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 The Bible Series Q12: Early Church Part 2: Class #6 --Tim Richter, Jeff Smith (JUN 25, 2017)

 Uneducated and Untrained Men --Paul Siota (JUN 25, 2017)

 Jesus' Last Words in John --Wayne Holt (JUN 25, 2017)

Jesus commanded us to love one another, as He loved us. We are to server one another as He gave us an example. Lastly we can be encouraged because we can go to be with Him.

 The Bible Series Q12: Early Church Part 2: Class #5 --Tim Richter, Jeff Smith (JUN 21, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q12: Early Church Part 2: Class #4 --Steve Klein (JUN 18, 2017)

 Standing On the Rock --Andrew Boyd (JUN 18, 2017)

In this lesson we take a stroll through time and see how the Bible characters stood on the "rock" of the promises of God to get them through some hard times.

 Thinking Positive and The Importance of a Positive Attitude --Justin Ruf (JUN 18, 2017)

Whether it be the event of the twelve spies in Numbers 13-14 or the rebuilding of the wall in Nehemiah 4-6, a negative attitude can destroy our success and make us sin against God. A positive attitude is a matter of choice and will effect our personal growth, dealings with brethren, and our personal evangelism.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 2: Class #3 --Tim Richter, Jeff Smith (JUN 14, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q12: Early Church Part 2: Class #2 --Tim Richter (JUN 11, 2017)

 Miracles and Spiritual Gifts --Steve Klein (JUN 11, 2017)

Miracles and spiritual gifts served the purpose of confirming the revelation of the word of God to mankind. The Bible teaches that revelation was completed, miracles and spiritual gifts would cease.

 Truth & Error: How to Tell the Difference --Steve Klein (JUN 11, 2017)

We learn the difference between truth and error by regularly handling the truth. This enables us to recognize error when we are presented with it.

 A Prayer For Every Season - Worry --David Maxson (JUN 8, 2017)

In Psalm 139, we learn a lesson from David that God is Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Just. Because of this we can trust our problems to God and leave them in His hands as David did.

 Daniel: Preparing For the Lions --David Maxson (JUN 9, 2017)

We prepare for the lion by having consistent conduct before God, a consistent prayer life, and a consistent faith in God. But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ ? Philippians 3:20

 Daniel: The Handwriting On The Wall --David Maxson (JUN 8, 2017)

From this story in Daniel Chapter 5, we learn to recognize the idols in our life, respond to what we know is true and repent while there is time.

 A Prayer For Every Season - Separation --David Maxson (JUN 7, 2017)

In John 17 we have a model prayer of what Jesus Prayed for when He was going to be separated from His disciples. He prayed for their spiritual safety, unity with God, their sanctification, joy and fellowship with God.

 Daniel: Pride --David Maxson (JUN 7, 2017)

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you. 1 Peter 5:6

 Daniel: How to Survive in a Postmodern World --David Maxson (JUN 6, 2017)

To survive you must know what you believe. You must stand for what you believe. Finally you must trust in the one in whom you believe.

 A Prayer For Every Season - Sin --Steve Klein (JUN 6, 2017)

You notice in Psalm 51 David makes no excuses for his sin. He didn't rationalize. He simply said, I was wrong, I am sorry, will you forgive me, and how do I make it right. We should have the same attitude toward sin.

 A Prayer For Every Season - Depression --David Maxson (JUN 5, 2017)

How do we deal with depression? The psalmist in Psalms 88 undoubtedly and accurately describes depression. The response of the psalmist was to respectively and fearfully go to God in prayer. How do we combat depression? by turning to God and placing our complete trust in Him through prayer.

 The Book of Daniel: Preserving Our Identity --David Maxson (JUN 5, 2017)

Babylon tried to change Daniel. However, he purposed in his heart not to be defiled and maintained his identity. When you know who you are, you can be different in what you wear, what you do and what you say.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 2: Class #1 --Jeff Smith (JUN 4, 2017)

 Evangelism In Exile: A Holy Priesthood --David Maxson (JUN 4, 2017)

 Evangelism In Exile What Everybody Wants --David Maxson (JUN 4, 2017)

The father offers what everybody wants (A Father, Renewed life, Eternity, Security, Purpose, Glory, Joy and Salvation).

 Faith works to control the tongue (James 3:1-12; 4:10-12; 1:26) --Oscar Munoz (JUN 3, 2017)

The tongue is small, but it is powerful and dangerous. It must be bridled by faith! Those who have faith in God will give Him the use of their tongues to edify and evangelize (Eph. 4:29- 31; Col. 4:5-6), rather than using their tongues for profane purposes (James 3:9; 4:11; Eph. 5:4).

 Faith works to endure trials (James 5:10-11, 13; 1:2-4) --Tim Richter (JUN 3, 2017)

James uses Job as an example of patiently enduring trial; a review of the story of Job might help teach this lesson. Two thoughts are prevalent in what James has to say to encourage us in enduring trials. First, enduring trials will make us purer and stronger (James 1:2-4, cf. 1 Peter 1:7; Rom. 5:3-4). Second, God?s intention in allowing us to endure hardship is to provide us with greater blessings in the future ? blessings which may be physical, spiritual or eternal (James 5:11; Rom. 8:28).

 Faith works to produce hope for the future (James 5:7-8; 4:13-17) --Johnny George (JUN 3, 2017)

Faith and hope are often connected in Scripture (Rom. 5:2; Col. 1:23; 1 Peter 1:21; 1 Thess. 1:3). One could even say that faith and hope are so closely connected that they support each other. Our hope of eternal life is based on our faith in the resurrection of Christ (1 Peter 1:3-5, 21; 1 Thess. 4:14).

 Making Faith Your Own --David Maxson (JUN 3, 2017)

 Faith works to apply God?s word (James 1:19-27) --Tracy Moyers (JUN 3, 2017)

God?s word is powerful (Heb. 4:12; 1:3). God?s word is true (John 17:17). If we truly have faith in God?s word, we will heed it, examine ourselves by it, and apply it to our lives. There is no profit in hearing God?s word if we fail to apply it (Matt. 7:24-27).

 Faith works to break through the barriers of class and race (James 2:1-13; 1:8-11) --Wayne Holt (JUN 3, 2017)

Partiality or prejudice based on appearance is sinful. Jesus loved and died for all, and those who have faith in Him must show no partiality (1 Tim. 5:21; Gal. 3:27-29). Showing partiality makes us "judges with evil thoughts" (cf. John 7:24). People of faith are willing to do whatever it takes to share the gospel with all (John 4; 1 Cor. 9:19-22).

 Faith works to be saved (James 2:14-26) --Gary Boyd (JUN 3, 2017)

Faith that saves is faith that acts. While most people who claim to be Christians agree that faith will lead a person to respond to God?s grace in an active way, many advocate an action that is not Biblical (e.g. praying the sinner?s prayer, asking Jesus to come into your heart, etc.). The response that faith demands is to repent and be baptized for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38; 22:16; 8:36-38).

 Faith works to make prayer effective (James 1:5-8; 5:14-18) --Lorenzo Cum (JUN 2, 2017)

God requires complete faith in Him from those who want access to Him in prayer (cf. Heb. 11:6). Jesus often illustrated this principle by healing and blessing people according to the demonstration of their faith (Matt. 9:22, 29; 15:28; Luke 7:50). Faith will act in a way that shows an expectation of receiving what has been prayed for, just as Elijah?s faith did (1 Kings 18:41-46). ?If you pray for rain, carry an umbrella.?

 Faith works to resist temptation (James 1:12-16; 4:1-10) --Steve Klein (JUN 2, 2017)

People of faith understand that they are responsible for their own sins. Blaming anyone but yourself for what you have done is counterproductive (James 1:13; Gen. 3:12-13; Exodus 32:21-24). People of faith also understand that selfish lusts lead to sin, and that sin in turn leads to spiritual death. In order to conquer temptation, we must work to control our desires instead of allowing them to control us (Gen. 4:7; Titus 3:3).

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #24 --Steve Klein (MAY 31, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #23 --Steve Klein (MAY 28, 2017)

 Dreams In The Bible and Today --Steve Klein (MAY 28, 2017)

God used dreams and visions to convey His will to men in Bible times. He may still use them today, but not for the same reasons or in same way because He has completed the revelation of His will to men. It is important for us to have a higher regard for God and His word than for anything we may have seen in a dream.

 God's Unique House --Steve Klein (MAY 28, 2017)

The church is the house of God. It is a unique house, founded on God?s Son and made up saved people. One extraordinary feature is its cleanliness!

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #22 --Steve Klein (MAY 24, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #21 --Steve Klein (MAY 21, 2017)

 Friends Don't Let Friends Die Lost (2 Corinthians 4:3) --Steve Klein (MAY 21, 2017)

Dying lost is a horrifying prospect. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He wants us to bring the lost to Him. It is a personal responsibility.

 Liberated from the Slavery of Sin - Man Alive! --Steve Klein (MAY 21, 2017)

Sin enslaves man in a wretched condition. God sees. He loves us and has given us His Son so that we might LIVE!

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #20 --Steve Klein (MAY 17, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #19 --Steve Klein (MAY 14, 2017)

 Authorized Help! --Steve Klein (MAY 14, 2017)

Who has Christ authorized His church to help financially and for what purposes? It is a privilege to help the needy and to support those who spread the gospel in accordance with the decrees of our King!

 Honor Your Father and Mother --Steve Klein (MAY 14, 2017)

Honoring parents involves much more than just sending a card one day a year. Honor should be reflected daily in our speech and in our concern for the welfare of our parents.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #18 --Steve Klein (MAY 10, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #18 --Steve Klein (MAY 10, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #17 --Steve Klein (MAY 7, 2017)

 Ponder the Path of Your Feet (Proverbs 4) --Steve Klein (MAY 7, 2017)

As they become independent, graduates and young adults will experience tests of their convictions, integrity, courage and faith. To pass these tests they well need to keep God?s word in their hearts, and live with the understanding that they alone are responsible for themselves before God.

 The Mysteries of Inconsistencies --Steve Klein (MAY 7, 2017)

The mysterious inconsistencies in the lives of Christians need to be solved by self-examination and diligent effort.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #16 --Steve Klein (MAY 3, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #16 --Steve Klein (APR 30, 2017)

 Recommendation From God --John Siota (APR 30, 2017)

In the study this evening we will look at four men who received recommendations from God. We will example the characteristics they possessed in order to receive such a recommendation.

 Self-Sacrifice: The Core of Christianity --Steve Klein (APR 30, 2017)

To be disciples of Jesus Christ we must sacrifice ourselves because that is what He did. Self sacrifice enables us to be freed from sin, empowers us to fight sin, and motivates our service to others. It is the core of Christianity.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #15 --Gary Boyd (APR 26, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #15 --Gary Boyd (APR 26, 2017)

 Overcoming Temptations --Jeff Shaver (APR 26, 2017)

Overcoming temptation is the responsibility of each person who wishes to spend eternity in Heaven. We must know our advesary (Satan) who is out to get us and battle against him as Jesus did.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #14 --Gary Boyd (APR 23, 2017)

 As A Christian Grows Comfortable --Scott Richards (APR 23, 2017)

A study of an obstacle we must overcome as Christians living in the world.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #13 --Gary Boyd (APR 19, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #12 --Steve Klein (APR 16, 2017)

 God The Giver --Steve Klein (APR 16, 2017)

God gives us more than we can fully appreciate! Our lives and our eternal destinies are fashioned by the way we respond to His gifts.

 A Christian's Aspirations (1 Thessalonians 4:11) --Steve Klein (APR 16, 2017)

While many in the world aspire to great earthly accomplishments, a Christian?s aspirations are both simpler and higher. Christians aspire to lead quiet, godly lives, to please God, and to share the gospel message of God?s love.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #11 --Steve Klein (APR 12, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #10 --Steve Klein (APR 9, 2017)

 Worshiping God --Johnny George (APR 9, 2017)

Do we spend as much time preparing to Worship God as we we do preparing to do the inconsequential things of life? Let's ask ourselves some hard questions regarding our motives for being at "Worship Services".

 The Spiritual Battle Against Satan --Jonthan Winland (APR 9, 2017)

While in the competitions on earth the winner is not certain. However, in the battle between God verses Satan, God will win the battle.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #9 --Steve Klein (APR 2, 2017)

 Remember Shiloh! (Jeremiah 7:1-15) --Steve Klein (APR 2, 2017)

Much good can come from remembering what God did at Shiloh. There was a false sense of security of the people based on their heritage. Can we be guilty of the same thing?

 Learning to Love the Rules (Psalm 119) --Steve Klein (APR 2, 2017)

Psalm 119 shows us that God?s rules bless us in many ways. Like the Psalmist, we should be passionately in love with God?s rules instead of disdaining them.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #7 --Steve Klein (APR 2, 2017)

 Inside Out - How a Christian Lives Life --Steve Klein (APR 2, 2017)

The Lord judges us based on what is inside of us. To live eternally in His presence, we will need an inner man that is cleansed, adorned, fit and strong, and spiritually focused.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #7 --Steve Klein (MAR 26, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #8 --Steve Klein (MAR 26, 2017)

 When My Father Calls Me Home, Will I Be At Peace? --Steve Klein (MAR 26, 2017)

As a father calls his children to come home, our Heavenly Father will one day call each of us home. We do not want that moment to be one of doubt, anxiety, fear. Our conduct can prepare us to be at peace.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #6 --Steve Klein (MAR 23, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #5 --Steve Klein (MAR 19, 2017)

 The Functional Family --Steve Klein (MAR 19, 2017)

Families can function properly if they follow God?s plan. Here are four characteristics of functional families.

 Passing back?From Death to Life (John 5:24; 1 John 3:14; Ezekiel 37:1-3) --Steve Klein (MAR 19, 2017)

Becoming a Christian is a process by which we pass from DEATH to LIFE. The result is that we live lives for Jesus filled with joy and love, and characterized by being spiritual minded.

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #4 --Steve Klein (MAR 15, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #3 --Steve Klein (MAR 12, 2017)

 What Kind of Conscience Do You Have? --Doug Fields (MAR 12, 2017)

 What Repentance Looks Like --Steve Klein (MAR 12, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q11: Early Church Part 1: Class #1 --Steve Klein (MAR 5, 2017)

 Do We View God's Word Through Tinted Glasses? --Tracy Moyers (MAR 5, 2017)

Are we being honest when we read God's word or are we looking at scripture and attempting to make it conform to our own belief system? Discussed is the danger of approaching God's word with a pre-conceived idea and attempting to make it conform.

 The Christian Life --Oscar Munoz (MAR 5, 2017)

A Christian is one who is Holy, Forgiven of his sins and willing to be an ambassador for Christ.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #22 --Wayne Holt (FEB 26, 2017)

 Five False Claims of Premillennialism That Should Be Left Behind --Steve Klein (FEB 26, 2017)

Premillennialism makes FIVE CLAIMS that are in contradiction to the Scriptures. This lesson is designed to help us understand the claims and (more importantly) the Bible truths that the claims contradict.

 Five False Claims of Premillennialism That Should Be Left Behind Pt 2 --Steve Klein (FEB 26, 2017)

Premillennialism makes FIVE CLAIMS that are in contradiction to the Scriptures. This lesson is designed to help us understand the claims and (more importantly) the Bible truths that the claims contradict.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #21 --Johnny George (FEB 22, 2017)

 God's Power Working in Us --Bill Hall (FEB 21, 2017)

 God's Power Working Through Jesus Christ --Bill Hall (FEB 20, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #20 --Wayne Holt (FEB 19, 2017)

 God's Power Working Through His Word --Bill Hall (FEB 19, 2017)

God's Power is at work among us. He works through his Word. We are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ as it is the power of our salvation. We should be quick to step back and let the Word speak.

 The All-Powerful God (Revelation 19:6; Psalm 89:8) --Steve Klein (FEB 19, 2017)

God is omnipotent. He does whatever He pleases, and nothing is too hard for Him. His great power demands that His children approach Him in humility and holiness.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #18 --Wayne Holt (FEB 12, 2017)

 Jesus Christ: Refugee or Rejected Ruler? Or both? --Steve Klein (FEB 12, 2017)

The intersection of political controversy and religious conviction is always an interesting one; truth is often sacrificed on the alter of political convenience. But for the sincere Christian, spiritual truth should be the foremost concern, above any political or cultural considerations. In this lesson we use political controversy to point us back to important truths concerning the Person of Jesus Christ and our obligations to Him.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #17 --Wayne Holt (FEB 9, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #16 --Wayne Holt (FEB 5, 2017)

 A Prisoner of Christ (Colossians 4:18) --Steve Klein (FEB 5, 2017)

Although imprisoned by Roman authorities, the apostle Paul sees himself as a prisoner of Christ. As such, he has a positive outlook, strives to bear fruit, and anticipates opportunities to share the gospel.

 Thy Will Be Done Giving God’s Will its Proper Place in our Lives --Steve Klein (FEB 5, 2017)

God’s will must have priority in the life of a Christian. We consider His will when we plan for the future and pray. Most importantly, His will guides our thoughts and actions day by day.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #15 --Wayne Holt (JAN 29, 2017)

 Mary --Lornezo Cum (JAN 29, 2017)

There are many different views regarding Mary the mother of Jesus. She may not have understood as Jesus grew and even on the cross what His role as savior entailed. His brothers, disciples and John the Babtist didn't fully understand either. However, she showed great character and great faith.

 God's Great Love --Steve Klein (JAN 29, 2017)

God Loved Us When We Were Wayward. That love came at a great cost. It is this great love that gives us hope that is beyond compare.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #14 --Wayne Holt (JAN 25, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #13 --Wayne Holt (JAN 22, 2017)

 Are You Glad to be a Member of the Church of Christ? --Steve Klein (JAN 22, 2017)

On the day of Pentecost in Acts 2, those who were added to the church experienced gladness and joy. We should also be glad to be members of the church of Christ!

 Can We Walk the Walk If We Don't Talk the Talk? --Steve Klein (JAN 22, 2017)

Developing the habit of talking about spiritual things will help us edify brethren and lead the lost to Christ.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #12 --Wayne Holt (JAN 18, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #11 --Wayne Holt (JAN 15, 2017)

 6 Ways Churches Sabotage Evangelism --Steve Klein (JAN 15, 2017)

As we seek the lost, all too often churches engage in practices that undermine their efforts to truly evangelize the lost. This lesson examines some of those counterproductive practices and points us back to relying on the power of GodÂ’s word.

 Success at Evangelism 101: Do Not Be Afraid (Luke 5:10) --Steve Klein (JAN 15, 2017)

As We are "Seeking the Lost," Fear is probably the number one enemy of personal evangelism. We must not let fears related to our own inadequacies or egos prevent us from seeking the lost and pointing them to Jesus.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class # --Wayne Holt (JAN 11, 2017)

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #9 --Wayne Holt (JAN 8, 2017)

 The Focused Life --Steve Klein (JAN 8, 2017)

The apostle Paul lived a life focused on Jesus Christ, eternal life, and encouraging others to have the same focus. His single-minded devotion is a great example for all of us.

 Do Not Be Like Them (Matthew 6:7-8; 15:8-9) --Steve Klein (JAN 8, 2017)

As we seeking the lost and sharing our faith, we must be careful not to be influenced by or become envious of those engaged in false religious practices.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #8 --Wayne Holt (JAN 1, 2017)

 The Three-Fold Mastery of Jesus Christ --Steve Klein (JAN 1, 2017)

Three different connotations of the title "Master" are found in the meaning of the term as it is applied to Jesus. He is the Master of servants, of the universe and of teaching. But the real question is, "Is He your Master?"

 Increased Faith For Seeking The Lost --Steve Klein (JAN 1, 2017)

As both a consequence and function of increasing faith, Christians will dedicate themselves to seeking the lost. Because of our faith, we understand the tragedy of souls that are lost, we are certain that the power of the gospel of Christ can save, and so we are zealous and courageous in seeking the lost!

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #7 --Wayne Holt (DEC 28, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #5 --Wayne Holt (DEC 21, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #6 --Wayne Holt (DEC 25, 2016)

 What Happened To My Sin? --Steve Klein (DEC 25, 2016)

Christians have had their sins borne by Jesus on the cross, forgiven, washed away, and forgotten by God. Whatever has happened to our sins happened when we were baptized for the remission of our sins!

 Canceling God's Will --Steve Klein (DEC 25, 2016)

When humans invent religious traditions and then allow those traditions to entirely supplant the will of God in their lives, the Lord is not pleased.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #4 --Wayne Holt (DEC 18, 2016)

 Serving an Eternal God in a Temporary World --Steve Klein (DEC 18, 2016)

Man is mortal and lives in a world that is a temporary world. How can he serve a God who is eternal? He must possess eternal qualities that are precious to God, namely, holiness and humility. These qualities demonstrate themselves in a focus on eternal things and a refusal to be attracted to the temporary things, fashions and earthly glories of this life.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #3 --Wayne Holt (DEC 14, 2016)

 How to Avoid Global Warming --Steve Klein (DEC 18, 2016)

While politicians and environmentalists are wringing their hands about global warming and climate change, the future extreme warming of the earth in which the heavens will melt with fervent heat and the earth will be burned up, seems to be of little concern. Of course, that catastrophic global warming event can be easily avoided by anyone who chooses to be a Christian.

 Red Letter Christians --Steve Klein (DEC 11, 2016)

“Red Letter Christians” is an influential movement among American evangelicals. They focus on applying just the teachings of Christ in the gospels to social and political issues. But the red letters of the gospels actually focus on personal commitment to God and His standard of righteousness. More importantly, the red letters teach us that the black letters written by the apostles are equally the words of Christ. We must follow all of His words if we are to be real Christians!

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #2 --Wayne Holt (DEC 11, 2016)

 Gift of Rebuke --Steve Klein (DEC 11, 2016)

Few of us enjoy being corrected or rebuked; our pride gets in the way. But the Scriptures teach us to view rebuke as a gift. If we will consider our sins in view of the cross, we will realize that any rebuke cannot expose more of our faults than have already been exposed by the death of our Savior.

 The Bible Series Q10: Life of Christ P2: Class #1 --Wayne Holt (DEC 4, 2016)

 Going the Second Mile to Restore a Brother (Galatians 6:1) --Steve Klein (DEC 4, 2016)

In efforts to restore brethren who are straying or have become lost, servants of the Lord are called to do much more than one might think, and much more than we are commonly satisfied with doing. This lesson examines whatÂ’s involved in doing all that we can do to restore a brother even if he has been withdrawn from.

 Whatever Happened to Sin? --Steve Klein (DEC 4, 2016)

This lesson examines attitudes toward sin in postmodern America and contrasts them with what the Bible tells us about the nature of sin and its consequences. If we fail to see sin for what it is, we will fail to see our real need for a Savior.

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #23 --Wayne Holt (NOV 30, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #22 --Wayne Holt (NOV 27, 2016)

 Withdrawing from the Disorderly --Steve Klein (NOV 27, 2016)

The Scriptures command us to "withdraw from every brother who walks disorderly." This lesson explains what it means to withdraw. It also answers questions about who may be withdrawn from and what the motivation for withdrawing should be.

 The Olive Tree -- Illustrations of Grace --Steve Klein (NOV 27, 2016)

The Olive Tree is used in a number of ways in Scripture to illustrate God's grace. It was one of the special things he gave the Israelites in the promised land. Olive oil lit the lamps of the tabernacle and temple and olive wood was used in the carving of the Cherubim which Solomon put in the holy place. Children are depicted as Olive plants, Jesus Christ endured the pressure of His impending crucifixion near an olive press. And most significant to our salvation, Gentile Christians are compared to branches grafted into an olive tree – they must grow and bear fruit or be cut off!

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #20 --Wayne Holt (NOV 20, 2016)

 The Son of God and the Sons of God (Galatians 3:26; Romans 8:29) --Steve Klein (NOV 20, 2016)

Jesus is readily identified as the Son of God at several significant events in His life on earth – birth, baptism, transfiguration, suffering and resurrection. These parallel events through which we today are identified as sons of God.

 Developing Christ-Like Consistency --Steve Klein (NOV 20, 2016)

Jesus was a model of consistency for His followers. He would ALWAYS obey His Father, say what is Father wanted said, and pray in an acceptable way.

 When You're Not Good Enough -- Saved to serve "by grace through faith." --Steve Klein (NOV 20, 2016)

As humans, many of us are plagued with feelings of being "not good enough" and "unworthy." Looking at Bible examples like Moses, Gideon, Peter, Paul, and others, we learn that God can take the unworthy and save them to serve Him by His grace.

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #19 --Wayne Holt (NOV 16, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #18 --Wayne Holt (NOV 13, 2016)

 Upon This Rock (Matthew 16:13-18) --Steve Klein (NOV 13, 2016)

The Lord is our Rock – the foundation of the church and of our hope for everlasting life. Let us build our lives on His word.

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #17 --Wayne Holt (NOV 9, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #16 --Wayne Holt (NOV 6, 2016)

 We Should Actively Do the Work --Various Young Men (NOV 6, 2016)

Various young men lead the service and encourage us to be active Christians and take the Gospel to the lost and dying world.

 Be Thou My Vision --Nathan Pope (NOV 6, 2016)

O Lord, be thou my vision. We need to make our faith in God our own. We much work to understand God and make His will utmost in our life.

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #15 --Wayne Holt (OCT 30, 2016)

 Psalms 51 --Johnny George (OCT 30, 2016)

God wants us to have a contrite heart. The first and greatest commandment is to love God. We should want to remove everything from our lives that stands between us and God.

 "Increase My Faith" To See the Invisible --Steve Klein (OCT 30, 2016)

Faith enables us to see the invisible, such as God, eternity, and our spiritual warfare. Faith in the invisible God enables us to live lives of action, endurance and inexpressible joy.

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #14 --Wayne Holt (OCT 26, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class # --Wayne Holt (OCT 23, 2016)

 An Unregrettable Purchase (Matthew 13:44-46) --Steve Klein (OCT 23, 2016)

The Kingdom of Heaven is well worth whatever must be given or given up to obtain it. He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he may possess forever. Seeking and sacrificing are necessary, but what is gained is priceless.

 Why Disciples Desert or Go Astray or Fall Away --Steve Klein (OCT 23, 2016)

Two common reasons given in Scripture for disciples deserting the Lord are (1) they lack a love for the truth, and (2) they give in to desires of the flesh. John 6 illustrates the problem and shows us that the surest preventative for this problem is to trusting in Jesus as the source of spiritual life and truth.

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #12 --Wayne Holt (OCT 19, 2016)

 A True Picture of Grace -- How GodÂ’s grace enables us to enter the Promised Rest (Hebrews 4:1-11) --Steve Klein (OCT 16, 2016)

God demonstrated His grace by giving Israel the promised land. A look at this true picture of grace will help us understand how to lay hold of the grace that brings eternal life.

 Will the Real Disciple Please Stand Up? (Matthew 26:30-75) --Steve Klein (OCT 16, 2016)

Peter stumbled and denied Christ. But by GodÂ’s grace, he later stood strong from Jesus. We can and must do the same.

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #10 --Wayne Holt (OCT 12, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #9 --Wayne Holt (OCT 9, 2016)

 Do We Act Like Spoiled Brats? --Justin Ruf (OCT 9, 2016)

What picture comes to mind when you think of a spoiled brat? We would never think of our selves looking like that. However, how do we act when things don't go our way? How do we act when what we want to do doesn't match what we should do?

 In Everything Give Thanks --David Watson (OCT 9, 2016)

 Wednesday Night Singing --Various (OCT 5, 2016)

 Wednesday Night Singing --Various (OCT 5, 2016)

Our Monthly singing were we will sing praises to our Lord and King

 Wednesday Night Singing --Various (OCT 5, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #8 --Wayne Holt (OCT 2, 2016)

 A Different Kind of Worship --Steve Klein (OCT 2, 2016)

In Jesus' discussion with the woman at the well about worship, He describes the worship that God wants and expects. It involves more than just worshiping sincerely and in accordance with His will. In contrast with the worship of the Old Law, it involves worship that is ultimate, full, and complete which Christ Himself has enabled us to experience.

 Conformity: Choosing Which Examples To Follow --Steve Klein (OCT 2, 2016)

Human beings tend to conform. For the Christian, it is important to make conscious decisions about the people we want to be like, rather than just drifting into conformity with the people of the world around us.

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #7 --Wayne Holt (SEP 28, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #6 --Wayne Holt (SEP 25, 2016)

 The Faith and Faithfulness of Four Centurions --Steve Klein (SEP 25, 2016)

Roman centurions are mentioned several times in the New Testament and always depicted in a positive light. They are used in the New Testament narrative to teach us important lessons about faith and faithfulness. They show us that great faith respects authority, discharges its duties, and is based on facts, not fancies.

 Grasshopper Faith (Hebrews 3:18-19; 4:2-3) --Steve Klein (SEP 25, 2016)

The 10 spies saw themselves as small and powerless, and so they were. Their lack of faith robbed them of blessings and victory. Great faith believes God, trusts His direction, relies on His strength and culminates in victory!

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #5 --Wayne Holt (SEP 21, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #4 --Wayne Holt (SEP 18, 2016)

 Lessons on Discipleship from Luke 5 --David Watson (SEP 18, 2016)

 Fitted for Service Above --Steve Klein (SEP 18, 2016)

The Bible teaches that saints will serve God in heaven. What we will do is unclear. But what is clear is that we must prepare ourselves to be servants in eternity by being faithful, obedient and trustworthy servants while here on earth.

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #3 --Wayne Holt (SEP 14, 2016)

 Challenges God's People Face --Sewell Hall (SEP 13, 2016)

We live in a challenging world but survival is possible. We are rich. We are not persecuted. We are surrounded by a supposedly Christian Culture. Lastly, most of us are second and third generation Christians. The largest issue may be we don't see these as challenges but rather benefits.

 Abraham's Faith Tested --Sewell Hall (SEP 12, 2016)

Examples from the faith of Abraham that we can learn and should apply to our own lives.

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #2 --Wayne Holt (SEP 11, 2016)

 Citizens of the Christ's Kingdom --Sewell Hall (SEP 11, 2016)

The Kingdom referred to in Colossians 1:13 is of Christ and the characteristics of Him in His Kingdom are: - He is a Real King with All Authority - He is a Reigning King - He is an Unchanging King Let us all understand our roles and not attempt to twist or change God's Law to fit our own desire.

 The State of the Church --Sewell Hall (SEP 11, 2016)

Looking at Revelation chapter 2 & 3 to establish the current state of our congregation. We can evaluate the past year, current needs and future plans of our local congregation using an evaluation of the 7 churches to heed warnings for us today.

 Song Leader's Class --Sewell Hall (SEP 10, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q9: Life of Christ: Class #1 --Wayne Holt (SEP 4, 2016)

 Finding Joy --Steve Klein (SEP 4, 2016)

True joy is found in unexpected experiences such as godly sorrow, repentance, confession, trials, serving others, patience, longsuffering and salvation from sin.

 A Certain Rich Man --Steve Klein (SEP 4, 2016)

Three times in the gospel of Luke, Jesus talks about “a certain rich man.” In these passages, He is talking to and about YOU and I. He is warning us about covetousness, trusting material wealth, and the love of money.

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #23 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (AUG 31, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #22 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (AUG 28, 2016)

 Wearing the Conservative Label --Steve Klein (AUG 28, 2016)

Being conservative when it comes to the words of Jesus is an important part of following Him. If we KEEP GodÂ’s word, we obey it and preserve it. That is what being conservative is all about.

 Holy Conduct --Steve Klein (AUG 28, 2016)

Holiness is more than a state of being, it is a way of living. Christians should pursue being WHOLLY HOLY in their daily walk.

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #21 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (AUG 24, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #20 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (AUG 21, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #19 --Freddy Richter, David Watson (SEP 18, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #18 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (AUG 14, 2016)

 Satan's Religion --Steve Klein (AUG 14, 2016)

Satan has a religion, but it has little to do with the occult or Satanism. SatanÂ’s religion uses people who claim to serve God, but whose ministers teach error, who themselves worship in error, follow human codes of (im)morality and commune with those in the world.

 Those who “gladly received” the word, came awayÂ… Changed! (Acts 2:40-42) --Steve Klein (AUG 14, 2016)

God's word can change us, yet many who need to change do not. Motivation to change comes when we see our unhappy condition in sin, and humbly turn to God for forgiveness.

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #17 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (AUG 10, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #16 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (AUG 7, 2016)

 What To Do With Your Feelings --Steve Klein (AUG 7, 2016)

What role should emotions play in the life of a Christian? Jesus had feelings and expressed them! Emotions can be valuable to Christians, but we must CHECK them to be sure that they are based on right thinking, CHANGE them if necessary by altering our thinking, and then CHERISH and use them to motivate us to do right.

 Sheep need Shepherds --Steve Klein (AUG 7, 2016)

Sheep need shepherds. The Lord has given elders to local churches to supply this need. Sheep (members of local churches) need to recognize their need for shepherds and learn to love, appreciate and follow their shepherds.

 The Law of Unintended Consequences --Steve Klein (AUG 3, 2016)

Our actions often have unintended consequences. We should be aware of this and strive to foresee as many of the ramifications of our actions as possible. The key is that if we trust God and follow the path that He selects, the consequences will always work for our good.

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #15 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (JUL 31, 2016)

 The God Who Prayed --Steve Klein (JUL 31, 2016)

Although Jesus was God in the flesh, He prayed to His heavenly Father. His devotion to prayer teaches us the prayer flows from an intimate relationship with God and expresses complete trust in our heavenly Father.

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #14 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (JUL 27, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #13 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (JUL 24, 2016)

 Knowing Jesus as King, Priest and Prophet --Steve Klein (JUL 24, 2016)

Jesus has been anointed by God to serve in the three high offices: King, Priest and Prophet. It is critical that Christians understand His functions in these exalted positions.

 The Problem of Partiality (Your Race & Your Religion) --Steve Klein (JUL 24, 2016)

While our culture is caught up in ethnic division and racial tension, the Christian is called to shine the light of the gospel to all in this world, with no partiality. We are to “honor all men” as we share Christ’s love.

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #12 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (JUL 20, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #11 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (JUL 17, 2016)

 Mary Magdalene --Steve Klein (JUL 17, 2016)

We can learn a lot from Mary MagdaleneÂ’s love and devotion for Jesus.

 God of all Comfort --Steve Klein (JUL 17, 2016)

God comforts us in ALL our affliction in at least 3 ways according to 2 Corinthians 1:3-11. He uses His people to comfort His people, He uses His power to raise the dead to comfort His people, and He uses prayer to comfort His people.

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #10 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (JUL 13, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #9 --Freddy Richter, David Watson (Jul 10, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #8 --Freddy Richter, David Watson (JUL 3, 2016)

 Redeemed by Blood --David Watson (JUL 3, 2016)

Jesus the great redeemer paid an awful price for to redeem us from death. Our redemption is only found in Him.

 Are You Fully Committed? --Scott Richards (JUL 3, 2016)

Are you fully committed in prayer, study, teaching, worship and in our home?

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #7 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (JUN 29, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #6 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (JUN 26, 2016)

 Exhortations on Faith From Hebrews 11 --Oscar Munoz, Colton Richter, Daniel Selsvik, Lee Moyers, Stuart Bullington, Bryan Smith (JUN 26, 2016)

Hebrews 11 is a wonder chapter of faith. In this lesson, several young me highlight the lessons found in this text.

 Confidence in God --Greg Nix (JUN 26, 2016)

We have confidence in many things in this world. But how is our confidence in God when we are put to the test. What can we learn from examples throughout the Bible when faith and confidence are used? We must remember as Christians we have become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end (Heb. 3:12-14)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #5 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (JUN 22, 2016)

 Causing One To Stumble --Lowell Sallee (JUN 16, 2016)

"It would be better for a milestone to be hung around our neck." We would never see a blind man walking down the street and put our foot out to trip him. However, we can cause our brethren to stumble instead of helping them get to heaven through immodest dress.

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #4 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (JUN 19, 2016)

 Authority --Steve Klein (JUN 19, 2016)

It is vital to have one reliable standard of authority in any endeavor. In spiritual matters, ultimate authority is not found in ancestors, conscience, the majority, religious leaders or human reasoning & feelings. Ultimate authority if sound in Jesus Christ and expressed to us in His word.

 The Weight of Glory --Steve Klein (JUN 19, 2016)

Every Christian should feel the weight of helping others obtain eternal glory.

 What Does It Mean to Seek Those Things Above --Lowell Sallee (JUN 17, 2016)

The cumulative effort of seeking the things above in our daily lives by letting the Word guide our lives with Jesus as our goal and prayer as our ultimate tool.

 Our Daily Walk - Studying 1 John 1:5-7 --Lowell Sallee (JUN 17, 2016)

Concluding the series on "Our Daily Walk With God" by taking the theme passage and looking at it in its context. Focusing on our need to confess our sins so we can continue to walk in the light.

 But The Greatest of these is Love --Lowell Sallee (JUN 16, 2016)

 The Lost Son --Lowell Sallee (JUN 15, 2016)

In the story of the prodigal son, which character are you? How do you react when you have sinned and maybe even hit rock bottom? How do you react when someone else has sin and repents? Do we rejoice that they have repented or do we look down on them? This is a beautiful story of an ever forgiving father and a unforgiving brother.

 What It Means To Be Totally Committed To The Service of Christ --Lowell Sallee (JUN 14, 2016)

Looking to imitate Paul as he imitates Christ. We can do it through a total commitment to our Father in Heaven.

 Our Daily Walk: How Are you Doing? --Lowell Sallee (JUN 14, 2016)

How are you doing? Are you doing good spiritually? Do not lose heart and do not grow weary (Galatians 6:9).

 Why Are We Tempted? --Lowell Sallee (JUN 13, 2016)

Understanding temptation and the real tempter. Look above for strength from God to get you through instead of accusing Him.

 Our Daily Walk With God - Growing Your Faith --Lowell Sallee (JUN 13, 2016)

Enriching your daily walk with God by growing your faith. Learning to listen to Him, by reading His Word, and defeating the excuses standing in the way.

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #3 --David Watson, Freddy Richter (JUN 12, 2016)

 Marriage In Crisis --Lowell Sallee (JUN 12, 2016)

Where to find answers when your marriage seems to be in shambles. How to attain and teach spiritual intimacy with your spouse by improving your relationship with God.

 Seeking Those Things Which Are Above (Colossians 3:1) --Lowell Sallee (JUN 12, 2016)

We all need help keeping the first things first (priorities). So, are we storing up treasures in Heaven or on earth (Matthew 6:19-21)? While we continue to do those things that are necessary, we should seek those things which are above. After we seek them out, we should "SET" our mind on them.

 Honoring God in Purity --Lorenzo Cum (JUN 11, 2016)

Preparing the heart for God is an active choice (contrast Ezra 7:10 with 2 Chronicles 12:14). "Our nature is given to us by God, but our character is created by choice" (Gary Henry).

 Glorifying God Through Service Others --Steve Klein (JUN 11, 2016)

"Holiness has love for its essence, humility for its clothing, the good of others as its employment, and the honor of God as its end." (Nathanael Emmons). God is glorified by the good things His children do for others!

 Honoring Jehovah --Lowell Sallee (JUN 11, 2016)

How much is God worth to you? God has blessed us by answering the questions, "where we came from", "why are we here", and "where are we going"? Jehovah has revealed himself by natural revelation and by special revelation.

 Honoring Jehovah's Word --Tim Richter (JUN 11, 2016)

Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day (Psalm 25:5). Psalm 119 is a thorough and beautiful expression of what it means to honor God by honoring His word.

 Honoring the Lord's Church --Wayne Holt (JUN 11, 2016)

Honoring Christ as the head of the church will result in respecting the way the Lord has designed and established the church, as well as the way He has organized local churches to function.

 Glorifying by Biblical Manhood --Gary Boyd (JUN 11, 2016)

This lesson explores how God is honored when men and women respect their God-given gender identities and fulfill GodÂ’s purpose and design for each. Integrity of the heart is a critical factor (ref: story of Boaz and Ruth, David's charge to Solomon: 1 Kings 2:1-2, 1 Chronicles 28:9).

 Glorifying God Through Trials --Tracy Moyers (JUN 11, 2016)

Many passages of Scripture reveal that God is glorified by the patient endurance of His children as they face hardship and persecution in this world. This is one of the main themes of 1 Peter. We are told to "Rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ's sufferings" (1 Peter 4:13).

 Summer 2016 Young Adults Honoring Jehovah: Knowing Him by Name. --David Watson (JUN 10, 2016)

This lesson will explore the importance of seeking to truly know the Lord having a desire for intimate knowledge of Jehovah. It has been said that "Nothing matters more than knowing God".

 Honoring Jehovah in worship --Kevin Fielder (JUN 10, 2016)

Gary Henry's book, Diligently Seeking God, has a section called "The Integrity of True Worship." In this section, he quotes from Richard J. Foster, "If worship does not change us, it has not been worship. To stand before the Holy One of eternity is to change. Worship begins in holy expectancy; it ends in holy obedience."

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #2 --Freddy Richter, David Watson (JUN 8, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q8: Captivity, Return, Years of Silence: Class #1 --Freddy Richter, David Watson (JUN 5, 2016)

 Four Illegitimate Questions on Salvation, Grace, & Obedience --Steve Klein (JUN 5, 2016)

An illegitimate question is one that does not allow you to answer with the whole truth. Perhaps it doesn't give the right answer as an option, or it makes you choose between options that are equally valid, or it makes related important truths seem unimportant. Consider four such questions asked by those who wish to diminish the importance of obedience in salvation.

 The One Faith --Steve Klein (JUN 5, 2016)

The Lord delivered ONE FAITH which was obeyed and kept by Christians and in which churches were established in the New Testament (Jude 3; Eph. 4:5). This stands in stark contrast to the MANY faiths practiced today by those who claim to be Christians. Let's contend for the one faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #23 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAY 29, 2016)

 Gender Roles in the Church --Steve Klein (MAY 29, 2016)

As our society continues to have issues understanding the difference between men and women, it is critical that we maintain a Biblical view of the importance and roles of both genders in the church.

 Being Exclusive in an Inclusive World --Steve Klein (MAY 29, 2016)

The world pressures us to be completely inclusive – to tolerate and accept any person, practice or belief no matter what. While Christianity is open to everyone, in order to follow Christ, Christians must conform exclusively to His will and His righteous judgement. The fact there is one God, one Lawgiver, one Savior, and one way to be saved excludes all others.

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #22 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAY 25, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #21 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAY 22, 2016)

 Revelation Overcoming the Overwhelming --Steve Klein (MAY 22, 2016)

The simple message of the Book of Revelation is that, in the universal struggle between good and evil, Jesus wins! And those on His side will win too! Even though evil may seem overwhelming, saints who follow the Lord and trust in Him, will ultimately gain the victory with Him.

 When A Strong Man Doubts --Steve Klein (MAY 22, 2016)

Can one who is strong have doubt? John the Baptist even experienced questions and doubt when things didn't go how he expected. So how was that doubt removed and how can we gain lessons about doubt we may have today.

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #20 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAY 18, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #19 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAY 15, 2016)

 The Spirit of the Proud (James 4) --Steve Klein (MAY 15, 2016)

The proud are abhorrent to God. But pride is a difficult disease to self-diagnose. The fourth chapter of James helps us with the problem. Study with us as we consider "The Spirit of the Proud" from James 4.

 Glorifying God with Our Lives --Steve Klein (MAY 15, 2016)

Christ glorified the father with his life (John 7:18). Are we Christians? If so we are to glorify God with out life the same way. We are to glorify God (not ourselves) with our good works, bearing fruit, maintaining unity, keeping our bodies pure, teaching others and suffering joyfully.

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #18 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAY 11, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #17 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAY 8, 2016)

 When Rite Becomes Wrong: Turning Rituals into Ritualism --Steve Klein (MAY 8, 2016)

While rituals are good because we are training ourselves to do things a certain way, just think of the baseball batter, golfer, etc. How many times have they repeated their craft to become good at it. In Religion rituals like assembly, the partaking of the Lord's Supper, prayer and the like are good even commanded. When does it become wrong? When our hear is simply going through the motions. In this lesson, we will look into ways to identify this in ourselves and keep it from happening.

 White Washed or Washed White? --Steve Klein (MAY 8, 2016)

Something that has been whitewashed appears clean and white on the outside, but beneath the surface it is dark and dirty. As Christians we by washed white in the blood of Jesus and not merely whitewashed to give the appearance of holiness and purity.

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #16 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAY 1, 2016)

 God's Expectation for Our Spiritual Growth --Jeff Shaver (MAY 1, 2016)

In our spiritual life we will either continue to grow or begin to rot. In this lesson Jeff, takes us through how our spiritual life begins as well as how we are to measure ourselves and grow. We end with a study of 2 Peter 1:5-11.

 The Witnesses of Jesus and Their Testimony --David Watson (MAY 1, 2016)

An eye witness in a court case is very powerful. Multiple witnesses giving matching testimony is even more powerful. This is what we have with respect to Jesus and His Resurrection. We have historical and Scriptural testimony of Jesus. Why is this so important? Well, without the resurrection, our faith is futile (1 Cor. 15:12-19).

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #15 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (APR 27, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #14 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (APR 24, 2016)

 Why do we have fear? --Micah Clem (APR 24, 2016)

Many have some personal fear, but when you consider how those of us in the United States have grown up do we really fear persecution? We are told that we will face persecution because of our faith. Are we allowing our own fears to limit what we should be doing each day as Christians.

 The Crucifixion of Our Savior --Jarrod Taylor (APR 24, 2016)

Take a look at the crucifixion of our Savior in some specific details. Sharing with you some insight to the medical/physical aspects of this very important event, and the spiritual significance to us as Christians.

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #13 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (APR 20, 2016)

 For His NameÂ’s Sake (Genesis 11:4; Malachi 1:11; Psalm 135:13) --Steve Klein (APR 17, 2016)

A personÂ’s name often stands for their reputation, status or standing among men. GodÂ’s name cannot be exalted too highly. For His nameÂ’s sake He guides us, forgives us, revives us and restores us! For His nameÂ’s sake, His children endure persecution, share the gospel and work diligently for His glory.

 The Sect Spoken Against Everywhere (Acts 28:16-22) --Steve Klein (APR 17, 2016)

People of the world everywhere may have negative things to say about those who walk in the way of the Lord – a way which they may view as a religious sect. But honest people will want to learn the truth, and the Lord's people must remain steadfast, no matter what others say.

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #12 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (APR 17, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #11 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (APR 13, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #10 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (APR 10, 2016)

 Humbled in His Sight --David Watson (APR 10, 2016)

What does it mean to humble ourselves before Him and what does that look like in our lives? Discussed are the qualities of a humble man and the reward of the humble. We can not have a relationship with God until we, from the heart, accept our guilt before His holiness and humble ourselves before Him.

 Godly Sorrow --Wayne Holt (APR 10, 2016)

There are many things that can lead us to personal sorrow. Do we show sorrow because we are caught, or we realize we hurt someone? What is the difference in worldly sorrow and what true Godly sorry can do for us?

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #9 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (APR 3, 2016)

 Perverting Paradise: How Human Lust and Desire turns Blessings into Curses (Genesis 2 & 3) --Steve Klein (APR 3, 2016)

Many sins are really just misuses or abuses of GodÂ’s blessings. From the time God placed man in the Garden of Eden, human lust and desire have turned blessings into curses. The beauty of nature has been made an idol. The beauty of the human has been turned into an object of lust through immodest dress, modern dancing and pornography. We must recognize the sinful nature of these activities and avoid them.

 Expecting the Unexpected --Steve Klein (APR 3, 2016)

While most of us have difficulty just expecting the expected, very few are prepared to deal with the unexpected in faith. God alone knows the future. He often uses unexpected events to work His will, to test faith, or to strengthen faith. As we pray prayers of faith, we would do well to expect God to answer them in unexpected ways.

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #8 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (APR 3, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #7 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAR 27, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #7 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAR 27, 2016)

 Is Gambling a Sin? If so, what about playing the stock market? --Steve Klein (MAR 27, 2016)

Is gambling a sin? The Bible doesn’t specifically mention gambling, but it does reveal several principles of truth that enable us to discover the answer to that question.

 The Way That Leads to Life --Steve Klein (MAR 27, 2016)

The way that leads to life is hard because believing is hard, obedience is hard, and giving up things weÂ’ve become attached to is hard. The way is hard that leads to life, but it worth traveling.

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #6 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAR 23, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #5 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAR 20, 2016)

 So God Made a Farmer --David Watson (MAR 20, 2016)

As Christians we have the duty to sow and work. Just a farmers we are to labor in the harvest. 1 Cor 3:9 discusses Paul and Apollos as “fellow workers” and this should be our approach to our Christian life. Do we offer excuses or do we work and enjoy the fruits of our labor?

 The Rich Young Ruler --Lorenzo Cum (MAR 20, 2016)

We can take three lessons from the story in Luke 18:18-23. 1. We must learn to be satisfied with what we have. 2. Our possessions can't keep us from following the Lord. 3. It takes God's help to have eternal salvation. Our reactions to these lessons are just as important as the lessons themselves. What will you do once your encounter the truth of the word.

 Are we building our lives with Integrity? --Steve Klein (MAR 13, 2016)

A life built without integrity, like a house of cards, will collapse. A life of integrity has makers which are known to God and recognized by men. Those who lack integrity need to carefully examine the rationale for their dishonesty.

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #4 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAR 16, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #3 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAR 13, 2016)

 Increase My Faith When Truth Seems Upside Down --Steve Klein (MAR 13, 2016)

Many truths that the Lord asks us to believe and practice seem upside down at first glance. Examples include "the first will be last," "he humbles himself will be exalted," and "he who governs" should be "as he who serves." The most challenging of these truths may be that human suffering can bring rejoicing and glory. But full faith in the suffering Son of God can even make sense of that truth.

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #2 --Gary Boyd, Jeff Smith (MAR 9, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q7: Divided Kingdom Part 2: Class #1 --Jeff Smith & Gary Boyd (MAR 6, 2016)

 Are there Apostles of Christ on Earth Today? --Steve Klein (MAR 6, 2016)

While many religious groups claim to have apostles of Christ living on earth today, the Scriptures show that no one today is qualified to be an apostle of Christ and that the apostles Jesus chose were entirely sufficient to do the work He intended for them to do.

 Unstable as Water --Steve Klein (MAR 6, 2016)

Of the many expressive symbolic phrases we find in the Bible, one of the most interesting is Jacob's description of Reuben: "Unstable as water, you shall not excel." Water is very unstable and represents qualities of character that are the opposite of what the Lord wants in His people. When water gets hot it steams. When it gets cold it hardens. Water follows the path of least resistance, takes whatever shape surrounds it, and readily becomes vapor. Our God is a rock, and we are stable if our rely on Him.

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #23 --Wayne Holt (FEB 28, 2016)

 How to Identify the One True Church? And how do you decide which congregation to be a part of? --Steve Klein (FEB 28, 2016)

How does one identify the one true church, and how is a Christian to decide which congregation to be a part of? Answers to these important questions can only be found in Scripture. The church, as founded in the New Testament by Christ, has several identifying marks. Local congregations can be evaluated by comparing them to the pattern for local congregations seen in the New Testament. The organization, work and worship of a local congregation should enable Christians to collectively please God.

 Nehemiah: Accomplishing God's Work with Passion and Prayer --Steve Klein (FEB 28, 2016)

Nehemiah's dedication to God's work was fueled by a passionate love for God and for the welfare of God's people; that passion is clearly manifested in his prayer life. It can truly be said that Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem on his knees. We too can do extraordinary work for God, when we start with a heart filled with passion and a life filled with prayer.

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #22 --Wayne Holt (FEB 24, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #21 --Wayne Holt (FEB 21, 2016)

 Hating Jesus --David Watson (FEB 21, 2016)

Why do people hate Jesus? Some feel Jesus is trying to take something from them. Some realize that accepting Jesus exposes our sins.

 Obstacles to Faith --Steve Klein (FEB 21, 2016)

We have heard other ask questions like “How can God allow that to happen?” and this can test our faith. There are difficult questions, but sometimes the answer to those questions can be a stumbling block to our faith. How can God condemn those who have never heard the gospel? This question is examined to build our faith in God.

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #20 --Wayne Holt (FEB 17, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #18 --Wayne Holt (FEB 14, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #19 --Wayne Holt (FEB 14, 2016)

 Beloved - Experiencing the Love of Christ which passes knowledge Ephesians 3:19 --Steve Klein (FEB 14, 2016)

Christians are "beloved" of God. This means that we have been specially chosen by Him, we can rely on Him to give us justice, we have a reason to be pure and holy, and to love one another. Because He loves us, He is always with us, listening to our prayers. And because He loves us a glorious eternity awaits us.

 Perfect Hatred --Steve Klein (FEB 14, 2016)

God's children should hate sin like He does. If we know Him and respect Him, we will want to have the same attitude He does toward sin. This PERFECT HATRED will not allow us to love the things of the world or have fellowship with evil.

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #17 --Wayne Holt (FEB 7, 2016)

 Elijah's Prayer --Steve Klein (FEB 7, 2016)

ElijahÂ’s prayer for rain teaches us a lot about how we should pray if we want our prayers to be effective. Even though we are mere humans, our prayers can be effective if we are righteous, fervent, persistent and confident when we pray.

 Joseph's Pit --Steve Klein (FEB 7, 2016)

Joseph was thrown in a pit and later sold into slavery by his brothers who envied and hated him. In spite of it all, Joseph lived a life of faithfulness. His circumstances did not nullify GodÂ’s plans or promises. We may also experience pits in our lives. We must not allow bitterness, despair or resentment to take control, but in faith we must trust GodÂ’s promises and providence, and wait patiently for Him to accomplish His will.

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #16 --Wayne Holt (JAN 31, 2016)

 Little Tugs Parents & Children: Escorting one another to heaven! (Matthew 21:12-17) --Steve Klein (JAN 31, 2016)

Children influence us in many ways. They are great examples when it comes to faith, praising God, humility and purity of heart. They tug at our hearts as parents to show them affection, to train them in GodÂ’s ways, to discipline them, set good examples for them and pray for them.

 The Second Coming of Jesus --Steve Klein (JAN 31, 2016)

1 Thessalonians contains a lot of teaching on the second coming of Christ. His coming motivates us to repent, evangelize, love others, find comfort and be holy.

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #15 --Wayne Holt (JAN 27, 2016)

 Lord Increase My Faith - Counting the cost of stronger faith --Bill Hall (JAN 26, 2016)

Am I ready to obey God rather than man? The book of Acts is filled with examples of the Apostles enduring great persecution for their faith. During their transition from poor faith to strong faith, their goals shifted from a physical position of honor to a spiritual position of service. If we join the crowd and compromise, we will not suffer because we are not worthy. As our faith grows, we will suffer and be worthy. We are not to be surprised that as our faith grows the world will hate us. The more we become like Jesus Christ, the world will hate us because they first hated him (John 15, Philippians 1, 1 Peter 4).

 Times We Need Strong Faith --Bill Hall (JAN 25, 2016)

Forgiveness can be difficult and requires much faith, even more difficult to repeat multiple times. In Luke 17:4 Jesus Christ instructs the apostles to do it seven times if asked. In addition, times of affliction requires a strong faith. The faith of the strongest Christian can waiver during tribulation. Lastly as we near death, our faith must be at its strongest to overcome fear. Note in Hebrews 11, how Joseph was highlighted for instructing his children to take his bones back "when" God fulfilled His promise to Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #14 --Wayne Holt (JAN 24, 2016)

 Degrees of Faith --Bill Hall (JAN 24, 2016)

This implies there can be weak and strong faith. The apostles ask Jesus Christ in Luke 17:5 to "Increase our faith". A lesson that points out the differences in individuals faith throughout the Bible. Are we working at increasing our own faith in God? Is our faith genuine?

 It's Time to Heal... the Sin Sick Soul --Steve Klein (JAN 24, 2016)

Sin is like a terminal illness; it is bound to bring death unless the power of God intervenes. Jesus came to heal our souls and save us from death. We must trust our Physician and His remedy!

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #13 --Wayne Holt (JAN 20, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #12 --Wayne Holt (JAN 17, 2016)

 Living In Laodicea --Steve Klein (JAN 17, 2016)

The problems with the church in Laodicea are replicated in many churches today. It is as if we are living in Laodicea. Our perception of reality is skewed and our passion for spiritual things is lukewarm. We desperately need to seek the spiritual values, vestments and vision that only the Lord can provide. Let us be zealous and repent!

 Pilate's Mistakes --Steve Klein (JAN 17, 2016)

Like Pilate, many do not know what to do with Jesus. Like Pilate, we may fail to take personal responsibility for our relationship with Jesus, or try to have a relationship with Him that is socially acceptable, or deny the guilt of our sins that caused Him to be crucified, or give up on Him altogether. What will you do with Jesus?

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #11 --Wayne Holt (JAN 13, 2016)

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #10 --Wayne Holt (JAN 10, 2016)

 Where is Your Faith? --Steve Klein (JAN 10, 2016)

Jesus helped His apostles increase their faith by demonstrating His power, sharing His power with them, and challenging them to use it. He helps us in much the same way. Faith is increased by meeting difficult challenges. There is no easy way.

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #9 --Wayne Holt (JAN 3, 2016)

 The Spirit of Power --Gary Boyd (JAN 3, 2016)

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 Each of us must not only understand the power of God, but the power that each of us as Christians have been granted and how we can use that power to change our lives and the lives of others.

 Increase My Faith --David Watson (JAN 3, 2016)

If we have faith as a mustard seed… Matt 17:20 At times it is important for us to realize our potential regarding our own faith. We must work to increase and cultivate our faith as the disciples worked to do in the New Testament. Through faith we can have joy and peace, but we can also cast out fear and doubt. As we go into the New Year let us each commit personally to "Increase My Faith".

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #8 --Wayne Holt (DEC 30, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #7 --Wayne Holt (DEC 27, 2015)

 The False Virtue of Moral Neutrality --Steve Klein (DEC 27, 2015)

The world tells us that moral neutrality and moral tolerance are great virtues, but the Scriptures reveal a much different picture. They are filled with clear moral judgments. God shows us right from wrong, enables us to tell a good man from a bad man, and gives us the responsibility of teaching, warning and loving those who are immoral.

 Born for Adversity - Bearing One Another's Burdens in the Family of God --Steve Klein (DEC 27, 2015)

Our theme at Eastside this year has been "We are Family." We are to follow the example of our elder brother Jesus Christ in helping each other bear burdens, deal with trials and temptations, and make it through life's hard times. We are born for adversity!

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #6 --Wayne Holt (DEC 23, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #4 --Wayne Holt (DEC 16, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #5 --Wayne Holt (DEC 20, 2015)

 Immediate Obedience --Steve Klein (DEC 20, 2015)

The gospel has stirred some to immediate obedience. What causes some to delay and what is the danger in delaying obedience in God? “I thought about my ways, and turned my feet to Your testimonies. I made haste, and did not delay to keep Your commandments.” (Psalm 119:59-60)

 Reasoning with God --David Watson (DEC 20, 2015)

Are we ever unreasonable with God? To properly reason with God demands several qualities. Some to consider are freedom from bias, knowledge, humility, and having open ears. Looking at these qualities and determining if it is proper to reason with God is discussed.

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #3 --Wayne Holt (DEC 13, 2015)

 Jesus The Light --Steve Klein (DEC 13, 2015)

As was prophesied long ago, Jesus came into this world to give light. His light enables self-examination, reveals the path we should walk, facilitates work, helps us understand God, and enables us to be thoroughly cleansed from sin. The light of Jesus brings hope and comfort into this dark and gloomy world.

 Changing Your Filter - Learning to screen what we hear, say, and see --Steve Klein (DEC 13, 2015)

Like the filter of a central air unit, there are filters for our souls that must be kept in peek operating condition in order to prevent the inner man from becoming polluted. We must filter what we hear, what we say and what we see.

 The Bible Series Q6: Divided Kingdom Part 1: Class #1 --Wayne Holt (DEC 6, 2015)

 God's Nation --Steve Klein (DEC 6, 2015)

While it may be said that the United States was founded on "?principles of Christianity", Christians are mistaken if they think that the USA is somehow God's special holy nation above all others on earth. For one thing, many of the founders were Calvinists, and their concepts of government were tainted by Calvin's error. But more importantly, GodÂ’s Nation is the church, the Kingdom of His dear Son, which transcends all nations, and whose citizens are the saved throughout the world.

 More Holiness Give Me (Ephesians 1:4) --Steve Klein (DEC 6, 2015)

God wants us to be holy, and we should want that too. While it is true that we cannot be holy without God's help, Christians must realize that we must cooperate with God in the process. We must choose to ABOUND IN LOVE, PUT ON THE NEW MAN, and BE A SLAVE TO DOING RIGHT!

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #22 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (NOV 29, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #23 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (NOV 29, 2015)

 Are We Getting the Cart Before the Horse, Or Are We Putting First Things First? --Steve Klein (NOV 29, 2015)

There is a logical order and proper sequence to many things in life. In the spiritual realm, we must get that order right when it comes to doctrine and practice if we wish to please God.

 How Deep Are You? --Steve Klein (NOV 29, 2015)

Measuring our spiritual depth is something we should all do. It is a measure of how immersed ones faith is. It can also show areas of shallowness that we need to address in our study, prayers, worship and love.

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #21 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (NOV 22, 2015)

 Filled with Mercy --Steve Klein (NOV 22, 2015)

Merciful is a word that characterizes a Christian’s life. The old King James Version describes Christians as having “bowels of mercy.” Being filled with mercy, and acting as instruments of God, Christians will graciously provide for the physical and spiritual needs of others. Being filled with mercy has great power to change lives, to the glory of God.

 No one takes it from Me --Steve Klein (NOV 22, 2015)

Long before Jesus was crucified, He GAVE His life into the hand of His Father in Heaven. He faced death with courage and serenity. The forfeited life is the liberated life. If you have already given your life, no one can take it or your possessions from you.

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #20 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (NOV 18, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #19 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (NOV 15, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #18 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (NOV 15, 2015)

 Uniting a House Divided --Steve Klein (NOV 15, 2015)

A house divided cannot stand. We must work for unity in our homes and in the church so that we may serve and glorify God acceptably.

 Limits of a Limitless God --Steve Klein (NOV 15, 2015)

God's limitless power is limited by His holiness. He cannot lie or break a promise, and that includes the promise that He has made to punish the disobedient. If we are expecting God to save us without believing, repenting and obeying, we are expecting God to do something that He cannot do!

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #17 (Psalms Part 1) --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (NOV 8, 2015)

 The Peace of God --David Watson (NOV 8, 2015)

We serve a God of peace in a world of suffering. Christ is called the "Prince of Peace". We can find peace in God through faith, knowledge of God and love of his word. However, it peace does not come automatically. It must be pursued. It will gaurd our hearts and provide courage and happiness while we journey through life.

 What Are We To Do With The Beam? (Luke 6:39-42) --Tracy Moyers (NOV 8, 2015)

A few weeks ago, Steve had a great lesson on “Judge Not!”. In the same passage (Matthew 7 and Luke 6), God tells us who we should examine and that is ourselves. What are we to do with that beam that is in our eye keeping us from helping our brother. First we are told to notice it and then we should remove it. After taking care of ourselves we are ready to be of service to our fellow man.

 By Many or by Few --Eric Reynolds (NOV 3, 2015)

Our faith can be mighty as we see in the story of Jonathan the son of King Saul. When we follow God and have faith in His might we can accomplish God's will by many or by few. Faith allows us to see the unseen, trust in the unknown and glorify God and encourage others.

 Faith and the Unknown (Everyone Has Questions) --Eric Reynolds (NOV 2, 2015)

Everyone has questions. How do men of faith prevail as we look at men like Abraham, Job and the Apostles? It wasn't about what they didn't know. Even when they didn't understand they stood on the promises that he made to them.

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #16 (Job) --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (NOV 1, 2015)

 Holy in an Unholy Land --Eric Reynolds (NOV 1, 2015)

Things that used to be strange are now normal. We see today that we can find following God's word is what is strange. Looking at the example of Daniel being Holy in an Unholy Land we can learn how we should act as Christians today.

 A Willing Heart --Eric Reynolds (NOV 1, 2015)

We may ask questions like: Do I have to ...? (Things with regard to our service to God) Is this the right question for us to ask? We look at the people in Exodus as an example, and compare that to New Testament verses that help us understand that God's grace should lead us to a willing heart. We must examine what God has done for me and what my reaction should be regarding that.

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #15 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (OCT 28, 2015)

 Prayer Warriors Part 2 --Steve Klein (OCT 25, 2015)

Prayer Warriors part 2. Christians are in a mighty conflict against the "hosts of wickedness." God has provided us with strong armor for the battle. Once we are clad in the whole armor, our prime directive is to "pray always."

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #14 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (OCT 25, 2015)

 Prayer Warrior --Steve Klein (OCT 25, 2015)

Christians are in a mighty conflict against the "hosts of wickedness." God has provided us with strong armor for the battle. Once we are clad in the whole armor, our prime directive is to "pray always."

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #13 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (OCT 21, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #12 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (OCT 18, 2015)

 Many are Dying to Hear the Gospel --Steve Klein (OCT 18, 2015)

Spreading the gospel to a lost and dying world is the privilege and responsibility of every Christian. LetÂ’s be committed to evangelism and to supporting those who are giving their lives to spread the good news!

 Do Not Judge --Steve Klein (OCT 18, 2015)

While it may be necessary to make judgments about others in certain situations, what does Jesus mean when He tells us to "Judge not"? In the context, He is forbidding judging others harshly and hypocritically. We also should not judge by appearance, in areas of liberty. We must not act as THE Judge! Our primary focus is not to condemn but to restore.

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #11 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (OCT 14, 2015)

 Love Thy Neighbors --Brian Simmons, Ian Lacasse (OCT 11, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #10 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (OCT 11, 2015)

 The Kindness and Severity of God --David Watson (OCT 11, 2015)

Romans 11:22 brings out two very important aspects of God’s nature – His kindness and severity. These two characteristics of God can be traced throughout the entire Bible, whether it be in statements made about Him or in His dealings with man. Do we recognize the kindness and severity of God?

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #9 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (OCT 4, 2015)

 It's Murder Out There --Steve Klein (OCT 4, 2015)

There are many ways that one can pass from this earth. Murder happens to often in our world today. There are multiple ways that murder can occur and different motives that drive people to do this. In the end God hates murder, and those who commit it will not enter into His kingdom.

 Would You Be Persuaded...If Someone Rose from the Dead? --Steve Klein (OCT 4, 2015)

As incredible as it seems, some would not believe and obey the truth even if someone came back from the dead to tell them (Luke 16:31). Jesus DID come back from the dead! Do we believe Him? Will we obey Him?

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #8 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (SEP 30, 2015)

 Godliness --Scott Abernathy (SEP 23, 2015)

 Daring to Hope for Glory --Steve Klein (SEP 27, 2015)

Sometimes as Christians, we become so burdened down in coping with the pain, suffering and disappointment of this life that we forget why we are enduring such things, and that makes our existence all the more grim and unpleasant. Let us never forget the hope of glory, which brightens our days and makes everything we must endure here pale by comparison.

 God's Law --Steve Klein (SEP 27, 2015)

We can't be saved by keeping law because we don't keep it, and we can't be saved by not keeping law, because law breakers stand condemned! How can this dilemma be resolved? Some have mistakenly developed a hatred for God's law or tried to deny that we are under law to God. God resolves this law dilemma by giving us the law of Christ to live by and by providing the blood of Christ to redeem us from every lawless deed.

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #7 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (SEP 27, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #6 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (SEP 27, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #5 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (SEP 20, 2015)

 Phrases From Philippians --Wayne Holt (SEP 20, 2015)

Review of some phrases throughout the book of Philippians that should encourage us as a congregation and as individual Christians. Encouraging us to all be unified in Christ and press forward to our ultimate eternal goal. Also, a reminder that all will face the Lord in the end and the righteous will be found in Him.

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class # --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (SEP 16, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #4 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (SEP 16, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #3 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (SEP 13, 2015)

 Qualities of Elders and Deacons --Hayden Nix & Colton Richter (SEP 13, 2015)

Two lessons that discuss the character that is expected from Deacon's and Elder's, but those characteristics are also expected of all Christians.

 Jehovah is Salvation --Andrew Boyd (SEP 13, 2015)

Are we prepared to serve, stand, fear and trust the Lord as Joshua did? Joshua was prepared to served with gladness and a pure conscience. He feared God and stood strong for Him during trials. Most of all Joshua trusted God. Can we say this for ourselves?

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #2 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (SEP 9, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q5: Give Us a King Part 2: Class #1 --Greg Nix, Tim Richter (SEP 6, 2015)

 Godly Approval --David Watson (SEP 6, 2015)

Everyone wants someone's approval. Some people want men's approval while others seek God's approval. Can we say to God what David said? "Prove me, O LORD, and try me; test my heart and my mind." (Ps. 26:2)

 On My Honor - Living An Honorable Life --Gary Boyd (SEP 6, 2015)

Do we truly understand what we mean when we say "On my honor..."? We are to honor God, others and self, but in all things we must glorify God (Rom 1:18-21). Am I honoring God in my worship, with my possessions, and in my daily life?

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #22 --Wayne Holt (AUG 30, 2015)

 Let Brotherly Love Continue --Steve Klein (AUG 30, 2015)

Hebrews 13:1 commands us to “Let brotherly love continue.” Like Jacob & Esau, we can stifle brotherly love through jealousy and self-seeking, deception, bitterness and evil-speaking. Or, we can let love continue by showing kindness and courtesy, honoring each other, covering sins, withholding criticism, serving, and acknowledging our debt of love. So let's let Brotherly Love continue in the Family.

 Christians in the Crucible: Faith for the Fire! --Steve Klein (AUG 30, 2015)

Our faith is tested through fire, much like the faith of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Like them, in order to pass the test of fire we must KNOW OUR GOD, KNOW HIS WILL, COMMIT TO DOING HIS WILL, AND TRUST HIS LOVE FOR US. We should EXPECT to have our faith tested by fire, and we should relish the opportunity to glorify our God while becoming purer, stronger and more fit for eternity!

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #21 --Wayne Holt (AUG 26, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #20 --Wayne Holt (AUG 23, 2015)

 Male & Female: Something the Lord Made --Steve Klein (AUG 23, 2015)

God had distinct roles in mind when He “made them male and female.” Let us honor and respect His intention for us as men and women by fulfilling our God-given roles and by maintaining demeanor and dress that show respect for the distinctions God created.

 Causing Joy in Heaven --Steve Klein (AUG 23, 2015)

We can produce joy in heaven and in our own lives by repenting! Jesus sought out sinners and encouraged them to repent because he saw them from Heaven’s perspective. You and I should have that same perspective – desiring to bring joy to heaven and earth through repentance.

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #19 --Wayne Holt (AUG 19, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #18 --Wayne Holt (AUG 16, 2015)

 Full of Good Works --Steve Klein (AUG 16, 2015)

God’s people are to be “full of good works.” We are motivated by the love and sacrifice of Christ to WANT to do good works. We purify ourselves, detangle from earthly affairs, allow God to direct our efforts, and seek help from Him and others as we fill ourselves with good works!

 Gossip --Steve Klein (AUG 16, 2015)

Gossip is a subtle and insidious sin which greatly displeases the Lord. In this lesson, we explore the nature of gossip, the origin of gossip, and how it can be avoided.

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #17 --Wayne Holt (AUG 12, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #16 --Wayne Holt (AUG 9, 2015)

 Congregational Singing --Steve Klein (AUG 9, 2015)

Congregational singing is worship authorized by God to praise and honor Him and to encourage one another. Song leaders and congregations need to seriously consider whether or not these things are being accomplished in the worship assemblies and take appropriate measures to ensure that they are accomplished. The most critical aspect of congregational singing is that we sing FROM THE HEART to honor GOD!

 Should we care about what others think of us? --Steve Klein (AUG 9, 2015)

There are times when we should be concerned about what people think of us and times when it should not be a concern (2 Corinthians 10:18). We should care about what people think when it comes to our example and influence on others, when we glorify God and our good name. When it comes to our own pride or self-worth, being falsely accused or spreading the Word of God our concern should not be with what others think about us.

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #15 --Wayne Holt (AUG 2, 2015)

 What If ... --Steve Klein (AUG 2, 2015)

What if your service to God was imitated by everyone else. ItÂ’s supposed to be!

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #14 --Wayne Holt (JUL 29, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #13 --Wayne Holt (JUL 26, 2015)

 Little Known Events on that Most Important Day --Steve Klein (JUL 26, 2015)

Through His divine power, God caused four momentous events to occur when Jesus was crucified. An earthquake, darkness at mid-day, dead saints being raised, and the veil of the temple being torn in two. These events provide the divine backdrop to the most dramatic day in human history, and we must not overlook their significance. What was God signifying by causing these events?

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #12 --Wayne Holt (JUL 22, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #11 --Wayne Holt (JUL 19, 2015)

 Transforming Our Weaknesses Into Strengths --Oscar Munoz (JUL 22, 2015)

 Living Righteously in an Unrighteous World --Paul Siota (JUL 19, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #10 --Wayne Holt (JUL 15, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #9 --Wayne Holt (JUL 12, 2015)

 Pride --Randall Hammock (JUL 12, 2015)

We must always watch our attitude of pride. It is important to understand that pride can be sinful. This lesson looks at Pride vs Humility and what the Word of God says about what our attitude should be.

 Walking With God --Jimmy Crafts (JUL 12, 2015)

In the Bible we read of Enoch walking with God. Why is it important for each of us to walk with God and how do we accomplish that according to the scriptures.

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #8 --Wayne Holt (JUL 8, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #7 --Wayne Holt (JUL 5, 2015)

 Creating a Climate for Closeness in the family of God --Steve Klein (JUL 5, 2015)

The climate that fosters closeness in the family of God is one in which all the members of the family love and obey the Father. Disobedience drives wedges between those who obey and those who donÂ’t, which results in alienation rather than closeness. When all the family is striving to obey the Father, assemblies will stir love, hospitality will be a joy, and members will share their lives as family.

 Bridling the Tongue (James 1:26, Luke 6:45) --Steve Klein (JUL 5, 2015)

Pure religion requires bridling the tongue, which in turn requires that the tongue is put under restraint, used with caution and given direction. The bridled tongue shows reverence for God, refrains from profanity, coarse speech, gossip and lying. ItÂ’s entire purpose is to be guided by the impulse of the God who holds the reign.

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #6 --Wayne Holt (JUN 28, 2015)

 The Lord is in His Holy Temple --Steve Klein (JUN 28, 2015)

The temple is a symbol of the holiness and devotion of GodÂ’s children individually and collectively. It represents the very presence of God, and therefore it is the place that all who love God should long to be.

 What Does This Symbolize? --Steve Klein (JUN 28, 2015)

Symbols may stir different feelings in different people, but the one symbol that should define our feelings about all other symbols is the cross of Christ. Although it was a shameful form of execution, Jesus uses it as a symbol of complete devotion to Him. Those who understand the meaning of the cross are willing to suffer for it, are reconciled to God by it, and are willing to give up the entire world to maintain their connection with it.

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #5 --Wayne Holt (JUN 24, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #4 --Wayne Holt (JUN 21, 2015)

 The Living Word --Steve Klein (JUN 21, 2015)

What does it mean for Jesus to be the living Word and for His words to be living? As Jesus lives in us and His words (as found in the New Testament Scriptures) animate our lives, we experience the Living Word!

 Maintaining the Family Honor --Steve Klein (JUN 21, 2015)

As children of God, we honor our heavenly Father with true obedience and sincere sacrifice. We honor His name by living honorable lives! We understand the nature of honor and practice it by honoring parents, civil authority, spouses and elders in the church. On this foundation of honor; therefore, we honor one another and in brotherly love, we strive to "outdo one another in showing honor."

 Our Sympathizing God --Gardner Hall (JUN 19, 2015)

The lessons we can learn from God sending His Son to this earth. Why would God send Him and what we have because of His love.

 Adorning the Doctrine of God --Jerry Faulk (JUN 19, 2015)

God's doctrine should have an impact on our daily lives. How much of our lives has been transformed by the doctrine of Christ? It was made to change every person of every age.

 Every Good Gift is from Above --Gardner Hall (JUN 18, 2015)

Understanding that all blessings come from God and that we need to remember to thank Him daily for them. How is God responsible for our blessings? What would our Culture be like without God?

 The Importance and Limitations of Being Tactful --Jerry Faulk (JUN 18, 2015)

How to know when to speak up at the right time and choosing the right thing to say.

 Attitudes of Pilgrims --Gardner Hall (JUN 17, 2015)

A pilgrim keeps his country's customs (2 Tim. 2:4). He is proud of his country (Phil. 3:20). He wants news from his country (Acts 21:17-20). He Invests in his country (Matt. 6:19-21). He is not desperate when there are problems in his host country. Finally, he longs to return to his home country (Rev. 22:20). Are we as Christians truly pilgrims on this earth?

 Developing a Heart that Wants to Reach the Lost --Jerry Faulk (JUN 17, 2015)

We should be christian that wants to help the lost and not just help ourselves.

 Meek and Quiet Spirit --Gardner Hall (JUN 16, 2015)

Analyzing what it means to have a meek and quiet spirit.Don't let the world tell us what kind of men and women we should be. How can we seek to have a meek and quiet spirit in our lives.

 The Power of Example --Jerry Faulk (JUN 16, 2015)

No matter how old you are, if you're a christian you can make a difference by your example.

 Misconceptions about Suffering in the Book of Job --Gardner Hall (JUN 15, 2015)

We learn so much from the sufferings of Job. We need to learn how to suffer and not blame God. We also need to learn how not to be a "miserable comforter” (Job 16:2).

 Prepare the Way of the Lord --Jerry Faulk (JUN 15, 2015)

What did it mean to "prepare the way of the Lord?" How did John prepare it? How may we prepare it today?

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #3 --Wayne Holt (JUN 14, 2015)

 Wrap Up on Summer 2015 Series on Illusions of Satan --Gardner Hall (JUN 14, 2015)

 God's Grace is Sufficient For You --Gardner Hall (JUN 14, 2015)

 Is God a Moral Monster? Is His Commands of the Old Testament Moral? --Gardner Hall (JUN 14, 2015)

 Illusions of our Culture That Viewing Pornography is Okay (Guys) --Gary Boyd (JUN 13, 2015)

 La Ilusion de la Virtud de la Neutralidad Moral --Gardner Hall (JUN 13, 2015)

 La Ilusión de la Promiscuidad Sexual --Jerry Faulk (JUN 13, 2015)

 La Ilusión de la Inmortalidad Terrenal --Benji Munoz (JUN 13, 2015)

 La Ilusión de que Está Bien Mirar la Pornografía --Jerry Faulk (JUN 13, 2015)

 Illusions of our Culture That Alcohol is Harmless --Steve Klein (JUN 13, 2015)

 La Ilusión de que el Beber Alcohol No Hace Daño --Gardner Hall (JUN 13, 2015)

 Illusions of our Culture Moral Neutrality --Tim Richter (JUN 13, 2015)

 Illusions of our Culture The Illusion of Earthly Immortality --Scott Abernathy (JUN 13, 2015)

 Illusions of our Culture Concerning our Speech --David Watson (JUN 13, 2015)

 las Ilusiones de Nuestra Cultura Las Ilusiones Con Respecto a Nuestra Habla --Gardner Hall (JUN 13, 2015)

 Illusions of our Culture Regarding Sexual Promiscuity (Guys) --Tracy Moyers (JUN 13, 2015)

 Illusions of our Culture Affluence and Materialism --Justin Ruf (JUN 12, 2015)

 Illusions of our Culture Independence & Self-sufficiency --Darren Winland (JUN 12, 2015)

 las Ilusiones de Nuestra Cultura La Ilusión de la Opulencia y el Materialismo --Oscar Munoz (JUN 12, 2015)

 La Ilusión de la Independencia y la Autosuficiencia --Jerry Faulk (JUN 12, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #2 --Wayne Holt (JUN 10, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q4: Give Us a King Part 1: Class #1 --Wayne Holt (JUN 7, 2015)

 The Justice of God --David Watson (JUN 7, 2015)

 In His Image (Gen. 1:26) --Lorenzo Cumm (JUN 7, 2015)

We were create in the image of God. When sin entered the world, that image was distorted. We musts center our life on God, so that we can remove the distortion and become more like the image of God that we were created to be.

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #24 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAY 31, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #23 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAY 31, 2015)

 Back in the Boat --Steve Klein (MAY 31, 2015)

The Lord called Peter, and Peter left his fishing boat. But later, Peter would deny the Lord and wind up back in the boat. When we find ourselves in the same unproductive circumstances we've been in before, it's time recognize that the Lord is waiting for us to come to Him, overcome our disappointment with ourselves, heed His call to serve, and focus and His love.

 The Lord's Supper is a Memorial --Steve Klein (MAY 31, 2015)

The Lord's Supper is a memorial. As such, it is a proclamation of our Lord's death and of our faith in His return. The Lord's Supper brings the family of God together in fellowship as we share in the body and blood of Christ. To do so in a worthy manner, we must do so with reverence, self-examination, in the assembly of the saints, and often!

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #22 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAY 24, 2015)

 Law Enforcement in the Church --Steve Klein (MAY 24, 2015)

Good law enforcement enables citizens to enjoy peace and maintain productivity. The same is true in the spiritual realm. Citizens of the Kingdom of Christ have an obligation to keep its laws and to discipline fellow-citizens who do not. God wants His laws to be enforced for our good and His glory!

 Seeking Motivation to Worship --Steve Klein (MAY 24, 2015)

What is our motivation to worship God in spirit and in truth? What will compel us to do the right things, think the right things and feel the right things in worship? Psalm 96 provides 5 great motivations for worship: God saves, created us, is present among us, is perfectly holy, and judges us!

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #21 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAY 20, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #20 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAY 17, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #19 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAY 13, 2015)

 Seven Things That Are Always Right --Steve Klein (MAY 17, 2015)

In 1 Thessalonians 5:14-22, Paul admonishes us to 7 actions that have universal or timeless applications: Showing patience, pursuing good, rejoicing, praying, giving thanks, testing, and abstaining from evil.

 7 Reasons To Be Baptized --Steve Klein (MAY 17, 2015)

Many in the religious don't understand THAT they need to be baptized, and many more don't understand WHY they need to be baptized. Here are seven simple Scriptural reasons to be baptized.

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #18 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAY 10, 2015)

 An Understanding Heart --David Watson (MAY 10, 2015)

We can not put our feelings above our understanding! Jesus didn't! Though he expressed anger, joying and sadness, the feelings and emotions were the result of His understanding of God's will. Truth must drive our emotions and our emotions should never define what we believe to be Truth.

 Worship --Wayne Holt (MAY 10, 2015)

Worship is a deep and high respect given in acknowledgment of the worth of God. What is on my mind? We are in the presences of God. What a privilege it is to worship God. The joy it should cause to be loved by God. Our need for God.

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #17 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAY 3, 2015)

 Why Aren't We Converting the World? --Steve Klein (MAY 3, 2015)

There are several reasons why we aren't converting the world but a few we will look at in this lesson is. The World is Not Interested in the Gospel as the Scripture presents it. Our job is to teach it not to pre-judge if the person will receive it. Sometimes we don't view the world as lost and in need of the Gospel. If we viewed the true spiritual condition of people weÂ’d be motivated!

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #16 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAY 3, 2015)

 The Longsuffering of God --Steve Klein (MAY 3, 2015)

God is longsuffering to lead us to repentance. If we despise, abuse or deny GodÂ’s longsuffering, we hinder our salvation. Realizing that GodÂ’s longsuffering will not last forever, He has said he will judge the unrighteous.

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #14 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (APR 26, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #15 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (APR 26, 2015)

 Sincerely Yours --Steve Klein (APR 26, 2015)

Sincerity is defined as "the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy". Sincerity is what it appears to be and consistent throughout. The Lord wants us to be sincerely His. If we are, we will put Him above all else, maintain a clear conscience, show genuine love, be willing to learn new truths and examine old beliefs, change when wrong, and use the Scriptures honestly and uprightly.

 One Simple Rule --Steve Klein (APR 26, 2015)

While it is profitable to dig into the Scriptures, meditate deeply and pray fervently to determine God's will for our lives, practically speaking, the right thing to do in nearly every situation can be found in the application of one simple rule: "Whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them." This rule applies to virtually every interpersonal problem. Applying it will make us others centered and promote gentleness, humility, mercy and forgiveness. One day, the Lord will treat us the way we've treated others!

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #13 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (APR 19, 2015)

 Meaning for Man in the River of Time --Steve Klein (APR 19, 2015)

The passing of time is sobering and causes men to question the meaning of life as one generation after another passes away. God remains unchanged; His character, His word and His reign are eternal. Man only finds meaning in this temporal world by service and praise to God who is eternal.

 Failure to Launch as a Christian --Steve Klein (APR 19, 2015)

Like a rocket that never gets off the launching pad, some never become Christians, and some that do make no progress toward becoming what God wants them to become or doing what God wants them to accomplish. We must launch! Start by being born again. Develop your talents, and don't let self-satisfaction, pride, or selfishness hinder you. Accept your position as priest. Allow God to accomplish His purpose for your life.

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #12 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (APR 15, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #11 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (APR 12, 2015)

 Evangelism Methods of the New Testament Churches: Limited but Effective! --Steve Klein (APR 12, 2015)

In spite of the fact that the Greco-Roman culture of the first century A.D. was saturated with recreational appeals, entertainment, sports, welfare programs and public banquets, there is no record of any of these methods being used by churches in the New Testament to evangelize. New Testament churches preached the gospel, and their members lived exemplary lives, and thousands upon thousands became Christians. These same methods will work today!

 The Power of Meekness --Steve Klein (APR 12, 2015)

Meekness it neither weak nor indecisive. It is power under control. It enables submission to God, requires humbling oneself, and demonstrates itself in gentleness to others. Meekness is what empowers power and secures for its possessor the sum of all blessings.

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #10 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (APR 8, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #9 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (APR 5, 2015)

 Controversy at Corinth: If the Dead Do Not Rise --Steve Klein (APR 5, 2015)

In 1 Corinthians 15 Paul deals with the controversy created in Corinth by some who claimed that the dead to not rise. Such a claim was contrary to the gospel the Corinthians had already accepted – they could not logically hold to both the claim that the dead do not rise and the gospel that they had accepted. The resurrection is real; Christ is the first fruits, it will follow a set process, and it provides us the victory over sin and death. Do not be fooled by commonly accepted statements that are at odds with truth. Allow the reality of the resurrection to motivate your faithfulness!

 If the First Family is First --Steve Klein (APR 5, 2015)

Following up on last Sunday morning’s lesson, what are the practical consequences of giving the church/family first priority in our lives? If the first family is first, then our Father’s truth will prevail and be supported at all cost. Our spiritual family will take precedence of physical family. There will be a commitment to sharing, caring, and associating. We will be focused on one another, and we will use our gifts for the benefit of our family!

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #8 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAR 29, 2015)

 Secrets of Happiness --Steve Klein (MAR 29, 2015)

The Christian is happy, not as a result of seeking happiness as an end in itself, but because of a perspective on life that gives him purpose and orders his priorities. He is consistent, he has a loving God, he does what is right, he understands that there is a reason for tribulation, he is not possessed by possessions, and he knows that he is saved.

 The First Family --Steve Klein (MAR 29, 2015)

In this lesson, "the first family" is not a reference to Adam & Eve, the President & his wife, or even our own physical family. The family that is first in importance and priority is God’s family. God’s family demands special behavior, closer ties, and a focus on glorifying Him!

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #7 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAR 25, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #6 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAR 22, 2015)

 How to Criticize without Sinning --Steve Klein (MAR 22, 2015)

It’s easy to criticize, but it may be difficult to do so without sinning. To criticize correctly, Christians should use Scripture, be motivated by love, and have a worthwhile goal in mind. Sinful criticism aims to hurt, is often done behind the back, focuses on earthly concerns, and is not interested in being a part of a solution to the problem.

 Valiant for the Truth --Steve Klein (MAR 22, 2015)

God is truth. Those who are His Children will love the truth, choose it, follow it, contend for it and speak it in love. Our affinity for the truth, or lack thereof, will meet us at the Judgement Day.

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #5 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAR 18, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #4 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAR 15, 2015)

 The Prodigal Father --Steve Klein (MAR 15, 2015)

Many fathers in todays world are wasting their opportunities and neglecting their duties. They are prodigal fathers! God is the perfect Father, and human fathers would do well to learn and return to His ways – loving their children, knowing and supplying the needs of their children, disciplining their children and forgiving their children.

 Faithfulness --Steve Klein (MAR 15, 2015)

Faithfulness is a key quality of every person who pleases God. God Himself demonstrates faithfulness, as do many great Bible characters. Faithfulness is a "till death" commitment. It is exhibited in many areas of life - worship, prayer, Bible study & application, resisting Satan and the use of our possessions.

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #3 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAR 11, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #2 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAR 8, 2015)

 Order in the Home --Steve Klein (MAR 8, 2015)

Are the differences between the sexes significant when it comes to the home? Is the home to be ruled by a patriarch, or should wives (and children) have an equal say in things? The Bible indicates that men, because they share God's masculine nature, have the responsibility to lead and care for the home. The guiding principle for every member of a family is not equality, but unity based on God's pattern.

 The Exalted Christ --Steve Klein (MAR 8, 2015)

Philippians 2:5-11 teaches that, although Jesus existed in the form of God, He humbled Himself to obey His Father and die on the cross. Because of this, God the Father has exalted Jesus above every name and reign. All are obliged to give homage and obedience to Jesus!

 The Bible Series Q3: Invasion and Conquest of the Land Class #1 --Jimmy Crafts, Freddy Richter (MAR 1, 2015)

 Controversy at Corinth: Order Verses Chaos --Steve Klein (MAR 1, 2015)

1 Corinthians 11-14 provide us the opportunity to consider the order and structure that result when we live under GodÂ’s authority, in contrast to the chaos and confusion that result from following human whim and caprice. The issues dealt with are the womanÂ’s covering, the LordÂ’s supper, spiritual gifts and decorum in worship. In each case, understanding GodÂ’s purpose and following GodÂ’s way results in ORDER while following manÂ’s way leads to CHAOS.

 The Blood of Jesus, The Body of Jesus and Water Baptism --Steve Klein (MAR 1, 2015)

With so much misunderstanding of the purpose of water baptism in the religious world, a study of its connection to the blood of Christ and to entering the body of Christ is remarkably clarifying! The Scriptures show that one must be baptized into Christ in order to receive the benefits of the blood of Christ and become part of His body.

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #21 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (FEB 22, 2015)

 The High Cost of a Quick Fix --Steve Klein (FEB 22, 2015)

In selling his birthright for a pot of stew, Esau serves as an example of the high cost of a quick fix. Many follow Esau's example and allow quick fixes like alcohol, drugs, gambling, gluttony, sexual immorality and easy credit to cost them dearly. Avoid the quick fix! Recognize the deception, practice delayed gratification, exercise self-control and wait on the Lord!

 Heaven and Hell: The Royal Wedding and The Great Divorce --Steve Klein (FEB 22, 2015)

While the world has trouble distinguishing between good and evil, saints and sinners, and their destinies in heaven and hell, the Scriptures present a sharp contrast. ThereÂ’s a great day coming, when the saints and the sinners will be parted and the contrast between the two will be abundantly clear for all eternity.

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #20 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (FEB 18, 2015)

 8 Rules for Preachers and 2 For the Family --Ken Chapman (FEB 17, 2015)

This lesson explores 8 simple rules for preachers and 2 for the congregation. We must remember preachers are people too. Each of these rules can be applied to any Christian as well as a preacher.

 A Like Precious Faith Binds us Together as a Family --Ken Chapman (FEB 16, 2015)

As a family, it is our like precious faith that binds us together. We share a faith with the great men of faith like Peter who penned this phrase. It is a faith that is trusting, enduring, obedient and precious.

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #19 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (FEB 15, 2015)

 The Greatest Family --Ken Chapman (FEB 15, 2015)

As a member of the body of Christ we are a part of the greatest family, the family of God. This lesson looks at the great attributes of this family.

 Membership Has Its Privileges --Ken Chapman (FEB 15, 2015)

Being a member of the church is being a part of the greatest family, and in this lesson we look at the privileges that this membership has. The fellowship, social contact, guidance, discipline and love that we share are discussed.

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #18 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (FEB 11, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class # --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (FEB 8, 2015)

 Marriage and Divorce --Steve Klein (FEB 8, 2015)

Divorce is rampant in our society. Doctrinal disagreement on the issue has resulted in more divorce and division in the church. While there are general areas of agreement among conservatively minded Christians, the areas of disagreement are significant; they must be addressed and reconciled according to Scripture. We will not see or agree on the truth concerning marriage and divorce until we can agree on what constitutes a marriage and what constitutes a divorce.

 The Gathering Darkness and The Light of the World --Steve Klein (FEB 8, 2015)

God considers it an abomination to profane His holy institution of marriage. The disrespect for traditional marriage and the re-definition of marriage in our culture is not morally neutral - it is a national disgrace. The world is filled with darkness (evil), and our acceptance of gay marriages indicates that it is getting darker. Christ is the light of the world. His gospel saves men from darkness. Those who are in the light will shine their lights all the brighter the darker it gets.

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #16 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (FEB 1, 2015)

 Redemption --Steve Klein (FEB 1, 2015)

To redeem is to buy back, ransom, rescue or deliver. The concept of redemption is found throughout Scripture. GodÂ’s deliverance of Israel from Egyptian bondage is a classic example of redemption. In a similar way, God redeems us from sin and death.

 Unity in the Family of God --Steve Klein (FEB 1, 2015)

Unity in the family of God is wonderful. God the Father and His Son Jesus model family unity for us. Unity results when family members humbly fulfill their roles and speak the truth in love.

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #15 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (JAN 28, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #14 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (JAN 25, 2015)

 Controversy at Corinth: My Liberty VERSUS Your Conscience --Steve Klein (JAN 25, 2015)

Among the controversial questions at Corinth, there was the issue of whether or not a Christian should eat meat that had been sacrificed to idols. Paul uses the question to teach timeless truths about the demands love makes on those in the family of God. Love leads us to make allowance for those who know less than we do. It moves us to forfeit rights and liberties for the welfare of a brother’s conscience. It leads us to glorify God, refuse to offend others, and seek the profit of others above our own profit.

 Obligation or Privilege? --Steve Klein (JAN 25, 2015)

Do we serve the Lord because we have to or because we want to? Is it a privilege or an obligation? The Bible answer is that it is both an obligation and a privilege to serve the Lord. If we miss seeing our service to God as a privilege, we will fail to perceive how wondrous and blessed it is to be a Christian!

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #13 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (JAN 21, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #12 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (JAN 18, 2015)

 The God Who Holds Your Hand --Steve Klein (JAN 18, 2015)

“For I, the LORD your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, ‘fear not, I will help you.’” (Isaiah 41:13)

 How the Weak Can Be Strong --Steve Klein (JAN 18, 2015)

Even the strongest among us is sometimes weak. We may be weak physically, in knowledge or in faith. We should each examine ourselves to see if we are weak, and then determine to be stronger by taking in GodÂ’s word, having stronger faith, and seeking help from the Lord and our brethren. The Lord expects the weak to become strong, and He expects the strong to help them do so!

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #11 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (JAN 14, 2015)

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #10 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (JAN 11, 2015)

 Stubbornness --Steve Klein (JAN 11, 2015)

While no serious Christian would overtly condone idolatry, we do something just as bad by allowing stubbornness to rule our hearts or the hearts of others. King Saul was told that his stubbornness was like iniquity and idolatry. Stubbornness is characterized by walking in a self-determined, way, thinking you are always right, being unwilling to change and failing to trust the Master (like a mule). Let us not harden our hearts!

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #9 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (JAN 4, 2015)

 What The Lord Has Prepared --Steve Klein (JAN 4, 2015)

God long prepared to give the Promised Land to the nation of Israel. He prepared the land, and He prepared Israel to receive the land. Even so, He has prepared a home for us from before the foundation of the world. We must allow Him to prepare us to enter that heavenly land.

 Because we are God's Children, We Are Family! --Steve Klein (JAN 4, 2015)

As God's children at Eastside, WE ARE FAMILY! This is our theme for 2015. Being family means we have one Father, we do His will, and we acknowledge and appreciate our family relationships. We appreciate each other, deal with crises in a positive manner, spend time together, are committed to one another and communicate well with each other. But mainly, as family, we are knit together in a love that is kind, forbearing and forgiving!

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #8 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (DEC 31, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #7 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (DEC 28, 2014)

 Pressing Toward the Goal --Steve Klein (DEC 28, 2014)

PRESSING requires leaving old pursuits and aspirations behind. The GOAL we hope to achieve is Christ-likeness, and it can only be found in one direction! The PRIZE is heaven, which the greatest victor's crown of all.

 All Things Are Possible --Steve Klein (DEC 28, 2014)

Just as the birth of Christ seemed incredible to Mary, many important things that may seem impossible to us are in fact accomplished through the power of God. These things include sinners being saved, prayers being answered, goals & dreams achieved, and obstacles overcome.

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #6 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (DEC 24, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #5 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (DEC 21, 2014)

 Follow Me --Darren Winland (DEC 21, 2014)

In a discussion of true discipleship we look at the Apostle Peter's life and some needs that we have to bear one another's cross, prefer Jesus, and follow Him.

 Creating a Climate for Confession --Steve Klein (DEC 21, 2014)

Christians need a climate in the church in which they are free to do as the Lord commands and "confess your sins one to another." Without such a climate in the church, many will live in isolation, bearing the burden of their sins alone. According to Colossians 3:1-13, the Lord intends for the church to be a community of confessors – mutually acknowledging sin and seeking strength and forgiveness. For this to work, forgiveness must flow freely from and within the church, and it must be received completely by those in need of it.

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #4 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (DEC 17, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #3 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (DEC 14, 2014)

 Controversy at Corinth: Immorality in the Body --Steve Klein (DEC 14, 2014)

In the Corinthians church, there were problems with sexual immorality. It was in the body of Christ and being committed with the bodies of Christians. We, like they, live in the midst of a perverse culture. We must learn how to deal with this issue in our bodies and within Christ's body. We must see this sin as the danger that it is in the church and learn to flee the temptation, choosing to use our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God.

 What Kind of People Confess Their Sins? --Steve Klein (DEC 14, 2014)

James 5:16 discusses confession of our trespasses to one another. Some believe that the confession of wrong doing will show hypocrisy. We look a what confession of sin indicates about a person and what the results of confession truly is.

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #2 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (DEC 10, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q2: Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness Class #1 --Mike Bryant, Tim Richter (DEC 7, 2014)

 Reverence For God --Steve Klein (DEC 7, 2014)

God should be feared. Fearing God will motivate us to server Him properly. It will determine our attitude toward evil. Typically reverence for God decreases over time as we allow worldly attitudes toward people, worship and service to distract us from the awesome God we serve.

 Purposeful Giving Versus the Price of Idolatry --Steve Klein (DEC 7, 2014)

Will a man rob God? (Malachi 3:8-10) We should have the mind of a steward with respect to our money and possessions. Everything we have belongs to God. We rob God when we use what he has blessed us with for idolatry. We should give with purpose. We are not told an amount but it should be liberally (2 Cor. 9:6-7; 8:2). It should be of value to us and not of what we have left over. Never give God your leftovers!

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #23 --Wayne Holt (NOV 30, 2014)

 Hearing the Voice of Wisdom Guidance from the Book of Proverbs --Steve Klein (NOV 30, 2014)

Wisdom may be gained from experience and observation, but the purest source of the highest wisdom is God Himself. If we respect Him and value the benefits of wisdom, we will listen to Him! We may be hindered by pride, selfish desires and our scoffing attitude; if so, we will suffer serious consequences. Let us resolve that the best path in life is the path that follows God’s wisdom!

 Empowered in Your Spirit by His Spirit (Ephesians 3:14-21) --Steve Klein (NOV 30, 2014)

In Ephesians 3:16, Paul prays that the Ephesians might "be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man." The Holy Spirit dwells in us and strengthens us through the inspired word of God. When we allow the Spirit-given word to dwell in us and strengthen us, our inner man is altered so that God is glorified in our lives, we are used effectively in His work, and we find our true purpose for living. The Holy Spirit thus empowers us in PRAYING, EVANGELIZING and BECOMING MORE CHRIST-LIKE!

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #22 --Wayne Holt (NOV 26, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #21 --Wayne Holt (NOV 23, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #20 --Wayne Holt (NOV 23, 2014)

 Controversy at Corinth: Heresy or Homogeneity? --Steve Klein (NOV 23, 2014)

Unity is discussed in I Corinthians 1-4 and we look at why unity is necessary as well as how we can overcome and avoid division.

 Accepting All of Jesus --Steve Klein (NOV 23, 2014)

Many who claim to believe in Jesus do not accept ALL of Him. If we truly believe in Jesus, we must accept His divine power and fully rely on Him as our Savior, law-giver, and only hope of eternal life.

 The Blessed Family of The God-fearing Man (Psalms 128) --Steve Klein (NOV 16, 2014)

Psalm 128 reveals how the God-fearing man will be blessed by God. His life, like ripples from a rock thrown in a pond, will also bless his wife, his children and his nation.

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #19 --Wayne Holt (NOV 16, 2014)

 Weighing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Christian --Steve Klein (NOV 16, 2014)

Some may hesitate to become Christians because they believe there a disadvantages to it. This lesson examines some of those supposed disadvantages to being and Christian and shows the real advantages to living a life for Jesus.

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #18 --Wayne Holt (NOV 12, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #17 --Wayne Holt (NOV 9, 2014)

 Names of God --Steve Klein (NOV 9, 2014)

God has various names in the Hebrew Old Testament. Four of the most common names of God are examined in this lesson. An appreciation of these names helps us understand Him and our obligations to Him better.

 If You Are Following God's Will...Prove It! --Steve Klein (NOV 9, 2014)

If we are truly following GodÂ’s will, we will test to make certain that it is in fact GODÂ’S WILL, and then we will prove we are following it be demonstrating so in our lives.

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #16 --Wayne Holt (NOV 2, 2014)

 The Soul Spirit and Body of Man --Steve Klein (NOV 2, 2014)

Man is often spoken of in scripture as a dual being, composed of body and soul, or body and spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 considers man as body, soul and spirit. This lesson explores the soul and spirit of man, noting the similarities and differences in these words which focus attention on the unseen, spiritual aspect of human beings. Every man should glorify God with his entire being: BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT!

 God's Five Step Plan for Salvation --Steve Klein (NOV 2, 2014)

A step plan can help a person overcome addiction. God has a plan for us to overcome sin and be saved. When we seek it in Scripture, we find that GodÂ’s plan is for sinners to HEAR, BELIEVE, REPENT, CONFESS and BE BAPTIZED.

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #15 --Wayne Holt (OCT 29, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #14 --Wayne Holt (OCT 26, 2014)

 Fasting --Steve Klein (OCT 26, 2014)

Fasting is a neglected topic and perhaps a neglected practice among Christians. When is it appropriate to fast? How long should a fast last? What are the key components of fasting? What role does fasting have in the lives of Christians today?

 Serving others or serving self? (Jude 12) --Steve Klein (OCT 26, 2014)

Our theme of "Serving God by Serving One Another" needs to be extended beyond the bounds of physical service to include ministering to one another's spiritual needs.

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #13 --Freddy richter (OCT 22, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #12 --Wayne Holt (OCT 19, 2014)

 Nothing --Steve Klein (OCT 19, 2014)

This is a sermon about nothing. Nothing can be a clever thing to say, the best thing to do, a good thing to see or know, what disciples can be even when they think they are something, and what riches amount to. Nothing is too hard for God!

 The Greatest Fault --Steve Klein (OCT 19, 2014)

The greatest of faults is to be conscious of none. Like the Pharisee of Luke 18, if we say we have no sin, we are blinded by pride. Such blindness can be caused by focusing on other's sins instead of our own, fixating on externals, feeling self-sufficient, failing to love brethren, and failing to ask "What do I still lack?"

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #11 --Wayne Holt (OCT 15, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #10 --Wayne Holt (OCT 12, 2014)

 For Your Own Good --Steve Klein (OCT 12, 2014)

When growing up we were often told that doing something difficult or something that we didn't like was being done "For your own good". We will be looking at the fact that God's commandments are really for our own good. (Mark 2:23-27) New Testament Laws were made for our Benefit and there is a blessing in Obedience.

 The Anatomy of God --Steve Klein (OCT 12, 2014)

Have you ever considered God having an anatomy? Not a physical anatomy like we have, but having the functions that we have in our physical anatomy. Consider God's eyes, ears, nose, mouth, arms and hands, and how they are superior to our own.

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #9 --Wayne Holt (OCT 8, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class # 8 --Wayne Holt (OCT 5, 2014)

 Attitudes That Lead To Obedience --Jimmy Crafts (OCT 5, 2014)

Looking at four attitudes that lead to Obedience to God: - Humility (I Cor 3:18) - Respect for Authority (Luke 6:46) - Love for the Lord (I John 4:19) - Desire to Go to Heaven and a Fear of Going to Hell (Heb 10:26-39) ***Warning: Video is missing several minutes due to internet issues. Audio link is a complete recording.

 Between Two Mountians --Tim Richter (OCT 5, 2014)

Study focused around Hebrews 12:18-24 and our journey to our eternal home.

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #7 --Wayne Holt (SEP 28, 2014)

 Instrumental Music and Falling From Grace --Steve Klein (SEP 28, 2014)

The failure to rightly divide God's word and distinguish between the Old Testament and the New Testament has resulted in many using the Old Testament to justify the practice of instrumental music in worship. When we go back to the Old Law to justify our works, we obligate ourselves to keep the entire Law, and the result is that we have fallen from grace

 Take Courage --Steve Klein (SEP 28, 2014)

God's servants need courage to face conflict, keep commandments, and live as Christians before others. We can "take" such courage by caring more about the Lord than we do ourselves, and by trusting in God's presence and providence.

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #6 --Wayne Holt (SEP 24, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #5 --Wayne Holt (SEP 21, 2014)

 Conquering Our Giants Through God’s Strength --Andrew Boyd (SEP 21, 2014)

A Christian has access to an awesome God who is ready and willing to help us when we put our faith and trust in Him. Through prayer we have access to the power of the God who created everything we know. If God is for us, who can be against us Romans 8.31.

 The Story of Jesus: Who is he? --Rob Cook (SEP 21, 2014)

He is Deity! He is the Lamb of God and the true shepherd who came to give his life to save us of our sin.

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #4 --Wayne Holt (SEP 17, 2014)

 The Fatal Consequences of Shrinking the Son --Dennis Allan (SEP 16, 2014)

We spoke about the trend to shrink "Humanize" Jesus to make him what we as humans want him to be. If we do this there are fatal consequences. If we shrink Jesus, we have no high priest (Heb. 2:17). We would have no Savior and Lord. Finally if we shrink Jesus, we will have no hope for salvation.

 Jesus: Lord of lords --Dennis Allan (SEP 15, 2014)

Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords! He is the object of our faith, the only Savior, the object of love and loyalty, and the one who deserves and receives the worship of those He created.

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #3 --Wayne Holt (SEP 14, 2014)

 Jesus: Eternal God --Dennis Allan (SEP 14, 2014)

A Lesson that explains how Jesus is: The uncreated Creator, distinct from all creatures The eternal God, who has always existed The same God who was active in the history of the Old Testament

 They Shrunk the Son --Dennis Allan (SEP 14, 2014)

Christianity is under attack. In response do we trust the weapons our God has given us which is His Word? This isn't a battle that will go on on some foreign battle field but rather it is everywhere. There is an overwhelming effort to humanize Jesus to make him what we as humans want him to be. In other words they have "shrunk the Son".

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #2 --Wayne Holt (SEP 10, 2014)

 The Bible Series Q1: In the Beginning (Genesis) Class #1 --Wayne Holt (SEP 7, 2014)

 People Eaters --Steve Klein (SEP 7, 2014)

The Bible identifies real life monsters that can eat us alive spiritually and materially. They feed on fear and they inflict misery. These people eaters include the devil, the wicked, selfish spiritual leaders and loveless words. In the face of such evil, we must trust in the Lord for protection, salvation and justice.

 Freed From Sin --Steve Klein (SEP 7, 2014)

In Romans 6, Paul shows how we are freed from sin through baptism. Baptism connects us to the grace of God as demonstrated in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. We are freed from sin because we are baptized INTO DEATH, raised to walk in a NEW LIFE, and have presented ourselves as slaves to God.

 I & II Timothy Class: 22 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (AUG 31, 2014)

 James, the Lord’s Brother --Steve Klein (AUG 31, 2014)

Jesus had a brother named James who made a spiritual journey from unbeliever and scoffer, to becoming a witness of Jesus' resurrection and a key figure in the early church. He is mentioned outside the Bible, and his burial box has even recently been discovered. His journey to faith can help us on our journey to faith.

 Developing a Spiritual Private Life --Steve Klein (AUG 31, 2014)

Most Christians desire a deeper spiritual private life. The Biblical keys to developing it are MEDITATION & ACTION. Meditate on GodÂ’s blessings, GodÂ’s word, good things and the needs of others. Act on your meditation through charity, prayer, fasting and singing.

 Are You Ready? --Bill Murrell (AUG 27, 2014)

Bill Murrell ask us to consider that it may not be what I have done but rather what I have failed to do. Are we ready to face God in Judgement?

 I & II Timothy Class: 21 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (AUG 27, 2014)

 I & II Timothy Class: 20 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (AUG 24, 2014)

 Honoring Marriage --Steve Klein (AUG 24, 2014)

Marriage is to be honored. If marriage is precious to you, you will honor it by respecting God’s word concerning who has the right to marry, choosing your spouse carefully, being faithful to your spouse, honoring your spouse, and making your marriage a life-long commitment.

 A Call to Loving Service --Steve Klein (AUG 24, 2014)

When we stand before God in Judgement we will not be judged on how much we have done but how much we could have done. God calls us to loving service. God calls us to simple service. We will be judged based on our service. We will be blessed based on our service.

 I & II Timothy Class: 19 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (AUG 20, 2014)

 I & II Timothy Class: 18 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (AUG 17, 2014)

 Asking The Right Question --Steve Klein (AUG 17, 2014)

In our quest for truth, we learn by asking meaningful questions. Some questions may not have easy answers, and some answers from God’s word won’t be what we are looking for, but they will be right! We must always respect the authority of God’s word as we seek for knowledge, understanding, and application. We must be cautious about asking unnecessary, insincere, or offensive questions. Our ability to ask the right questions will be determined by our desire for truth and by our humility.

 A Life Well Lived --Steve Klein (AUG 17, 2014)

Celebrity deaths often create interesting questions related to our faith. What makes for a well-lived life? Who is the Judge? Is it right for us to make any judgments at all about others? Can we tell when a soul is lost? What would we say to such a soul if we had opportunity? Who has made the real difference in our lives – celebrities or Jesus? Who and what should we praise?

 I & II Timothy Class: 17 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (AUG 13, 2014)

 Sing With Understanding --Steve Klein (AUG 10, 2014)

Songs are sung for edification (Colossians 3:16 and Ephesians 5:19). Our singing in worship must come from the heart. Do we understand the meaning of the words we sing? Is the song scripturally accurate? Is it doctrinally correct?

 The Church's Role in Desiring and Developing Elders --Russ Lagrone (AUG 10, 2014)

What can we do as a congregation or as individuals to help men grow spiritually and develop so they are eventually prepared to server effectively as elders?

 Elders as Shepherds of the Sheep --Marty Broadwell (AUG 10, 2014)

Leadership is sacrificial service to others and that the church was a busy place for protecting & progressing, for getting well and growing, a hospital, where everyone was sick but everyone was trying to help everyone else get better. We looked at Paul’s description of his work in Ephesus as an example that those elders were to follow, in which he concluded: "I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak". This morning we want to consider shepherding individual members: "Sheep shepherding".

 Introduction to the Role of Elders --Russ Lagrone (AUG 8, 2014)

Who are elders? What are they to do? What is the difference in flock shepherding and sheep shepherding.

 Elders as Shepherds of the Flock --Marty Broadwell (AUG 8, 2014)

There are many misconceptions regarding the church and elders that this lesson tries to clear up. This lesson discusses what a church does and the work of it's leaders. It also discusses the support the flock is to give their leadership so that the whole body can grow as God intended.

 I & II Timothy Class: 16 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (AUG 3, 2014)

 Without Compromise - The Challenge of Living out Your Convictions --Steve Klein (AUG 3, 2014)

The kind of compromise we discuss in this lesson involves surrendering to that which is wrong. Such compromise is sinful and harmful because it involves disobedience to God, it dulls us spiritually, it reflects divided loyalties, it leads to more of the same, and it gives Satan the victory. People may compromise from motives of material gain, family ties, fear, a desire to avoid confrontation, or a lack of faith. Whatever the motive that tempts us to compromise may be, we must resist it and stand strong in living out our convictions.

 Jesus Is Coming Again --Steve Klein (AUG 3, 2014)

The Bible declares that Jesus is coming again. Christians must be watchful, holy, hopeful and patient in anticipation of His coming.

 I & II Timothy Class: 15 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUL 30, 2014)

 I & II Timothy Class: 14 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUL 27, 2014)

 Peter -- Freed Indeed: How The Lord Frees us from Bondage --Steve Klein (JUL 27, 2014)

We may be bound by sin or false teaching. Herod harasses the church and puts Peter in prison. God's people prayed for Peter and the Lord freed him from bondage. Likewise God has made a way for our freedom from sin and we are left to take advantage of it or reject it.

 Report on the Trip to South Africa --Steve Klein (JUL 27, 2014)

 I & II Timothy Class: 13 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUL 23, 2014)

 I & II Timothy Class: 12 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUL 20, 2014)

 When You Feel Like Giving Up --Scott Abernathy (JUL 20, 2014)

Reasons why some give up on God, and what we should do when we feel that way.

 Are You Of The Way? --Justin Ruf (JUL 20, 2014)

This Way is the path/manner of life that leads to righteousness and leads to God. The Way is Jesus Christ Himself and His teachings. The bigger question to look at is How was Saul going to find these people that were “of the Way”? How was he going to recognize them? There was something about this group that would stand out and make them recognizable.

 I & II Timothy Class: 11 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUL 16, 2014)

 Report on the Trip to Mexico --Jarrod Taylor (JUL 13, 2014)

 Church Discipline --Wayne Holt (JUL 13, 2014)

Church discipline is not a pleasant topic but it is something God commands to help save a soul from sin and keep His Church pure. This lesson looks at church discipline from four perspectives first the erring brother, second the congregation, third the Elders and lastly God's perspective.

 I & II Timothy Class: 9 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUL 9, 2014)

 I & II Timothy Class: 8 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUL 6, 2014)

 The Limits of Church Benevolence --Steve Klein (JUL 6, 2014)

While individual Christians are to do good to all men, God has placed limits on who the church may help financially. Churches are help the needy who saints or brethren so they are not so overburdened that they cannot do their primary work of evangelism and edification. While some believe that 2 Corinthians 9:13 allows churches to help non-saints, a careful study of the verse shows otherwise.

 The Challenge of World Evangelism --Steve Klein (JUL 6, 2014)

We are called to evangelize the world. The challenge is immense. Billions are lost and dying in sin. God desires that all nations be evangelized. We should be motivated by our God-given obligation, the value of a soul, and our compassion for our fellowman. Let us be committed to sending the gospel!

 I & II Timothy Class: 7 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUN 29, 2014)

 Temptations in Preaching --Steve Klein (JUN 29, 2014)

Preachers face temptations like anyone else, but they also face certain temptations with greater regularity than most. These “come with the territory” and include pride, envy, covetousness, the desire for popularity & power, and the inclination to fellowship brethren in error. An awareness and watchfulness concerning temptation is one of the best preventatives.

 Jesus Christ above all gods --Steve Klein (JUN 29, 2014)

Jesus is the one true God, above all gods! The God who demonstrated His superiority to the gods of Egypt is embodied in the Person of Jesus Christ. He is above all gods because His claims are higher, His fame is Higher, His aim for man is higher and His name is higher.

 I & II Timothy Class: 6 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUN 25, 2014)

 I & II Timothy Class: 5 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUN 22, 2014)

 Preachers & Churches that Please God --Steve Klein (JUN 22, 2014)

As individuals, we should all strive to please God in our daily walk. Preachers and churches have particular duties to fulfill and qualities to develop in order to be pleasing to God. Preachers must have faith in God, do and teach good works, rely on GodÂ’s ways, focus on spiritual things, and preach the unadulterated gospel. Churches should consider what pleased and displeased the Lord in the 7 churches of Asia in Revelation 2 and 3.

 One Hope For All Of Us --Steve Klein (JUN 22, 2014)

In Christ we have a singular hope. As a result of sin, we start out hopeless, but God has provided hope for us through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and His own faithfulness has guaranteed this hope. Let us hold fast our hope and eagerly await its culmination!

 Was Jesus Raised From the Dead --Bob Hutto (JUN 20, 2014)

Four Gospel writers, Peter, Paul and 500 brethren all saw Jesus after His death and burial. No one has successfully discredited the character of the authors of the New Testament. This event brought about huge changes in the world in which we live.

 Patterns for Prayer: Jesus' Prayer --Bob Hutto (JUN 20, 2014)

 Patterns for Prayer: Hezekiah's Prayer --Bob Hutto (JUN 19, 2014)

 Are the Gospels Accurate? --Bob Hutto (JUN 18, 2014)

The Gospels are accurate and we can trust the Bible we read. The facts can be corroborated by external evidences and the writings have been preserved with care. We have many manuscripts of the Gospels confirming the words we read today are the same as the words written 2000 years ago. The character of the authors are above repute and their writings tell of their negative as well as their positive characteristics. Finally they are eyewitnesses to the events they recorded.

 Patterns for Prayer: David's Prayer --Bob Hutto (JUN 18, 2014)

 What Is God Like? --Bob Hutto (JUN 17, 2014)

God is unlike us in that he is independent, unchangeable, eternal and omnipresent. God is like us in that he is a person, spiritual being, similar mental attributes, powerful, moral and an emotional being.

 Patterns for Prayer: Prayer of Jehoshaphat --Bob Hutto (JUN 17, 2014)

 Is the Bible the Word of God? --Bob Hutto (JUN 16, 2014)

The Bible claims to be the word of God. It speaks with authority. It answers perplexing questions. It teaches things difficult to understand. It foretells events thousands of years before they happen yet it is historically accurate. The Bible is harmonious with itself even though it was written over a long period of time by different men inspired by the same Holy Spirit. However, the most convincing proof is in you reading it for yourself.

 The Prayer of Jacob --Bob Hutto (JUN 16, 2014)

Summer 2014 Morning Series on the power of prayer. This lesson revolves around the prayer of Jacob.

 I & II Timothy Class: 4 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUN 15, 2014)

 Arguments of the Atheists --Bob Hutto (JUN 15, 2014)

There seems to be a general acceptance that most scientist, highly intelligent, or highly educated people do not believe in God. There is no way to establish this as a fact. However, this is one of many statements made to convince people that God does not exist. Many of the premises of the atheists requires as much or more faith than one who would believe in a God who designed the world in which we live. This lesson looks at a few of the arguments made against the belief in God in hope to build the faith of the listener.

 Does God Exist? --Bob Hutto (JUN 15, 2014)

The Bible does not contain and elaborate, sophisticated, sustained argument for the existence of God. The Bible if full of examples where is assumes God's existence and the references are in the thousands. Is the faith of believers irrational and blind? We believe there is good reason to believe in God, a supreme, infinite, spiritual, personal being. We want to provide some evidence for God's existence in this sermon. We should not let a small but vocal minority to intimidate us into silence on the important topic.

 Singing --Various Men (JUN 14, 2014)

 Summer Series 2014 Session 9: Five Things We Can Know For Sure --Bob Hutto (JUN 14, 2014)

 Summer Series 2014 Session 8: Dealing With Sin --Mike Bryany (JUN 14, 2014)

 Summer Series 2014 Session 7: Beware of Dangerous Doctrine --Scott Abernathy (JUN 14, 2014)

 Summer Series 2014 Session 6: Love Not the World --Lorenzo Cum (JUN 14, 2014)

 Summer Series 2014 Session 5: Loving Brethren in Deed and in Truth --Gary Boyd (JUN 14, 2014)

 Summer Series 2014 Session 4: Loving God Through Obedience --Tracy Moyers (JUN 14, 2014)

 Summer Series 2014 Session 3: Confidence in Prayer --Jeff Smith (JUN 14, 2014)

 Summer Series 2014 Session 2: Confidence in Salvation --Darren Winland (JUN 13, 2014)

 Summer Series 2014 Session 1: Being Born of God - Beginning a New Life --Steve Klein (JUN 13, 2014)

 I & II Timothy Class: 3 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUN 11, 2014)

 I & II Timothy Class: 2 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUN 8, 2014)

 Does Religion Make You Crazy --Steve Klein (JUN 8, 2014)

While some say religion make you crazy, the truth is that the religions of Christ offers healing to those who are suffering in mind and soul. Christianity gives us answers to lifeÂ’s most important questions, promotes self-examination, provides a remedy for guilt, guides us in dealing with daily problems, promotes positive relationships with others and meaningful goals for our lives. Instead of making you crazy, Chrisitainity brings perfect peace.

 The Second Mile of Serving one Another --Steve Klein (JUN 8, 2014)

Jesus wants us to go beyond what is required – to go the second mile. We be certain that we are committed to going the second mile when comes to helping others, showing hospitality, and extending forgiveness. We are willing to go the second mile in serving and forgiving because that is what Jesus did for us.

 I & II Timothy Class: 1 --Justin Ruf and Scott Abernathy (JUN 1, 2014)

 Your Soul's Deep Need --Steve Klein (JUN 1, 2014)

As the hymn “Why Not Now?” suggests, the lost can be moved to obeying the gospel if they see their soul’s deep need. The lost need to make their own decision. They need to see that their souls are in need of salvation, of peace, and of forgiveness that only Jesus can provide. Why not come to Jesus now?

 Honoring God's Leaders --Steve Klein (JUN 1, 2014)

The rebellion of Korah in Numbers 16 teaches great lessons about the need to honor GodÂ’s appointed leaders. We should beware of the dangers of disrespecting Divine authority, and we should honor Divinely appointed leaders in civil government, the home and the church.

 Evidences Class: 23 - Pain and Suffering --Steve Klein (MAY 28, 2014)

 Evidences Class: 22 - Saul's Conversion --Steve Klein (MAY 25, 2014)

 The Family You Have Been Promised --Steve Klein (MAY 25, 2014)

Jesus promises us a large family if we will forsake all and follow Him. The church is that family. We should behave and function as a family by providing teaching from GodÂ’s word, telling family members what they need to hear, showing each other honor & loyalty, bearing one anotherÂ’s burdens, and providing for one anotherÂ’s needs. In order to accomplish this, the church family must spend time together, communicate, be patient & longsuffering, and endure & forbear.

 Unmasking Illusions of our Culture --Steve Klein (MAY 25, 2014)

Our culture can deceive us into thinking that we are truly wealthy, independent, capable of being morally neutral, and that we will never see death. The word of God unmasks these dangerous illusions.

 Evidences Class: 21 - Jesus' Resurrection --Steve Klein (MAY 21, 2014)

 Evidences Class: 20 Jesus Prophecies --Steve Klein (MAY 18, 2014)

 What Disciples Learn from the Ascension of Jesus --Steve Klein (MAY 18, 2014)

The disciples grew in knowledge at the ascension of Jesus. They learned to wait patiently for the Lord to keep His promises, to trust God even though they might not understand His plans, and to work diligently to prepare for the return of Christ.

 Does the Holy Spirit interpret the Bible for Christians? Considering the Doctrine of Illumination --Steve Klein (MAY 18, 2014)

The doctrine of illumination teaches that the Holy Spirit interprets the Bible for Christians. This doctrine is a by-product of Calvinism and is based on the misinterpretation of Scripture. If true, it would make the Holy Spirit responsible for contradictory and erroneous interpretations, and it would not allow for a Christian to grow in knowledge. God does help us understand His word when we pray for wisdom and understanding, when we listen to learned teachers, and when we are truly seeking to do His will.

 Evidences Class: --Steve Klein (MAY 14, 2014)

 Evidences Class: 18 --Steve Klein (MAY 11, 2014)

 Pleasing God --Steve Klein (MAY 11, 2014)

How concerned are you about pleasing God? Do you know what pleases Him? Do you know why you should want to please Him? Is God pleased with you?

 If You Had Been Eve --Steve Klein (MAY 11, 2014)

Bible characters serve as examples for us. We can benefit from considering how we would handle situations like those they faced. If you had been Eve, would you have accepted your God-given role, understood GodÂ’s will, allowed Satan to deceive you, given in to temptation, influenced another to sin, been concerned about modesty, and blamed others for your sins?

 Evidences Class: 17 - John the Baptist's Testimony of Jesus --Steve Klein (MAY 4, 2014)

 How to Become a Minister? --Steve Klein (MAY 4, 2014)

In the Scriptures, a minister is not an ordained preacher, but one who serves others. We are all to be ministers – serving others with every God-given resource, so that God will be glorified.

 The Test --Steve Klein (MAY 4, 2014)

God tests us for several reasons: (1) He wants to know whether or not we will obey. (2) It pleases Him when we do right (3) To show His justice in judgment. (4) To make us better people. God thoroughly tested Abraham, and He tests us in the same ways. Let us pass the tests, and come forth as gold!

 Evidences Class: 16 - Jesus' Claim as the Son of God --Wayne Holt (APR 30, 2014)

 Evidences Class: 14 - Reconciling Apparent Contradictions --Brent Siota (APR 27, 2014)

 Satan's Devices --Brent Siota (APR 27, 2014)

 The Four Dimensions of Growth --Lorenzo Cum (APR 27, 2014)

How was Jesus able to face the cross? Well the preparation started much earlier than the last week of his life. Beginning in Luke 2 & 3 we see Jesus grew in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and men. We can do the same!

 Evidences Class: 14 --Steve Klein (APR 23, 2014)

 Evidences Class: 13 --Steve Klein (APR 20, 2014)

 Show Your Wisdom --Steve Klein (APR 20, 2014)

James 3:13-18 teaches us that true wisdom is SHOWN in our conduct. Wisdom demonstrates meekness. There is a stark contrast between the wisdom that is earthly and the wisdom that is from above: the two wisdoms do not have the same source, nature or fruits.

 God’s Unfailing Love --Steve Klein (APR 20, 2014)

The Hebrew word hesed is translated loving-kindness, mercy, kindness, and unfailing love. It is the unfailing love of a binding covenant. GodÂ’s unfailing love demands justice and righteousness, but it also provides merciful forgiveness for every shortcoming.

 Evidences Class: 12 --Steve Klein (APR 16, 2014)

 Evidences Class: 11 --Steve Klein (APR 13, 2014)

 The all-seeing God and His nearsighted people --Steve Klein (APR 13, 2014)

The choice of Lot to live in Sodom affected his family. Sodom lived in LotÂ’s family. Lot was not respected. His family was reluctant to flee evil, and earthly desires were stronger than the desire to obey God. GodÂ’s people today live in the world, but we must not allow the world to live in us.

 When Sodom Lived in Lot's Family --Steve Klein (APR 13, 2014)

The choice of Lot to live in Sodom affected his family. Sodom lived in LotÂ’s family. Lot was not respected. His family was reluctant to flee evil, and earthly desires were stronger than the desire to obey God. GodÂ’s people today live in the world, but we must not allow the world to live in us.

 Evidences Class: 10 --Steve Klein (APR 9, 2014)

 The Watchman and the Warning --Gary Boyd (APR 6, 2014)

 Evidences Class: 9 --Lorenzo Cum (APR 6, 2014)

 Successfully Serving God by Serving Others --Tracy Moyers (APR 6, 2014)

We let so many things distract us from using our time to be successful in our 2014 goal of “serve God by serving others”. This lesson is intended to remind us that planning to do it but failing to follow through is the same at the end of the day as refusing to do anything at all.

 Evidences Class: 7 --Steve Klein (MAR 30, 2014)

 Before The Throne --Steve Klein (MAR 30, 2014)

In Revelation, John sees the throne of God. By inspiration, he paints a word picture that is a Divine Masterpiece. We see the glory of God along with His omniscience, omnipotence and holiness. Before GodÂ’s throne, our prayers are heard, and God is praised for all He does for the saints. And there is the tree of life and the river of life, which symbolize everlasting life given to GodÂ’s servants. Before His throne they serve Him, the see Him, they belong to Him, and they reign forever. The scene conveys the special place that we as GodÂ’s servants have before His throne.

 Lessons from Noah and the Flood --Steve Klein (MAR 30, 2014)

Because they do not respect God or His word, those in the world misuse and misapply the Bible account of Noah and the Flood. According to Scripture, the lessons we should take from the Flood account are that the Lord knows how to punish the wicked, righteous people should stand for whatÂ’s right, people should prepare to meet the Lord, faith and works lead to salvation, and baptism saves. DonÂ’t miss the boat!

 50 Days --Darren Winland (MAR 23, 2014)

A lot can be accomplished in about 50 days. This is the approximate time between the Passover and Pentecost in the Jewish calendar. This lesson looks at some of the changes experience by the Apostles in 50 days.

 Evidences Class: 5 --Steve Klein (MAR 19, 2014)

 Evidences Class: 4 --Steve Klein (MAR 16, 2014)

 The Christian and Alcohol --Steve Klein (MAR 16, 2014)

Drinking alcohol is a serious societal and spiritual problem. Modern alcoholic drinks are equivalent to “strong drink” which is condemned in Scripture. 1 Peter 4:3 condemns drinking. Drinking leads not only to drunkenness but also to a loss of self control. Some Bible passages are misconstrued or misused to justify drinking.

 Whom are you following? --Steve Klein (MAR 16, 2014)

ItÂ’s important to make sure that those you follow are going where you want to go. If is unwise to follow those known to be mistaken or ignorant, those who love money, those who teach error or those who are wicked. We should follow Jesus, His apostles and His faithful disciples!

 Evidences Class: 3 --Steve Klein (MAR 12, 2014)

 Evidences Class: 2 --Steve Klein (MAR 9, 2014)

 Time --Steve Klein (MAR 9, 2014)

Life is measured by time and it passes swiftly. We use our time wisely by doing GodÂ’s will. Each person should use time to be saved, pray, learn GodÂ’s word, be an example and teach others.

 Withdraw Yourself --Steve Klein (MAR 9, 2014)

Obeying the command to withdraw from those who walk disorderly accomplishes a lot of positive things. When we follow GodÂ’s purpose and procedure for withdrawing, it shows true love for brethren, concern for the welfare of souls, unity and purity in the church, and a willingness to obey God in all things.

 Evidences Class: 1 --Steve Klein (MAR 2, 2014)

 Labor of Love --Steve Klein (MAR 2, 2014)

Labor is more than just work or effort; it is work or effort that is difficult, causes stress or pain, or is sacrificial. Love motivates labor that is sacrificial, beneficial and diligent. As love increases, the labor of love will increase as well.

 Pawns of Satan --Steve Klein (MAR 2, 2014)

Satan uses people as pawns, sacrificing them in his efforts to wage war on the kingdom of God. We are SatanÂ’s pawns when we cause others to sin, fail to forgive, act as hypocrites, fail to be submissive or give heed to false teachers.

 The Story of the Bible Class: 22 --Darren Winland (FEB 26, 2014)

 The Story of the Bible Class: 21 --Darren Winland (FEB 23, 2014)

 Report of Congregations in South Africa --Paddy Kendall-Ball (FEB 23, 2014)

Paddy delivers a report from his work in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

 Esther - When Submission Held Sway --Steve Klein (FEB 23, 2014)

Ester came to be queen due to the lack of submission of Queen Vashti. Ester saved her people through acts of submission. There is a lessons there for us whether we are wives, employees or brothers and sisters in Christ. We are to be submissive to each other and in this lessons we see how this behavior saves us.

 The Story of the Bible Class: 20 Crucifixion and Resurrection --Darren Winland (FEB 19, 2014)

Brother Winland talked about Jesus' teaching, the Cross, and the Resurrection.

 Issues People Have with the Holy Spirit --Bill Hall (FEB 18, 2014)

Brother Hall presented the lesson by answering common questions. 1. Are all Christians baptized with the Holy Spirit? (Act. 11:14) 2. Is it fair that all Christians in 1st century received the Holy Spirit? (Eph. 3:3-5 Paul tells the Ephesians "as it has now been revealed to His holy apostles and prophets in the Spirit") 3.Do we need the help of the Holy Spirit in making choices in our lives?

 What is the role of the Holy Spirit in God's plan of redemption? --Bill Hall (FEB 17, 2014)

Brother Hall's lesson mainly focused on Acts 10 and the role of the Holy Spirit had in spreading the gospel to the gentiles. Brother Hall pointed out that: God shows no partiality (Act. 10:9-16; 34) The Holy Spirit fell upon the gentiles (Act. 10:44-46) granting the gentiles a way to salvation Without the work of the Holy Spirit in spreading the gospel to the gentiles the gentiles would not have found a way to salvation.

 The Story of the Bible Class: 19 --Darren Winland (FEB 16, 2014)

 What is the role of the Holy Spirit? --Bill Hall (FEB 16, 2014)

Continue in the study of the Holy Spirit discussing role that the Holy Spirit served in the spreading of the gospel to all the earth. The need to reveal and confirm the Word of God, as well as see to it that the gospel was spread to all and be preserved for all.

 Who is the Holy Spirit? --Bill Hall (FEB 16, 2014)

Beginning a series on "Answering Questions Regarding the Holy Spirit", it begins with who is the Holy Spirit and what we can learn about the Holy Spirit based on the Bible scriptures.

 The Story of the Bible Class: 18 --Darren Winland (FEB 9, 2014)

 Hospitality --Steve Klein (FEB 9, 2014)

Hospitality, or showing love to strangers (and brethren) is a basic principle of the gospel. It is obligated by love for all men, including those who are different from us; its practice involves such simple things as sharing a meal or providing someone a place to stay. Hospitality is practiced by servants of God to show their love, to be good stewards, and to further the cause of their Master.

 Works in the Book of Titus --Steve Klein (FEB 9, 2014)

The practical teaching on works in the Epistle of Titus goes a long way toward clearing up misunderstandings about the relationship between salvation and works; more importantly, it shows why we must put our entire selves into doing good works for the kingdom of God. LetÂ’s be fit to do them, ready to do them, zealous to do them and set an example for others who would do them. And letÂ’s be careful to maintain them!

 The Story of the Bible Class: 17 --Darren Winland (FEB 2, 2014)

 Denominations You Can Read About in the Bible --Steve Klein (FEB 2, 2014)

While we commonly assert that you cannot read about denominations in the Bible, in fact you can. A denomination is a sect, by definition. Judaism was divided into sects, such as the Pharisees and Sadducees. The Bible describes a number of false doctrines and erroneous practices of modern “Christian denominations” (so-called).

 Comprehending the Bible Narrative --Steve Klein (FEB 2, 2014)

There is great value in learning the entire Bible story – the details, the historical flow, the geography and the overall themes. A thorough understanding of Scripture will make us “wise unto salvation.” This is strong motivation for Bible class teachers, parents and children to apply themselves whole-heartedly in our Bible classes.

 The Story of the Bible Class: 15 --Darren Winland (JAN 26, 2014)

 Choosing Honesty --Steve Klein (JAN 26, 2014)

Lesson from Abraham in Genesis 20 regarding taking the honest approach our daily lives.

 Helpful Words --Steve Klein (JAN 26, 2014)

Christians are to speak helpful words. To do this we must bridle our tongues by limiting our speech, using caution with our words, and avoiding gossip. We want to be able to direct our words to accomplish positive things. Before speaking, we should THINK, is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necesssary and Kind?

 The Story of the Bible Class: 14 --Darren Winland (JAN 22, 2014)

 The Story of the Bible Class: 13 --Darren Winland (JAN 19, 2014)

 Service, Sacrifice and Selflessness In The Home -- Children --Steve Klein (JAN 19, 2014)

Every family member should desire to be a servant like Christ. Parents serve their children by providing love, physical necessities and godly examples. They must provide limits for the children – not leaving them to their own devices. They must communicate God’s will! Children serve by honoring and obeying their parents, and by making wise and right choices in their lives.

 Service, Sacrifice and Selflessness In The Home --Steve Klein (JAN 19, 2014)

To be like Christ we must deny ourselves to serve others. This principle applies in the home. A husband serves by giving himself as Christ did, providing spiritual leadership no matter the cost and providing for the needs of his wife. A wife serves by providing the husband with companionship, physical and spiritual support, and a well-run home.

 The Story of the Bible Class: 12 --Darren Winland (JAN 15, 2014)

 The Story of the Bible Class: Class 11 --Darren Winland (JAN 12, 2014)

 Lawlessness --Steve Klein (JAN 12, 2014)

Man’s definition of lawlessness and God’s definition are different. “Lawlessness” refers to doing things for which there is no lawful authority. Sin is lawlessness. Extending grace beyond its Divine intention can lead to lawlessness. The New Testament teaches that lawlessness condemns, corrupts, and is contrary to righteousness. But it also teaches that lawlessness can be covered by the proper application of God’s mercy and grace.

 God's Patients --Kenny Moorer (JAN 12, 2014)

 To Serve Like Christ --Steve Klein (JAN 5, 2014)

In John 13:1-17, on the night before His crucifixion, Jesus left a beautiful example of service as He washed the disciples feet. JesusÂ’ love for others and for His heavenly Father motivated Him to be a servant. The nature of His service was humble and menial, but He insisted on doing it. Every follower of Christ will strive to serve like He did. Happiness is found in servanthood.

 The Story of the Bible Class: 8 --Darren Winland (DEC 29, 2013)

 The John 3:16 Book --Jason Shackleford (DEC 29, 2013)

John 3:16 teaches us the following: - God loves us with a love that surpasses all understanding. - Out of that love He gave us the gift of His only begotten Son. - The requirement of that gift calls for us to believe and obey the gospel. - The promise to those who believe and obey is eternal life.

 Working to Be Rewarded --Steve Klein (DEC 29, 2013)

Our salvation is not something that can be earned by works. Our works will be judged and rewarded, we see multiple references about running for the prize (2 Tim 4;7-8). We must work to be rewarded, but must understand that our works will not earn us the reward of salvation. Salvation is given by God.

 The Story of the Bible Class: 7 --Darren Winland (DEC 25, 2013)

 Aging Well --Steve Klein (DEC 22, 2013)

Aging presents challenges for all who experience it, and that includes everyone who continues to live life on this earth. We can age well in the Lord, if we remember to sow good seed along the way, focus on the spiritual, suffer pain with grace, bear fruit for the Lord and look forward to heaven.

 The Story of the Bible Class: 5 --Darren Winland (DEC 22, 2013)

 The Story of the Bible Class: 6 --Darren Winland (DEC 22, 2013)

 The Unwanted Child --Steve Klein (DEC 22, 2013)

While many claim to honor the Christ Child, the truth is that most do not want the Child God gave to men. He is one who bears rule over men; He expects and deserves compliance with His word. His nature is defined by names like Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

 The Story of the Bible: Class #4 - The Promise of Blessing --Darren Winland (DEC 15, 2013)

 Generational Christians --Greg Chandler (DEC 15, 2013)

Discussing the proper motivation that we should all have as Christians and what can happen with those that are in the next generation. Concepts that help us to understand how to think like a first generation Christian.

 Learning to Pray --Steve Klein (DEC 15, 2013)

During times of prosperity we are tempted to rely on ourselves. Adversity motivates us to turn to God. Although it is a hard lesson, adversity teaches us to pray with faith and fervency!

 The Story of the Bible: Class #3 --Darren Winland (DEC 11, 2013)

 The Story of the Bible: Class #2 - Sin and Separation --Darren Winland (DEC 8, 2013)

 Are We All Sinners? --Steve Klein (DEC 8, 2013)

While all have sinned, and all have to deal with sin in their day to day lives, is it correct or helpful for Christians to be described as sinners? In the scriptures, sinners are those who are not righteous; they need saving and they need to repent and be converted to avoid destruction. Saints should cease living lives whereby they can be characterized as “sinners.”

 David & Goliath --Steve Klein (DEC 8, 2013)

As David faced Goliath, his foe was large, his changes were small, his weapons were different, but his faith gained the victory. Even so, we as Christians face a big foe in Satan. Our weapons are not carnal, but they are mighty! The victory is achieved over temptations and sin by faith!

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 23 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (Nov 27, 2013)

 The Mystery of Suffering --Eric Reynolds (DEC 1, 2013)

There is a difference in understanding the suffering in the Old vs. New Testament. This lesson contrast suffering in the Old and New Testament and help us to understand suffering that even happens today.

 I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ --Steve Klein (DEC 1, 2013)

Do not be ashamed of the gospel, so that you need not be ashamed when the Lord returns in judgment! “And now, little children, abide in Him, that when He appears, we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming.” (1 John 2:28)

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 22 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (NOV 24, 2013)

 Our Heavenly Destination --Steve Klein (NOV 24, 2013)

While many dream of a luxury destination vacation here on earth, the ChristianÂ’s ultimate destination is heaven, which offers wonderful amenities, gorgeous vistas, and beautiful companions for all eternity. Let us make going to heaven our greatest desire, and let us pursue that desire with our most diligent effort, no matter what the obstacles.

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 21 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (NOV 20, 2013)

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 20 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (NOV 17, 2013)

 The War Of The Words --Steve Klein (NOV 17, 2013)

2 Timothy 2 discusses our communication with each other. We should be careful what we say to each other and should follow the instruction of 2 Tim 2:14-26. - Do not strive about words - Shun profane and idle babblings - Avoid foolish and ignorant disputes - A servant of the Lord must not quarrel

 The Power of the Flock Together --Steve Klein (NOV 17, 2013)

There are many references to the flock and a shepherd throughout the Bible. This lesson discusses the Protection, Provisions, and Praise that is provided by the shepherd to the flock.

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 18 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (NOV 13, 2013)

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 17 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (NOV 10, 2013)

 The Need for Every Member, Young or Old --David Watson (NOV 10, 2013)

There are things that the Young and the Older of the church can learn from each other. This study discusses some of the thing that each of us can learn from each other (older or younger). It is important to remember that we are all part of the same body (1 Cor. 12:27). What is your attitude toward the generation above or below you?

 Like a Little Child --Jeremy Burns (NOV 10, 2013)

We can learn much from a child. The purity and honesty of a child can teach us how to: forgive, love each other, be honest, have a pure heart, and share God and his gospel with others. We see them search for knowledge, trust, and not concern themselves with worry. Ephesians 5:1-2 Be imitators of God as dear children.

 The True Grace of God --Chris Bates (NOV 5, 2013)

 See To It That No One Misleads You --Chris Bates (NOV 4, 2013)

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 16 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (NOV 3, 2013)

 Because We Have The Bible --Chris Bates (NOV 3, 2013)

 The Comfort of Prayer In the Shelter of His Wings --Steve Klein (NOV 3, 2013)

Prayer should be a great comfort to us! In prayer we find shelter under the wings of our Heavenly Father as we pray in Faith, with Fervency, with Frequency, with Frankness, seeking and finding Forgiveness.

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 15 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (OCT 27, 2013)

 Melody in the Heart --Steve Klein (OCT 27, 2013)

Praising God in song, with melody in our hearts, glorifies Him. Such worship needs no embellishment, nothing more than what God has asked for no instruments, orchestras or hand-claps. Praise teams and pianos, drumbeats and dulcimers, will not change what is in a person's heart one iota and that is where the problem lies.

 Keep Unity Within The Local Church --Steve Klein (OCT 27, 2013)

God Expects and Deserves Unity among His People. Problems can Occur in Good Churches among Good Christians, but it is important that we follow Unity God's way as discussed in Epheians 4. Now may the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another, according to Christ Jesus, that you may with one mind and one mouth glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. -- Romans 15:5-6

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 14 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (OCT 23, 2013)

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 12 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (OCT 20, 2013)

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 13 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (OCT 20, 2013)

 The Gate That Leads to Life --Steve Klein (OCT 20, 2013)

We are instructed to enter eternal life through the narrow gate. We can't carry other gods, other saviors, other religious authorities nor worldly lust and desires with us through the gate that leads to life.

 Come With Me and See My Zeal for the Lord --Steve Klein (OCT 20, 2013)

Can Others See Your Zeal? To do what is right and good ... To strike down evil ... To honor the blood of Jesus ... To be honest and open to ALL of God's law

 Having a Christian Attitude --David Watson and Caleb Hilliard (OCT 13, 2013)

Two lessons concerning the attitude that we as Christians should have as we interact with each other and the world around us.

 Hell or Heaven --Colton Richter & Stuart Bullington (OCT 13, 2013)

Two lessons about the description of Hell and Heaven presented with who will be where in the end. We are encouraged to not wait or be almost persuaded to make a decision as without a decision the path is chosen.

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 10 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (OCT 9, 2013)

 Three Legged Stool - Learning to Stand Before God --Darren Winland (OCT 6, 2013)

Christianity is about balance between obedience, the heart and teaching.

 Jesus Wept --Lorenzo Cum (OCT 6, 2013)

 October Singing 2013 --Various men (OCT 3, 2013)

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 8 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (SEP 29, 2013)

 Keep the Faith --Steve Klein (SEP 29, 2013)


 How To Do Church --Steve Klein (SEP 29, 2013)

Many are following different recipes for the work, worship and focus of local churches. Jesus gave us the right recipe, not in the gospel accounts, but through the words and works of His inspired apostles. If churches uniformly follow the apostles' doctrine they will teach and practice the same things on marriage & divorce, orderliness in worship, women keeping silent in church, the collection for the saints, the appointing and oversight of elders, and the discipline of members. They will strive to maintain unity within the church, and share mutual concerns and goals with other faithful churches.

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 7 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (SEP 25, 2013)

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 6 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (SEP 22, 2013)

 Living A Heavenly Life --Steve Klein (SEP 22, 2013)

Live a heavenly life on earth by heading heavenly words, communicating with Heaven, having heavenly citizenship and heavenly fellowship.

 Living A Heavenly Life --Steve Klein (SEP 22, 2013)

Live a heavenly life on earth by heading heavenly words and communicating with Heaven.

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 5 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (SEP 18, 2013)

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 4 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (SEP 15, 2013)

 Making Difficult Decisions --Steve Klein (SEP 15, 2013)

We are all faced with difficult decisions when it comes to choosing the right path in life. We can make good life choices by praying for wisdom, considering the best and worst case scenarios, determining pros and cons fro Scripture, considering others and striving to glorify God.

 The Day of Atonement --Steve Klein (SEP 15, 2013)

On the Day of Atonement, under the Law of Moses, the people had their sins removed by sacrificing one goat and by confessing their sins on another goat known as the scapegoat. This was symbolic. Ultimately their sins, and ours, can only truly be forgiven through the atoning sacrifice of Christ. We contact that His atonement initially in baptism, and then through confession, repentance and prayer.

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 3 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (SEP 11, 2013)

 Run With Endurance --Ben Walker (SEP 10, 2013)

How can we endure? We do it by looking to the examples of those who have gone before. (Hebrews 12:1-3) We have the greatest example of all in Jesus who endured the suffering and shame of the cross and he did it for OUR sins.

 Morality: Accepting God's Standards Rather Than Man's --Ben Walker (SEP 9, 2013)

God's people must never use cultural evil as an excuse to participate/compromise. We need to develop the same hatred for sin that the Lord has. (Prov.4:14-15) Do not allow the wickedness of the world to become a source of discouragement. (2 Pet. 2:4-10, Ps.11:1-4) God's people must be salt and light through righteous living and prayer.

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 2 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (SEP 8, 2013)

 Draw Near to God --Ben Walker (SEP 8, 2013)

 A Full Self Sacrifice --Steve Klein (SEP 8, 2013)

Jesus made a FULL SELF SACRIFICE by becoming obedient to the point of death, giving Himself, and giving up glory, all for the love of sinners. Jesus’ disciples must make this same full self sacrifice, as exemplified by Stephen and Paul.

 September Singing 2013 --Various men (SEP 4, 2013)

 Epistles of Paul (Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus) Class: 1 --James Bullington, Brent Siota (SEP 1, 2013)

 What is man that You are mindful of him? --Steve Klein (SEP 1, 2013)

God’s greatness and majesty causes us to wonder why He would care about man. But He has created us a little lower than the angels, and placed us over the works of His hands for an eternal purpose --- that we might know Him and spend eternity with Him.

 Come Before Winter --Steve Klein (SEP 1, 2013)

Time is short on this earth and the Apostle Paul asks Timothy to "Come before winter". What can be learned form this phrase recorded in God's word? Lessons can we take learn from this phrase: - think ahead and prepare - make things right with others - make the most of our time now – take advantage of opportunities - obey the gospel today

 Lessons from Acts: Class #22 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (AUG 28, 2013)

 The Tents of the Righteous --Steve Klein (AUG 25, 2013)

The Scriptures use the concept of the righteous dwelling in tents to illustrate their spiritual priorities, willingness to work, and preparation for eternity.

 Lessons from Acts: Class #21 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (AUG 25, 2013)

 Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ --Steve Klein (AUG 25, 2013)

To do something “in the name of Jesus” involves doing it by His authority, with His permission, AND for the right reason. This principle is easily understood when we consider other things we are to do in Jesus’ name, such as charitable deeds, withdrawing fellowship and prayer. In order to be baptized “in the name of Jesus” we must be baptized for the right reason!

 Lessons from Acts: Class #20 (Teaching Starts Where the Person is At) --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (AUG 21, 2013)

 Lessons from Acts: Class #19 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (AUG 18, 2013)

 Living Dead --Steve Klein (AUG 18, 2013)

Those who give themselves to sin are dead while they live. Romans 7 describes Paul’s condition in “a body of death” which was a consequence of losing the inward battle against his fleshly, carnal side. We are subject to the same condition as long as we walk after the flesh; only Christ can deliver us from the this “body of death,” enabling us to crucify the flesh and walk in the spirit.

 Two Men Sacrifice Their Sons --Steve Klein (AUG 18, 2013)

Abraham and Ahaz each sacrificed their sons. Abraham pleased God while Ahaz greatly displeased God. The difference between the two sacrifices is the difference between faith in God and faith in man-made religion, giving children to God or to the devil, and selflessness versus selfishness.

 Lessons from Acts: Class #18 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (AUG 14, 2013)

 Four Tests of Character --Steve Klein (AUG 11, 2013)

How do we react to a command contrary to our thinking? How do we react to criticism? How do we react when we don't get our way? How do we react to failure?

 Lessons from Acts: Class #17 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (AUG 11, 2013)

 Keeping The Boat Ready --Steve Klein (AUG 11, 2013)

Jesus told His disciples to keep a boat ready for Him to use. The boat was used as a pulpit, for transportation and even for protection. Jesus did not really need the boat, but He used it to the glory of God. He can use us to God’s glory if we’ll keep ourselves ready.

 Lessons from Acts: Class #16 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (AUG 4, 2013)

 A Prayer for Protection from Evil --Steve Klein (AUG 4, 2013)

Jesus taught us to pray, “do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one…” As God’s children, we should pray to be delivered out of every kind of evil. Such a prayer expresses our trust in God and acknowledges our weakness in the face of temptation. If we sincerely pray this prayer, we will FEAR to trust our own strength in overcoming temptation, we will FLEE temptation, and we will FELLOWSHIP those who can help us in our struggle against it.

 Building Churches --Steve Klein (AUG 4, 2013)

In the book of Acts, churches in Jerusalem and Antioch sent out evangelists for the purpose (in part) of building up and encouraging existing churches. Eastside recently sent Steve Klein to South Africa with this intention. The trip highlighted the importance of encouraging brethren near and far in the faith.

 Lessons from Acts: Class #15 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUL 31, 2013)

 Proper Role of Emotions --Tracy Moyers (JUL 28, 2013)

While the presence of emotion doesn't prove anything, the absence may point to a lack of engagement in life and worship.

 Lessons from Acts: Class #14 (Pride) --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUL 28, 2013)

 The Glory of God --Joe Olson (JUL 28, 2013)

God created all for His glory. Jesus succeeded where Adam failed – we must not give up, to be in Christ is a constant growth. We have a place to come to that is not made with hands (church) – to worship God. It isn't a place primarily where you get to feel better. It is about God and fulfilling your function as a created being!

 Lessons from Acts: Class #13 (Forgiveness) --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUL 24, 2013)

 Lessons from Acts: Class #12 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUL 21, 2013)

 Lessons from Caleb --Cameron Abernathy (JUL 21, 2013)

 I'm in the Lord's Army --Andrew Boyd (JUL 21, 2013)

As Christians we have Jehovah God as our Commander in Chief. A lesson that discusses the reasons that we follow God as our Commander in Chief in the Lord's Army. He is Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Faithful. God gives all Christians the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20). We need this armor to battle our adversary Satan and remain in righteousness.

 Lessons from Acts: Class #11 Boldness in Trials --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUL 17, 2013)

 Lessons from Acts: Class #10 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUL 14, 2013)

 If God is great and good… then why is there pain, suffering and injustice? --Steve Klein (JUL 14, 2013)

Simple answer to the question is Satan looks to destroy our faith. However, pain does teach humility, trust and obedience. It strengthens us. We have the ultimate example for dealing with it by observing Jesus.

 Are You Gullible? --Steve Klein (JUL 14, 2013)

Do not be deceived by others that choose not to believe in the truth of God's word. Believing something that not based on the facts of the Bible can lead you into spiritual gullibility. This lesson discussed the problem and how to guard against Spiritual Gullibility.

 Lessons from Acts: Class #9 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUL 10, 2013)

 Lessons from Acts: Class #8 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUL 7, 2013)

 How far can I go before I fall into sin? --Lorenzo Cum (JUL 7, 2013)

Have you ever ask the question or wondered how far can I go before I fall into sin? Is this a proper question? This can reflect the quality of our relationship with God. Look at the example that Daniel gives us of the proper attitude of our relationship with God.

 Is The Lord Among Us --Darren Winland (JUL 7, 2013)

How do we know that the Lord came to this earth? What scriptures tell us that He would be with us and that He came to this earth?

 July Singing 2013 --Various Men (JUL 3, 2013)

 When Government Devises Evil by Law, What WILL the righteous do? --Steve Klein (JUN 30, 2013)

In light of the Supreme Court’s recent rulings on the legal status of homosexual marriages, what will the righteous do? The righteous will keep faith, pray, not be overcome by unrighteous anger, overcome evil with good, live for heaven, and honor civil law to the extent that it does not contradict God’s law. The righteous will be strong and brave, and rest assured in the knowledge that God WILL BE EXALTED among the nations!

 The Epic Church --Steve Klein (JUN 30, 2013)

A local denomination calls itself Epic Church. In the true meaning of the word EPIC, the church you can read about in the Bible is the only one that fits the bill. The church was planned in the mind of God before time began and brought to be by God working His promises through many ages of men. The promises to Abraham and David, and their fulfillments, highlight the Epic story of the church. Those who in the church today are playing a small part in an ETERNAL EPIC!

 Lessons from Acts: Class #6 (Holy Spirit) --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUN 30, 2013)

 Lessons from Acts: Class # --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUN 26, 2013)

 Lessons from Acts: Class #5 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUN 23, 2013)

 Enlarging Our Hearts --Steve Klein (JUN 23, 2013)

How can we maintain loving fellowship with one another after we’ve caused one another pain? Paul’s relationship with the Corinthians gives the answer. We must strive to enlarge our hearts and increase our affections, recognizing and acknowledging our love and mutual concern for one another.

 Prayer for Our Daily Needs --Steve Klein (JUN 23, 2013)

Disciples need to pray for their physical and spiritual needs. It is necessary to pray for necessities! Our greatest need is forgiveness, and it will only be given to us in accordance with how we give it to others.

 Lessons from Acts: Class #4 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUN 19, 2013)

 Lessons from Acts: Class #3 --Al Burns, Tracy Moyers (JUN 16, 2013)

 Five Pictures of Greed Gluttony and Covetousness --Steve Klein (JUN 16, 2013)

Being dissatisfied with what we have creates a desire in us for more than we need. The Proverbs present us with five graphic pictures of greed, gluttony and covetousness – the leech, the grave, the barren womb, the parched earth and fire. Christians must learn that life is not about getting more, and that the desire to get more will keep us from the things of God and ultimately from heaven itself.

 Reclaiming Fatherhood --Steve Klein (JUN 16, 2013)

This lesson is not about honoring fathers; it’s about helping fathers become honorable. A godly father is a man immersed in God’s word. He speaks it and lives it daily, and raises His children in God’s ways – loving them, engaging them, and providing them with loving discipline.

 Restoration: Lessons from Judah's kings on how to make radical change in our lives "Josiah - Word" --David Maxson (JUN 14, 2013)

When Josiah found the book of the law, he tore his clothes and humbled himself before God, sparking the most dramatic examples of spiritual revival in Israel's history. What Josiah does to lead the nation in restoration is a vital example for us to follow in our personal lives. For us to make genuine change in our life, it must begin by us rediscovering the book of the law.

 Simple Church: Mission of the Church --David Maxson (JUN 14, 2013)

Why are we doing what we do? What are we to be doing? How do we perform our mission?

 Restoration: Lessons from Judah's kings on how to make radical change in our lives "Manasseh - Grace" --David Maxson (JUN 13, 2013)

Manasseh is the worst of all the kings of Judah, taking the nation farther into idolatry and wickedness than any before him. Yet, we see God's grace manifested in his life by restoring him to the throne after he repents. This may have been one of the most important lessons for the exiles who had returned to the land (just like Manasseh returned to the land by God's grace), and it might be the most important lesson for us as well.

 Simple Church: The Role of Women --David Maxson (JUN 13, 2013)

When Jesus began His ministry, women received no education, not even teaching in their religious writings, the Torah. Yet with Christ, women were His closest followers, the last to leave the cross, first to see Him resurrected and commended for their desire to learn of the Gospel. Yet Jesus did not give women roles of leadership. Paul taught men and women were equal but had distinct complementary roles.

 Restoration: Lessons from Judah's kings on how to make radical change in our lives "Hezekiah - Devotion" --David Maxson (JUN 12, 2013)

Hezekiah is a model for true restoration. He completely rejected the idolatrous ways of his father Ahaz and blazed a trail of faithfulness to Jehovah. We learn from good king Hezekiah the urgency of restoration, that restoration cannot be halfway, and that restoration is a matter of the heart.

 Simple Church: Leadership in New Testament Churches --David Maxson (JUN 12, 2013)

Does it really matter to God how we organize ourselves and worship? We are a church "of Christ", "through Christ" and "for Christ". Today's study centers on the elders and their role of leadership within a local congregations.

 Restoration: Lessons from Judah's kings on how to make radical change in our lives "Uzziah - Pride" --David Maxson (JUN 11, 2013)

Uzziah was one of the most successful kings of Judah, at least early on. When he feared Jehovah early in his reign God richly blessed him with victory over his enemies and prosperity. However, this success made him think too highly of himself. In his pride he presumptuously offered incense in the Temple (something only priests were allowed to do). We learn from Uzziah that perhaps the greatest threat to our personal spiritual growth is not poverty but prosperity; not defeat but success.

 Simple Church: New Testament Assemblies --David Maxson (JUN 11, 2013)

Small groups met throughout the week and they all came together on the first day of the week. They met for Teaching (Acts 2:42), Fellowship (Acts 2:42), Breaking of bread (Acts 2:42), Prayers (Acts 2:42), Scriptures read (1 Tim 4:13; 1 Cor 14:26), Collection (Acts 2:45; 4:35; 1 Cor 16:1-2), Singing (1 Cor 14:26; 11:28), Miraculous gifts (1 Cor 14:26; 11:28), Discipline (Mt 18:17; 1 Cor 5:4) and to hear reports of work (Acts 14:24-28).

 From Jerusalem to Antioch - Leaving the comfortable to pursue Christ --David Maxson (JUN 10, 2013)

Outreach Mentoring Prayer

 Restoration: Lessons from Judah's kings on how to make radical change in our lives "Athalia - Ambition" --David Maxson (JUN 10, 2013)

If I were to ask who the most wicked woman of the Bible was, who would you say? Most would say Jezebel. But you might change your mind after you meet her daughter, Athalia. Athalia in so many ways represents the worldly woman of the 21st century. She lusted after power, success, and prominence in society. And this desire for significance destroyed her. There are several lessons we can draw out of her negative example, but we're going to apply this lesson to the subject of modesty. We'll have a very frank discussion of dress, not just of what constitutes modest dress, but what our attitude in dress ought to be.

 Simple Church: Descriptions of the Church --David Maxson (JUN 10, 2013)

Our goal is to remove the varnish of human tradition to uncover the original, unadulterated new testament church. This lesson answers the following questions. What is religion? Why should I seek authority? How do I draw near to God? What part does Music play in our worship?

 Lessons from Acts: Class #2 --Tracy Moyers (JUN 9, 2013)

 Restoration: Lessons from Judah's kings on how to make radical change in our lives "Jehoshophat - Associations" --David Maxson (JUN 9, 2013)

Jehosphophat made a foolish decision to bind himself to Israel by arranging the marriage of his son to the daughter of the wicked king in Israel at the time, Ahab. This covenant caused Jehoshophat, who was a good king, to make an unwise decision to go to war with Ahab. Worse still, it changed forever the direction of the nation of Judah as successive generations of kings "walked in the ways of the kings of Israel." We make the same mistake when we foolishly make associations with wicked people.