We must teach our children

Train up a child
in the way he should go,
And when he is old
he will not depart from it.
(Proverbs 22:6)

This page contains information to remind us about teaching our children. They are our future. In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Moses is pleading with the children of Israel to remember all that God had done for them, to name a few: the ten plagues in Egypt, crossing the Red Sea on dry land, the Ten Commandments, and the manna in the wilderness. He tells them, "You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up." God wanted the present generation to serve Him. He also wanted all the generations that followed to serve Him as well. How would they ever be able to serve God without knowing what He expected of them? How would they know what was expected if someone didn't teach them? This page was designed to encourage other parents to teach their children as ours taught us. Thanks!


What Is Happening To Our Children?

We often hear this question, and thank God, many are searching for answers. I realize I am no official authority on the subject; however, my seventy-seven years of experience including many of Bible study helps me want to offer these suggestions.

1. Separation and divorce in families is a major problem. God's word tells us that marriage is for life. God knows this is best for parents and children.

2. Too many times true love is not shown in the family. This is also contrary to God's law. Love in the family, in the community, in the nation and in Christ's church would do more than any one thing to help solve our manifold problems.

3. Not only must children be loved; they must be supervised. Children left to themselves naturally make too many unwise decisions. They must be brought up in the nuture and admonition of the Lord.

4. Children must be disciplined with loving care and concern. They must be taught respect for authority, the authority of parents, teachers, the law of the land and especially respect for God and His word.

5. It also contributes to the problem when parents are not God-fearing and Bible-obeying parents. God has a perfect plan for a happy home that cannot be improved or changed. It must be obeyed for a happy home.

6. For number five to be obeyed, parents and families must have Bible reading and prayer together regularly. This is the best way for families to spend quality time together.

7. Also a failure for parents to be faithful Christians contributes to the problem. For success in a family each member of the family must love every other member and be kind and considerate with one another.

8. Too much idle time is bad for children. Parents must assign chores to children so they will learn to be useful and responsible.

9. Children see far too many bad examples and are prone to follow them. Everyone dealing with children must strive to be a good example for them, especially parents, teachers, and all others who associate with them.

10. Many people today say poverty is causing many children to go bad. I do not believe this. I was born in 1918. In 1930 my father died in an automobile accident. My mother, my two brothers, my sister and I saw poverty at its worst in the thirties. Many others shared the same experience. This did not make us disobedient and unruly or make us commit crime as we see it today.

11. Parents must not, and I emphasize, must not use illegal drugs and alcohol. Too many children learn to use these from parents.

12. We must teach children to have proper values, by this I mean things that are favorable in God's sight.

13. Last, but by no means least, I want to mention some things about television. In the first place too many children (and adults) spend far too much time watching television. Too many things they see are bad examples; to name a few - violence in many forms, sex, drugs, and alcohol use, gambling, lying, cheating, murder and even evolution. Also too much of television, including many commercials, portray silly, foolish, even stupid acts. Too much of our society today fails to show serious thinking. In closing I urge parents and all others to portray proper values before children, to be good examples for them and to try always to keep their priorities in order. God must be first in every home. Study the Bible, learn God's plan for the home and be assured all will be well. Please consider trying these suggestions. You will be glad you did.

--Sam Holt

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Do not sin against the child
by Bill Lambert

    When the brothers of Joseph went to Egypt to buy food because of famine, they realized their hateful treatment of Joseph in the past.  As they considered their situation, Reuben reminded them of his objection against those actions.  “And Reuben answered them, saying, Spake I not unto you, saying, Do not sin against the child...and ye would not hear?” (Gen 42:22)  They had indeed sinned against that young man and had sinned against their father in allowing him to believe a lie.  And, too, they had certainly sinned against God.
    There are many parents, and others, who are sinning against children today, and in doing so are sinning against God.  I am not speaking of those who abuse their children or the children of others in a sexual or physical manner.  These certainly are sinners, but there are other ways of “sinning against the child” which will have eternal results.  Consider some of these...
Failure to provide examples.       
    Every child has the right to expect those who brought them into the world to guide them in the right direction.
Teaching them wrong priorities.
    The God of heaven must be first in every life. No school activity, sports event, vacation, or employment is more important.  Do we not realize that?
Emphasizing “toys.”
    They are not “deprived” just because they do not have everything “everyone” else has.
Making excuses for them.
    When one is a Christian, he is responsible for his own actions.  By making excuses for them, we teach them that is sometimes right to do wrong.
    Consider seriously . . .Are you “sinning against the child?”   
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When I got mad and hit my child
"For his own good," I reconciled,
and then, I realized my plight...
Today, I taught my child to fight

When interrupted by the phone
I said, "Tell them I'm not at home."
And then I thought, and had to sigh...
Today, I taught my child to lie.

I told the tax man what I made,
Forgetting cash that I was paid;
And then I blushed at this sad feat...
Today, I taught my child to cheat.

I smugly copied a cassette,
To keep me free of one more debt.
But now the bells of shame must peal...
Today, I taught my child to steal.

Today, I cursed another race.
Oh God, protect what I debase,
For now, I fear it is too late.
Today, I taught my child to hate.

By my example, children learn
That I must lead in life's sojourn
In such a way that they are led.
By what is done not what is said.

Today, I gave my child his due
By, praise for him instead of rue.
And now I have begun my guide:
Today I gave my child his pride.
I now have reconciled and paid
to IRS on all I made.
And now I know that this dear youth
Today has learned from me, of truth.

The alms I give are not for show,
And yet, this child must surely know
That charity is worth the price:
Today, he saw my sacrifice.

I clasp within a warm imbrace
My neighbor of another race--
The great commandment from above.
Today, I taught my child to love.

Someday, my child must face alone
This world of fearsome undertone,
But I have blazed a sure pathway:
Today, I taught my child ... to pray.

--- Henry Matthew Ward

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