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 Majesty of the King --Steve Klein (FEB 11, 2018)

The Majesty of a Monarch is unfamiliar to modern Americans, but it is a crucial concept for all Christians to grasp if it is our intent to ?Glorify the King of Kings.?


 Glorify in Word and Deed --Steve Klein (JAN 21, 2018)

The world does not know the King of kings. It is the privilege of every citizen of the Kingdom to enable the world to see the glory of the King through our words and actions!


 Living Life to Glorify the King (Fulfilling your reason for being Ephesians 1:12, 1 Peter 4:11, 1 Corinthians 10:31) --Steve Klein (JAN 14, 2018)

The purpose of our being is to glorify the King! We do this through Appreciation, Adoration, Affection, and Submission. The King is glorified by subjects who are willing to die for Him, especially when they first show that they are willing to live for Him.


 We Will Glorify the King of Kings --Steve Klein (JAN 7, 2018)

This lesson introduces our theme at Eastside for 2018: ?We Will Glorify the King of Kings.? The Scriptures identify Jesus as the King of kings and reveal why He occupies this exalted position.





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