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Register for the 2013 Young Adult Weekend Series
Register for the 2013 Young Adult Weekend Series
Join us for our Gospel Meeting June 9-14, 2013
Register for the 2013 Young Adult Weekend Series

This Weeks Lessons

  • Why Disciples Desert or Go Astray or Fall Away (Steve Klein)

    Two common reasons given in Scripture for disciples deserting the Lord are (1) they lack a love for the truth, and (2) they give in to desires of the flesh. John 6 illustrates the problem and shows us that the surest preventative for this problem is to trusting in Jesus as the source of spiritual life and truth.
  • An Unregrettable Purchase (Matthew 13:44-46) (Steve Klein)

    The Kingdom of Heaven is well worth whatever must be given or given up to obtain it. He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he may possess forever. Seeking and sacrificing are necessary, but what is gained is priceless.
  • The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class # (Wayne Holt)

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*Singing 1st Wednesday

*3PM Sunday during gospel meetings

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A collection of material that could be used in the classroom on a variety of topics. The collection of material ranges from textual studies of books to topical studies of First Principles.

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