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Audio Series **Click the title for material
2022 YA Series: Be Holy For I am Holy
Cherished Bible Stories From the Old Testiment
Church Discipline (Withdrawal) Saving the erring, the church, our families, and ourselves
Convicting Those Who Contradict
Conviction Verse Mercy
Crucial Conversations Series
Design of the Home
Eldership Preparation
Eldership Series (Kingdom Leaders)
Eldership Weekend Series
Ezra & Nehemiah
First Principles Class
Fleeing Sexual Immorality and Being Modest
Gospel Meeting with Jeff May Sept. 13-15, 2009
Growth of the Body
Hebrews (Jeff Smith)
Hebrews (Steve Klein)
Helping Young Men Prepare to Lead in Worship
History of the English Bible (3 audio lessons)
Holy Spirit
Judges and Ruth
Kingdom Leaders (Leadership/Eldership)
Lesson's From Acts
Marriage Series: Courtship, Making Marriage Work and Marriage and Divorce
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
Minor Prophets
Parables of Jesus
Peter (Study of 1 and 2 Peter)
Respecting God's Authority
Restoration: Lessons from Judah's kings on how to make radical change in our lives
Restudying the Issues of the 50's and 60's
Revelation (Bob Waldron)
Revelation (Jerry Curry)
Revelation (Steve Klein)
Sermon on the Mount
Simple Church (Work and Worship of the Church)
Simply Church
Song Worship Series Training
Study of Calvinism
Summer Gospel Meeting 2009
The Foundation Class
The Word of His Grace
Winter Series 2022
Young Adult Weekend 2009: A "Well-Rounded" Christian (2 Peter1:5-10)
Young Adult Weekend 2010: In the Beginning ... Lessons About Life Revealed in the First Book
Young Adult Weekend 2011 "The Letters To Timothy"
Young Adult Weekend 2012 "A Man Under Authority"
Young Adult Weekend 2013 "How Young Christians Can Help Build Strong Churches"
Young Adult Weekend 2014 "Life in the Sun, A study of 1 John"