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 When You're Not Good Enough -- Saved to serve "by grace through faith." --Steve Klein (NOV 20, 2016)

As humans, many of us are plagued with feelings of being "not good enough" and "unworthy." Looking at Bible examples like Moses, Gideon, Peter, Paul, and others, we learn that God can take the unworthy and save them to serve Him by His grace.


 Be Thou My Vision --Nathan Pope (NOV 6, 2016)

O Lord, be thou my vision. We need to make our faith in God our own. We much work to understand God and make His will utmost in our life.


 "Increase My Faith" To See the Invisible --Steve Klein (OCT 30, 2016)

Faith enables us to see the invisible, such as God, eternity, and our spiritual warfare. Faith in the invisible God enables us to live lives of action, endurance and inexpressible joy.


 The Faith and Faithfulness of Four Centurions --Steve Klein (SEP 25, 2016)

Roman centurions are mentioned several times in the New Testament and always depicted in a positive light. They are used in the New Testament narrative to teach us important lessons about faith and faithfulness. They show us that great faith respects authority, discharges its duties, and is based on facts, not fancies.


 Grasshopper Faith (Hebrews 3:18-19; 4:2-3) --Steve Klein (SEP 25, 2016)

The 10 spies saw themselves as small and powerless, and so they were. Their lack of faith robbed them of blessings and victory. Great faith believes God, trusts His direction, relies on His strength and culminates in victory!


 Fitted for Service Above --Steve Klein (SEP 18, 2016)

The Bible teaches that saints will serve God in heaven. What we will do is unclear. But what is clear is that we must prepare ourselves to be servants in eternity by being faithful, obedient and trustworthy servants while here on earth.


 Abraham's Faith Tested --Sewell Hall (SEP 12, 2016)

Examples from the faith of Abraham that we can learn and should apply to our own lives.


 Exhortations on Faith From Hebrews 11 --Oscar Munoz, Colton Richter, Daniel Selsvik, Lee Moyers, Stuart Bullington, Bryan Smith (JUN 26, 2016)

Hebrews 11 is a wonder chapter of faith. In this lesson, several young me highlight the lessons found in this text.


 Confidence in God --Greg Nix (JUN 26, 2016)

We have confidence in many things in this world. But how is our confidence in God when we are put to the test. What can we learn from examples throughout the Bible when faith and confidence are used? We must remember as Christians we have become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end (Heb. 3:12-14)


 Our Daily Walk With God - Before God's Throne (1 John 1:5-7) --Lowell Sallee (JUN 15, 2016)
How is your prayer life? We should ask in faith and with the right motives. However, we should first keep His commandments, treat others right and do all we can before we can expect Him to hear our prayers.


 Our Daily Walk With God - Growing Your Faith --Lowell Sallee (JUN 13, 2016)

Enriching your daily walk with God by growing your faith. Learning to listen to Him, by reading His Word, and defeating the excuses standing in the way.


 The One Faith --Steve Klein (JUN 5, 2016)

The Lord delivered ONE FAITH which was obeyed and kept by Christians and in which churches were established in the New Testament (Jude 3; Eph. 4:5). This stands in stark contrast to the MANY faiths practiced today by those who claim to be Christians. Let's contend for the one faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.


 The Witnesses of Jesus and Their Testimony --David Watson (MAY 1, 2016)

An eye witness in a court case is very powerful. Multiple witnesses giving matching testimony is even more powerful. This is what we have with respect to Jesus and His Resurrection. We have historical and Scriptural testimony of Jesus. Why is this so important? Well, without the resurrection, our faith is futile (1 Cor. 15:12-19).


 Why do we have fear? --Micah Clem (APR 24, 2016)

Many have some personal fear, but when you consider how those of us in the United States have grown up do we really fear persecution? We are told that we will face persecution because of our faith. Are we allowing our own fears to limit what we should be doing each day as Christians.


 Expecting the Unexpected --Steve Klein (APR 3, 2016)

While most of us have difficulty just expecting the expected, very few are prepared to deal with the unexpected in faith. God alone knows the future. He often uses unexpected events to work His will, to test faith, or to strengthen faith. As we pray prayers of faith, we would do well to expect God to answer them in unexpected ways.


 Increase My Faith When Truth Seems Upside Down --Steve Klein (MAR 13, 2016)

Many truths that the Lord asks us to believe and practice seem upside down at first glance. Examples include "the first will be last," "he humbles himself will be exalted," and "he who governs" should be "as he who serves." The most challenging of these truths may be that human suffering can bring rejoicing and glory. But full faith in the suffering Son of God can even make sense of that truth.


 Obstacles to Faith --Steve Klein (FEB 21, 2016)

We have heard other ask questions like “How can God allow that to happen?” and this can test our faith. There are difficult questions, but sometimes the answer to those questions can be a stumbling block to our faith. How can God condemn those who have never heard the gospel? This question is examined to build our faith in God.


 Joseph's Pit --Steve Klein (FEB 7, 2016)

Joseph was thrown in a pit and later sold into slavery by his brothers who envied and hated him. In spite of it all, Joseph lived a life of faithfulness. His circumstances did not nullify GodÂ’s plans or promises. We may also experience pits in our lives. We must not allow bitterness, despair or resentment to take control, but in faith we must trust GodÂ’s promises and providence, and wait patiently for Him to accomplish His will.


 Little Tugs Parents & Children: Escorting one another to heaven! (Matthew 21:12-17) --Steve Klein (JAN 31, 2016)

Children influence us in many ways. They are great examples when it comes to faith, praising God, humility and purity of heart. They tug at our hearts as parents to show them affection, to train them in GodÂ’s ways, to discipline them, set good examples for them and pray for them.


 Lord Increase My Faith - Counting the cost of stronger faith --Bill Hall (JAN 26, 2016)

Am I ready to obey God rather than man? The book of Acts is filled with examples of the Apostles enduring great persecution for their faith. During their transition from poor faith to strong faith, their goals shifted from a physical position of honor to a spiritual position of service. If we join the crowd and compromise, we will not suffer because we are not worthy. As our faith grows, we will suffer and be worthy. We are not to be surprised that as our faith grows the world will hate us. The more we become like Jesus Christ, the world will hate us because they first hated him (John 15, Philippians 1, 1 Peter 4).


 Times We Need Strong Faith --Bill Hall (JAN 25, 2016)

Forgiveness can be difficult and requires much faith, even more difficult to repeat multiple times. In Luke 17:4 Jesus Christ instructs the apostles to do it seven times if asked. In addition, times of affliction requires a strong faith. The faith of the strongest Christian can waiver during tribulation. Lastly as we near death, our faith must be at its strongest to overcome fear. Note in Hebrews 11, how Joseph was highlighted for instructing his children to take his bones back "when" God fulfilled His promise to Abraham, Issac and Jacob.


 Degrees of Faith --Bill Hall (JAN 24, 2016)

This implies there can be weak and strong faith. The apostles ask Jesus Christ in Luke 17:5 to "Increase our faith". A lesson that points out the differences in individuals faith throughout the Bible. Are we working at increasing our own faith in God? Is our faith genuine?


 Where is Your Faith? --Steve Klein (JAN 10, 2016)

Jesus helped His apostles increase their faith by demonstrating His power, sharing His power with them, and challenging them to use it. He helps us in much the same way. Faith is increased by meeting difficult challenges. There is no easy way.


 Increase My Faith --David Watson (JAN 3, 2016)

If we have faith as a mustard seed… Matt 17:20 At times it is important for us to realize our potential regarding our own faith. We must work to increase and cultivate our faith as the disciples worked to do in the New Testament. Through faith we can have joy and peace, but we can also cast out fear and doubt. As we go into the New Year let us each commit personally to "Increase My Faith".





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