The Whisperer
 by Paul C. Keller



Of the many sins into which men fall the position of a whisperer is one of the lowest.  His way is to be despised by a right thinking people.  The whisperer is engaged in a devilish work.  Envying the honor and good name of another he does all he can to destroy it by baseless insinuations and misrepresentation.  He declares secretly, and with great reserve, the supposed faults of others (always in the absence of those whom he seeks to defame).

The whisperer is a cowardly sneak.  He has not the courage to come out in the open and say the damaging things about others.  He dares not have the light of fair investigation turned upon the false things he tells.  Secretly he peddles his slanderous statements and insinuations against the object of his campaign of spite.  If he can, he will destroy a good name, and then gloat over what he has been able to accomplish.

The whisperer sows discord among his brethren.  Such is an abomination unto God (Prov. 6:19).  Yet, as a result of his efforts to accomplish his ungodly purposes, discord and division often result.  But this does not bother the whisperer—it merely gives him opportunity for further practice of his nefarious work.  He will simply get busy with his “Whispering Campaign” and seek to place the blame on someone else for the division that he, himself, caused.

The whisperer is not particular as to the truth of what he tells.  The very method he employs bears testimony to this fact.  He may include a smattering of the truth to make his lies sound plausible.  But if he does, he so perverts that truth that it is false when he spouts it forth.  Yes, his very method belies what he tells.  No, his interest is not in the truth.  He will not tell the truth!  His is interested in defaming and destroying the good name of another.  He will tell what he thinks will accomplish this.  

It is no wonder that the New Testament twice catalogues the sin of “whispering” along with such sins as: Fornication, wickedness, maliciousness, envy, murder, strife, deceit, malignity, hateful to God, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, swellings, tumults, etc. (Rom. 1:29-30; 2 Cor. 12:20).  Whispering has earned its place among the blackest and vilest of sins.

In spite of the infamy of his sin the whisperer often succeeds in harming the reputation of another.  Thus, he impairs the usefulness of that person.  When one is robbed of his good reputation, doors of usefulness are thereby shut in his face that otherwise would have remained open.  It is in such an unholy work as this that the whisperer takes pride!

The whisperer is not worthy of a place among decent people.  Only the Lord can properly reward such a character!  AND THE LORD WILL.
 from PAUSE-PONDER-PROFIT, Paragould, Arkansas