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Eldership Series

with Max Dawson

Satuday - Men of all Ages
Sunday - Everyone

**Icons will become active as audio, powerpoint and video files are posted.


Leadership Workbook


Saturday 9am The Ladder of Leadership (Men of all ages)

This lesson will define leadership, clarifying what it is and what it is not. It will focus on the need for growth among leaders in God's kingdom.

Saturday 10:20am Shepherds, Sheep and Soul-Seeking (Men of all ages)

A study for men who are leaders and for those who aspire to be leaders among God's people. This lesson will show what current leaders need to do today to fulfill the mission given them by God. It will also demonstrate what prospective leaders need to do today in order to be leaders tomorrow.

Saturday 1pm The Critical Need for the Right Kind of Leadership (Men of all ages)

It is leadership that determines whether a church will rise to be what God wants it to be, or whether it will fail and fall. That being the case, it is critical that a church have the right kind of leadership. We will look at a surprising model from the Old Testament that men can follow today.

Saturday 2:30pm More Than Followers (Men of all ages)

One of the most vital factors in the success of God’s kingdom is that of mentoring. God wants the present generation of leaders to prepare the next generation. This study will examine Jesus and His apostles and how he prepared them for their work.

Sunday 9am Leadership In the Most Unlikely Places (Everyone Welcome)

A study for both men and women (young or old). We will see some surprising examples of leadership. We will also define three critical things a leader does.

Sunday 3pm He Began to Build (Everyone Welcome)

Why is it that some people say they want to achieve great things in God's kingdom, but they fail to finish? They never reach their goals or get the job done. Why? In this study we will learn that leadership is not for quitters; it is for finishers. We will learn how to finish!




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