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Come Study with us June 12-14, 2016.

Glorifying God in My Life

For Christians, our very reason for living is to glorify God (Eph. 1:12). Understanding this powerful truth gives us meaning and purpose. Confusion and doubt are transformed into confidence and hope when glorifying the God of heaven is the central focus of life!

In my life Lord be glorified, be glorified
In my life Lord, be glorified today.
In my song Lord be glorified, be glorified
In my song Lord, be glorified today.
In Your church Lord be glorified, be glorified
In Your church Lord, be glorified today.

This series of lessons is designed to help young Christians discover how they can glorify God in their lives. Each lesson is positive, but challenging. Our aim is to focus the beauty and energy of youth on honoring the One to whom belongs all glory and dominion, forever and ever.

Friday 7p

  • Honoring Jehovah: Knowing Him by Name (David Watson)
  • Honoring Jehovah in Worship:Allowing Worship to Change Us (Kevin Fielder)

Saturday 9:30a

  • Honoring Jehovah's Word: Allowing His Word to Change Us (Tim Richter)
  • Honoring the Lord's Church:Respecting His Way (Wayne Holt)
  • Honoring Our Role:Biblical Manhood -- Men Only (Gary Boyd)
  • Honoring Our Role:Biblical Womanhood -- Ladies Only (Tiffany Burns)

Saturday 1:30p

  • Honoring Jehovah Through Suffering: Glorifying God Through Patience During Trials (Tracy Moyers)
  • Honoring Jehovah in Purity:Preparing Our Heart -- Men Only (Lorenzo Cum)
  • Honoring Jehovah in Purity:Preparing Our Heart -- Ladies Only (Anna Cum)
  • Honoring Jehovah by Serving Others:A Servants Heart (Steve Klein)

Saturday 6:30p

  • Honoring Jehovah: Wrapup by Lowell Sallee
  • Singing - For All Ages
  • Invitation Choose Jehovah (Andrew Boyd)

High School and College Age Series
Eastside Church of Christ
110 French Way
Athens, AL 35611

June 10-11, 2016


  • Scott Abernathy
  • Gary Boyd
  • James Bullington
  • Jeremy Burns
  • Craig Calvert
  • Rob Cook
  • Tracy Moyers
  • Brad Murrell
  • Greg Nix
  • Vernon Reece
  • Tim Richter
  • Justin Ruf

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