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 Success at Evangelism 101: Do Not Be Afraid (Luke 5:10) --Steve Klein (JAN 15, 2017)

As We are "Seeking the Lost," Fear is probably the number one enemy of personal evangelism. We must not let fears related to our own inadequacies or egos prevent us from seeking the lost and pointing them to Jesus.


 Do Not Be Like Them (Matthew 6:7-8; 15:8-9) --Steve Klein (JAN 8, 2017)

As we seeking the lost and sharing our faith, we must be careful not to be influenced by or become envious of those engaged in false religious practices.


 Increased Faith For Seeking The Lost --Steve Klein (JAN 1, 2017)

As both a consequence and function of increasing faith, Christians will dedicate themselves to seeking the lost. Because of our faith, we understand the tragedy of souls that are lost, we are certain that the power of the gospel of Christ can save, and so we are zealous and courageous in seeking the lost!





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