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Be Transformed (Steve Klein)     Audio Only
To be TRANSFORMED we must avoid being CONFORMED to the world. Our worldly minds must be changed ? renewed by being replaced with the mind of Christ. Three aspects of transformation are much needed among Christians today and would help us at Eastside. 1) Do not be conformed to the world.? We cannot allow the world to compress us into its mold.? We cannot allow ourselves to be so lacking in moral fiber and spiritual stability that we are swayed by every new craze, social movement, or ideological fashion that comes down the pike.? 2) Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.? The process of transformation begins in the mind.? If we don't think different, we'll never really be different. I believe our thinking needs to be challenged and changed by the knowledge of Christ and His word. 3) Put God's will into practice.? We must test, experience, and use our knowledge of God's will in practical and discernable ways in our lives.

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