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 Lessons from History and Restoration Part 2 --Gardner Hall (APR 27, 2022)

Learning history's lessons and restoration to the simplicity of Christ's ways.


 Lessons from History and Restoration Part 1 --Gardner Hall (APR 26, 2022)

Learning history's lessons from the Old Testament and restoration to the simplicity of Christ's ways.


 Who's the Enemy --Gardner Hall (APR 25, 2022)


 James the Lord's Brother --Gardner Hall (APR 24, 2022)


 Two worldly philosophies that threaten You Spiritually --Gardner Hall (APR 24, 2022)

A look at postmodernism thinking and how that can affect you spiritually.


 Convictions and Mercy --Gardner Hall (APR 24, 2022)

The danger of emphasizing mercy without conviction or conviction without mercy.





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