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TeacherClassLesson #YearAgeMaterial
Jeff SmithThe Book Of Colossians12010Adult ClassesGeneral Introduction General Introduction
Jeff SmithThe Book Of Colossians22010Adult ClassesOpening Greetings & Admonitions  (1:1-12) Opening Greetings & Admonitions (1:1-12)
Jeff SmithThe Book Of Colossians32010Adult ClassesThe Christ In Whom We Are The Christ In Whom We Are "Complete" (1:13 - 2:23)
Jeff SmithThe Book Of Colossians42010Adult ClassesHow Those Who Are How Those Who Are "Complete In Christ" Are To Live (3:1 - 4:6)
Jeff SmithThe Book Of Colossians52010Adult ClassesClosing Personal Remarks & Final Exhortations  (4:7-18) Closing Personal Remarks & Final Exhortations (4:7-18)