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 Personal Liberties and the Unity of the Faith --Steve Klein (SEP 1, 2019)

Unity of the faith requires us to accept one another?s differences in areas where God allows us to have them, while being single minded in our doctrine and moral practices.


 United We Stand --Steve Klein (AUG 11, 2019)

Satan is like a lion seeking to separate his prey from the herd. Division in the herd makes every individual vulnerable, but there is safety in unity.


 The Power of Proven Character --Steve Klein (MAY 26, 2019)

Character that has been proven through trial is genuine and powerful. It unites God?s people in true compassion and consistent service. It provides powerful testimony to those outside of Christ.


 Members of One Another --Steve Klein (MAY 12, 2019)

Each member of the body of Christ finds his or her meaning and purpose through their function within the body. Apart from the body, no member has meaning, purpose or utility. These truths underscore the vital importance of living to unite and uniting to work in the body of Christ.


 United by Awe --Steve Klein (APR 21, 2019)

It is said of those who obeyed the gospel on the day of Pentecost that ?Awe came upon every soul? (Acts 2:43). In awe of what God was doing for them and among them, they united in work and worship. In a sense, they were united by awe. We can be as well.


 Numbers --Steve Klein (MAR 24, 2019)

Unified numbers of the Lord?s people can accomplish much for the glory of God, with the His help. But the significance of a large number of people, united in thought and purpose, can be misleading. The size of the crowd means nothing if God is involved. The majority is often wrong; therefore the appeal to join the crowd leads many astray.


 Isolation --Steve Klein (FEB 10, 2019)

The Devil seeks to separate us from God's grace and isolate us from fellow believers. Christ came to destroy the works of the devil. Unity in Christ frees believers from isolation and provides access to God?s provisions for overcoming temptation and sin.


 Psalm 133 Unity --Steve Klein (FEB 3, 2019)

Psalm 133 describes how good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity. It is a lavish blessing from God and a foretaste of heaven itself.


 Appointing Elders (Utilizing what the Lord has provided for the growth, upbuilding, maturity, and unity of the church.) --Steve Klein (JAN 27, 2019)

Elders are a vital part of what the Lord has provided the church for its growth, upbuilding, maturity, and unity. We are blessed to be able to appoint additional elders.


 Glorification through Unification --Steve Klein (JAN 13, 2019)

Jesus prayed for the unity of all believers so that all believers might glorify Him and ultimately be glorified by Him.


 Eastside United: Working to unite! Uniting to work! --Steve Klein (JAN 6, 2019)

"Eastside United" is our theme this year. Our focus will be on working to unite and uniting to work. "...standing firm in one spirit, with one mind, striving side by side for the faith of the gospel." (Phil. 1:27, ESV)





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