ours. If no resurrection of the dead, let us eat drink and be merry. Paul deals with the argument that there could be no resurrection of the dead. Victory over death in Jesus. 16 Various exhortations The collection for the saints. Paul's personal plans. Concerning Timothy and Apollos. Paul recommends that the Corinthians assist those who are ministering to the saints. Salutations.
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Chapter Content of 2 Corinthians Chaps. 1-7: We follow Paul from Ephesus to Troas, to Macedonia: Past with its misunderstandings and explanations. 1 Paul explains his change of plans. Comfort of God and deliverance from suffering. Paul's conscience is clear regarding his motives. Changes of plans to make Paul glad. 2 Forgiveness of the transgressor of 1 Cor. 5. Paul did not want to cause the Corinthians sorrow. Forgive the offender. Paul and his co-workers a sweet savor of Christ. 3 Ministers of a new covenant. Paul and his co-workers ministers of a new covenant. The glory that passes away contrasted with the glory that remains. 4 Ministry of the gospel in earthen vessels. We preach not ourselves but Christ as Lord. Treasure of the gospel in earthen vessels. We do not lose heart. 5 Motives for preaching the gospel. Reasons why we do not lose heart. The fear of the Lord and the love of Christ move us to preach the gospel. Be reconciled to God. 6 Paul calls for the Corinthians to come out and be separate. Paul and his co(c)workers commend themselves by their behavior. Paul begs the Corinthians to reciprocate his affection. Come out and be separate from things that defile. 7 Paul comforted by the news from Titus. Paul's confidence in the Corinthians. Paul was comforted by Titus's report of Corinth's reaction to his letter. Chaps. 8-9: the collection for the saints. 8 Paul calls on Corinth to imitate the zeal of Macedonia in ministering to the saints. Zeal of the Macedonians. Corinthians need to finish the task begun a year ago. All arrangements to made so as to be completely honorable in the sight of all men. 9 Paul admonishes the Corinthians to give liberally. Paul hopes the Corinthians will be ready and will justify his boasting about them. Calls upon them to "sow bountifully." Chaps. 10-13: Paul's defense of his own ministry as an apostle. 10 Paul is the same whether present or away. Paul hopes that he will not have to show them his courage. Paul not interested in comparing himself with others. He will glory only to the extent God has blessed his work. 11 Paul seeks to establish his apostolic credentials by telling of his work and his sufferings He fears the Corinthians have been corrupted. His not taking support was in no way because he felt any inferiority to the other apostles. A long list of his sufferings and toils. 12 Paul concludes the defense of his apostleship. Concerning visions. In what way did he fall short of showing he was an apostle? Neither Paul nor any of his co-workers took advantage of them. Don't think that what I have been doing is just defending myself; it is for your welfare. 13 His plans when he comes. When he comes he will not spare any evil he finds. Paul has written these things that he may not deal sharply with them when he comes Closing salutations.
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Chapter Content of Galatians 1 Their turning from the gospel; Paul's defense of his apostleship. 2 Paul continues his defense of his apostleship; makes the transition into his discussion of the law. Paul's conduct at the Jerusalem conference Though Jerusalem leaders approved of Paul's work, they had not made him an apostle Peter's hypocrisy. 3 Abraham justified by faith not by the law. 4 Bondage versus freedom. Not under bondage Don't exchange one bondage for another bondage. Personal appeal of Paul to the Galatians. Hagar and Sarah. 5 Freedom from the law requires us to walk by the Spirit. Debtors to keep whole law. Law of love. Walk by the Spirit, not by the flesh. 6 Closing remarks. Bear and share your burdens. Glory in Christ not in circumcision. Benediction.
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Chapter Content of Ephesians 1-3: Blessings and privileges of the saints. 1 Blessings of redemption. God has blessed us to the praise of the glory of His grace. Paul's prayer that we fully grasp what God has done for us. 2 Both Jews and Gentiles, though dead, are together made alive in Christ. Our spiritual deadness at the time God blessed us magnifies the love of God. In Christ both Jew and Gentile are made one. 3 Through the work given him, Paul hopes to enable the Gentiles to be filled with all the fulness of God. The ministry given to Paul. Paul's prayer that the Ephesians receive the full blessings of God. 4-6: Responsibilities to walk as saints 4 Making use of Christ's provisions for our new life. Christ's provisions in the church for our growth. You have put away the old man and put on the new man. Moral behavior of the new man. 5 Walk! walk! walk! Walk in love. No longer walk in darkness; walk in light. Walk wisely in one's conduct. Wives' and husbands' conduct toward one another. Children and fathers. Servants and masters. 6:10-24 The Christian soldier. Stand as a Christian soldier. Coming of Tychicus. Benediction.
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Chapter Content of Philippians 1 Attitude toward circumstances. Greeting (1:1-2). Paul's prayer for the Philippians (1:3-11). Paul's concern is that the gospel be preached (1:12-26). First admonition: Encourages the Philippians to live worthy of the gospel regardless of what happens to him (1:27-30). 2 Attitude toward others: Christ, Timothy, Epaphroditus. Second admonition: Have the mind of Christ (2:1-11). Be light-bearers (2:12-18). The coming of Timothy and Epaphroditus (2:19-30). 3 Attitude toward things of life Warnings against Judaizers Paul's attitude toward things of which they are so proud (3:1-16). Contrast between the walk of those whose god is their belly, and those whose citizenship is in heaven (3:17-4:1). 4 Attitude toward anxiety and worry. Euodia and Syntyche exhorted to work together (4:2-3). The attitude and life of a Christian (4:4-9) Thanks to the Philippians for their gift (4:10-20). Salutation (4:21-22). Benediction (4:23).
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Chapter Content of Colossians 1 Spiritual blessings of the Colossians; Paul's ministry on their behalf. Paul gives thanks for the Colossians' faith, love, and hope (1:3-8). Paul prays that they might walk worthily of the Lord (1:9-14). Marvelous work and position of Christ and their effects on the Colossians (1:15-23). Paul's stewardship in behalf of the Gentiles (1:24-29). 2 Christ is all we need; we do not need the traditions of men to aid us in our salvation. Paul's struggles that all those who have not seen his face may grow (2:1-7). Christ is all you need; you do not need the law (2:8-15). Let no man judge you by the law or by their own ideas (2:16-19). Do not submit yourselves to the mere traditions of men(2:20-23). 3 Picture of the true Christian life without the taint of Judaistic traditions. Let Christ be your life (3:1-4). Put to death your members that are upon the earth because you have put off the old man (3:5-11). Put on the qualities of God's elect (3:12-17). Christian responsibilities in different roles (3:18-4:1). 4 Closing remarks and salutations. Encouragements in prayer, conduct, and speech (4:2-6). The coming of Tychicus and Onesimus (4:7-9). Salutations from various people (4:10-17). Paul's own salutation with his own hand (4:18).
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Chapter Content of 1 Thessalonians 1 We rejoice in your conversion. Thank God for you. Gospel came not in word only but in power also. You became imitators of us You became examples to others. You turned from idols to serve the living God. 2 Our behavior among you. Though we were badly treated at Philippi, we were bold to preach the gospel among you. We were as a nurse/children; father/son. We would not be a burden. You received the gospel as the word of God. We tried to come to you again, but Satan hindered us. 3 Worried about you -- comforted by Timothy's coming. Sent Timothy to comfort you. When he came now with a good report, we were greatly comforted. May God cause you to grow in your love toward one another. 4 Your conduct, and question about the Lord's coming. Keep yourselves in sanctification. Love one another; take care of your own affairs. Lord's coming. 5 Need to be prepared; various exhortations. Need to be prepared for the Lord's coming. Various exhortations.
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Chapter Content of 2 Thessalonians 1 Persecution of the saints; rewards to persecuted and afflictions to the persecutors. 2 Coming of the Lord preceded by the man of sin. 3 Discipline of disorderly brethren Request for prayers. Withdraw from disorderly. Salutation.
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Chapter Contents of Hebrews 1 Incomparable superiority of Jesus. 2 Incomparable one became flesh to accomplish the divine purpose: to bring many sons to glory. 3 Superiority of Jesus to Moses; those under Moses fell because of unbelief. 4 Warning against unbelief to those that are under Christ. 5 Earthly priests; Christ a priest chosen of God after the order of Melchizedek; they are dull of hearing. 6 Warning against falling away; encouragement to do better; we have a hope both sure and stedfast. 7 Superiority of Jesus' priesthood. 8 Jesus the Mediator of a better covenant based on better promises. 9 Contrast between the Mosaic system and the New Testament system. 10 Sins that were not removed by O.T. sacrifices were forgiven through sacrifice of Christ; encouragement to continue in hope. 11 Examples of faith that endured. 12 Suffering is for chastening; warns against a profane attitude; they could not refuse Him who spoke from Mt. Sinai; how can we refuse Him who speaks from Mt. Zion. 13 Miscellaneous commandments; be willing to share the reproach of Christ; request for prayer; benediction; salutations.
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Chapter Content of James 1 Blessed is the man that endureth temptation; be doers of the word and not hearers only. 2 Faith does not discriminate; we are justified by faith that works. 3 The power of the tongue; heavenly wisdom versus earthly wisdom. 4 Resist the devil and draw near to God; who are we to judge another? If the Lord wills. 5 Condemnation of the rich; importance of perseverance; swear not at all; power of prayer; importance of converting the sinner.
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Chapter Content of 1 Peter 1 The inheritance incorruptible; need to be holy. 2 Living stones and a royal priesthood; seemly behavior: to rulers, to masters. 3 Seemly behavior continued: for wives, for husbands, for everyone; blessedness of suffering for righteousness' sake. 4 Since Christ suffered, you will also; therefore be diligent stewards of God; if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed. 5 Instructions to the elders; resist the devil; salutations.
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Chapter Content of 2 Peter Theme: Warnings against false teachers. 1 Importance of Knowledge; genuineness of apostolic teaching. 2 The Lord knows how to condemn the wicked and to spare the righteous; characteristics of the false teacher; false teachers promise freedom while they themselves are slaves. 3 The false teachers question the promise of His coming; don't mistake the longsuffering of God; beware of those that pervert the scriptures.
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Chapter Content of 1 John 1 The Word ,manifested the life that was in God; fellowship with God requires walking in the light that we deal with our sins 2 God's commandments govern our entire fellowship with Him; warnings of the Antichrists. 3 Being born of God means living a life of habitual righteousness rather than habitual sin. 4 Focusing on spirits; focusing on love as a characteristic of God. 5 Focusing on faith, testimony, and life; things we know.