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 Abiding in Christ --Steve Klein (OCT 16, 2022)

Abiding in Christ is the essence of endurance. Our intimate relationship with Him compels us to walk as He walked, keep His word within us, avoid sin, and love one another. Abiding in Him, our affections will be properly directed to God and not the world, and we will have confidence in the end.


 The Endurance of God --Steve Klein (AUG 21, 2022)


 Endurance Prevails to FINISH --Steve Klein (APR 10, 2022)

Jesus is the great author and finisher of our faith. He endured to the finish. In following Jesus, Paul did the same. Neither of them were distracted by the things of this life, and both of them found joy and glory in the end.


 Endurance in the Seven Churches of Asia --Steve Klein (MAR 13, 2022)

The seven churches of Asia were experiencing the pressures of persecution, the influences of a godless culture, as well as moral and doctrinal problems from within. The Lord would not accept quitting or compromise. They must overcome by patient endurance. The challenge before churches today is not really any different.


 Do Not Quit --Steve Klein (FEB 27, 2022)

If endurance involves striving to the end, quitting is the epic fail of endurance. Those who endure must quit quitting, regardless of mistreatment, fear, isolation or disappointment in oneself.


 He Endured the Cross --Steve Klein (FEB 13, 2022)

Looking to Jesus as He endured the cross inspires our own endurance in the most difficult of trials and temptations.


 Diligently Seek God --Steve Klein (JAN 16, 2022)

Diligence is a component of running with endurance. We must diligently seek God, obey His commandments, and strive to go to heaven. If we diligently keep our hearts, we will be diligent in all of these things.


 Endurance Holds On --Steve Klein (JAN 9, 2022)

Endurance holds on to the things that are necessary to finish the race: Hope, trust in the Lord, and reliance on His presence and power.


 Running with Endurance --Steve Klein (JAN 2, 2022)





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